The War For The Mortal Kingdoms, Chapter 54.

It pays to be a nice wolf.

Chapter 54.


Mike frowned as he passed the animal that was directing traffic. He had tried to get the city council to complain, but the other members just laughed at him. Driving past the wolf in his troopers’ hat and uniform, he grimaced at the thought of the animals becoming a permanent fixture in the city as they threatened to become. Once he was out of the crossroad, he hit the gas and left the wolf behind. Once he was clear of the beach and old town, he had a quick drive to one of his smaller businesses, a chandler’s shop. He waved at his nephew, who ran the place and headed to the office in the back. More or less hidden in the corner was a small portal and in front of the portal was a stack of money chests.

Mike grinned. The money to complete his Senate campaign and enter the big time had arrived. Grabbing the first chest he took it to the car. Five more trips got all six chests to the car and with another wave to his nephew, he went to his car and drove to his office. Regardless of what others thought, Mike knew that the key to politics was money. His opponents, Hammer and Bloodfoot had money and resources, even if Chaldron played the cab driver. It didn’t help that the no party rules meant that Mike and his allies theoretically could not coordinate their campaigns. The trick was to find a printer out of the country and be a bit careful when making up the literature. Mike’s mysterious allies had offered funding and access to resources and while there had been some hiccups, the money had arrived. In the growing darkness of the early evening, he pulled up to his campaign headquarters where the street was empty of people except for some kids and his son, Bardelic, who said, “Did you get it, dad?”
“The money is here.”

“Great. Without walking around money, the pushers won’t get the votes out.”

“We also need to pay the fixer, in case some votes need to be corrected.”

 Bardelic grinned and said, “We wouldn’t want to have that happen.”

Nightslayer slipped the small camera he had taken to carrying back in his pocket.

He had remained in the shadows and the light above Ironhead’s campaign headquarters ensured that he had gotten pictures of the money chests being transferred. The chief was being careful to get real evidence of actual wrongdoing where the Ironhead campaign for Senate was concerned to remove any taint of interfering with the election. Senator Hammer had not requested an investigation either and Nightslayer and the other people involved were under the direct authority of the Consul’s office as part of the larger investigation. The election was four five days away and the suspected money had arrived. Lillia skipped over to Nightslayer and handed him another camera. “I got some pictures, Mr. Nightslayer.”

Nightslayer grinned. “Aren’t you afraid of me, Lillia?”
“You scared that mean dog and got Millie out of that tree. That means that you are a nice wolf and not scary at all. I need to go now.”

Lillia skipped off again, leaving the grinning Nightslayer. Being the nice wolf on the street was paying big dividends.

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