The War For The Mortal Kindgoms, Chapter 52.

Some folk are invaded

Chapter 52.

The Hideaway

Will glanced at the monsters that had replaced his guards beside the door to the house and cringed. His family had been moved to the wilds on the outside of the Orcenlands and given the lands and buildings of the Hideaway as a Charge long ago. The deal had turned out to be a deal with the devil. For a very long time, the Hideaway had been empty of the devils as they pursued their goals elsewhere. Now they were back, angry and from the sounds of the discussions had done something very bad. The good thing was that they did not have the Dancer with them and seemed to have lost her. So Will would not be in a dance, like his father. On the other hand, the guards were there to make the point that he was still under the devils’ thumbs. The head groom looked at the guards beside the door to the hidden underground and said, “They do not seem to be happy with things, do they, milord?”

“No they do not.”

“You give Grey here his exercise and get some air yourself. I imagine that you feel stifled.”

“I will, Urtuk, I will.”

Will mounted and hooves clattering on the cobbles, they left the castle and cantered down the road.

Lensa watched the young lord start out on his ride, turned to her mother and said, “How come I can’t go for a ride? I did at home.”

“We don’t want to be visible right now.”

“What did father and uncle do?”
“I’m not sure. They didn’t tell us anything other than that we had to leave the Plant.”

“From the sounds of it, whatever it was is really bad.” “Sometimes we are better off not knowing.”

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