The Landdragon Queen, Chapter 56

Jorge turns in the second paper

Chapter 56.

University of Ironton, Ironton.

Professor Xilynore looked across the sea of first year faces seated in the lecture hall and said, “Mr. Umevan, your second assignment as well as the regular class assignment are due. Do you have the paper?”

Jorge grinned. “I put it on your desk.”

“No cartons of material?”
“Not really. Most of the material comes from manuscripts that have not yet been published and things that were collected for the effort to discover the fortress. There were some House Ravahana journals and a journal from the mage queen that haven’t been published as yet. I am having them transcribed and will get them to you when they are ready.”

“How will I know that the sources are real?”
“The sections that concern the Ravahana estate are included with the report. I just wanted to make sure that the library had the entire journals.”

“How do you get all this material?”
“For the Ravahana estate question, House Qinvaris was looking for certain information that they believed was at the estate, so my people provided some services to them and helped find the location of the fortress and the estate.”

“How are you certain that it was the Darkmage’s fortress?”
“That was confirmed by material found in the archives on the site. The Inquisition is going through the archive at present and looking to release what was found, but there is heavily Proscribed material and that is causing issues.”
“Why is the material Proscribed?”
“That will be part of the Blight paper. I have people in the Empire looking at the material with the Inquisition and seeing what needs to be redacted.”

“The Inquisition is not just destroying the material?”
“No. There is some concern that if people don’t know how to recognize certain things, somebody could cook something up and it would be worse than the Blight.”

“That seems to be a dramatic statement to make, Mr. Umevan.”

“Then you should never have dinner with Alinis.”


Bladloc and his cousins had gone over the house from top to bottom with the eager assistance of Iefyr and his various relatives and friends and not found the missing pages. That was until Saevel, checking out his sister’s boyfriend, felt an aversion and George was able to open it. What they found was a treasure trove of secrets and horrors. The admiral had been at the Scourging of Wongpo, and some other things, was well as an attendee of the Project meetings. Bladloc found the missing pages of the log in a file labeled “death fumes” and took the file to his grandfather, who had old admiral Tollings visiting in his office. Greldug looked at him and said, “What did you find?”
“I found this file, along with some other stuff behind an aversion on a hidden cabinet. There are notes from most of the Project meetings for the last century and the admiral attended the Wongpo Scourge test. I also found this file, of what the admiral called death fumes. Apparently that was what was used on the fleet.”

“My grandfather told stories about that,” Harald said. “Ghost ships and wrecks would appear on the coast of the islands, with the crews all dead or missing and everything else intact. The fleet was a boon for the seafolk, but it was a mystery as to why it happened. It also sparked the first Fellowship invasion of the Peninsula because the Fellowship thought that the Republic was playing around with certain things.”

“Bladloc, port down to the Hidden City and have that file copied soonest.” Greldug growled. “Then have it wired to the Office of Inanimates and the chemical restrictions treaty people. This is the other shoe and it will probably be dropping right now.”

“What’s going on?”
“The rebels in Vestia are making their move,” Harald said. “Jorge went to mess them up, and I don’t have any reports yet, but everybody is looking for surprises.”
“I’ll port down right now with this.”

La 12(Intrepid)

Captain Bushbury looked out over the approaching Milport hanger and mooring mast. The rain and cloudy weather had stayed in Vestia and the approaching city gleamed in the sun. The captain was glad that they had left the weather behind them, for a lot of reasons not least of which is that airship landings in bad weather could be dicy and he didn’t want to risk the kids in a bad landing. The kids were in the control car, watching everything as airship approached the port. Teonag was minding them and anwering questions with a grin. Radal pointed at Albatross, steaming below them with a plane approaching the deck and said, “That ship is strange.”
“That is the Albatross, a floating airfield. That big flat deck is for airplanes to land on. A plane is doing that right now.”

“Could I learn to be a pilot?”
Teonag grinned. “If you really wanted to do that, you should take the Flight Instructor’s training. It is painful, but he teaches skills that pilots need to learn. Some of the other princes and princesses have taken the training already and the princess of Astaire is a pilot.”
“Yes. She bonded with my cousin, so she is a dragon too, but she soloed before she had a session with my cousin in a cave.”

“Is the dragon a prince?” Celeste asked.

“Yes he is.”

“Then it is ok then.”
“Alista thinks so.”

Radal pointed at the distinct shape of Gatherer and said, “That ship is really strange.”
Teonag laughed. “Yes it is. It has an even stranger story. That was the Project’s secret ship, used to sneak out and watch what the Blasted Lands were doing.That ship was in Lain Othrond and the navy got it. It looks as if Gatherer is going to sea.”

“That’s not being sneaky.”

Bushbury had a smile as the questions continued and the mooring mast approached.

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