The War For The Mortal Kingdoms, Chapter 33-34.

Denny grinned. “My wife is a bad influence. She grew up running an estate that her brother didn’t care about. So she pinches every penny, saves everything she can, believes in repair and hates waste. My daughter was rather annoyed that some TAVs were dumped in the river on the Peninsula and some others just went bust, so she recovered them when Richard hinted that he might want them. My sons did the repair work. They have also been having fun with them, so having the things isn’t a waste and they have putting what they learn into other things, like better tractors.”

“This is a long way from the Empire,” Sir Leo said.

“Yes it is, which makes the thing a challenge. In my family, having a challenge is a good thing.”

Chapter 33.


Metheld looked at the Carnival and sighed. He had spent most of the previous night assembling it, only to realize that there would be no way that he could keep the thing. This wasn’t just some toy brought in and soon discarded by the wealthy recipient. This was a masterpiece that somebody was going to chase down and unique enough that that if it was seen, it would be remembered. This, and the rest of the shipment, represented something that could ruin everything he had built. He realized that he had made a terrible mistake in colluding with Gordal to seize the shipment. Gordal had come with the offer and had been rather pushy about the deal. Metheld hadn’t anticipated that the shipment would be so large and for so many people, all of whom were going to want the things. Carefully, he started to disassemble the Carnival and return the pieces to the box. Looking at the shipment, Metheld knew that he was going to have to find a way to send this back before things spun out of control and ruined him. Looking at the things, the shipping labels offered a solution to the problem. Metheld went to a phone, called his shipping supervisor and told him to take everything to the post office and rail freight with the rest of the day’s shipments.

Cory looked at the scanner and grinned. He had a trace from the pier to Tincutter Manufacturing and all the pieces for a case against the Customs Officer. Taking one last picture, he turned to Swifty and said, “Keep an eye on this place for me, Swifty.”
Swifty grinned. “Sure thing Mr. Vavaris.”
“Swifty, it’s Cory for you. I’ve said that before.”
“You pay us and that makes you the boss. So you are Mr. Vavaris.”

“If you aren’t careful Swifty, I will haul you up to the Empire and arrange to have you meet my boss.”

“Are you trying to scare me, Mr. Vavaris?”
“No. I’m just warning you. I need to get this started,  so I need to get together with Bill and Izzie.”

“I’m glad that Izzie tied us on to you guys.”
“Don’t be so sure.”

Bill walked into his grandfather’s office and said, “I called Mr. Breadbaker. He said that the shipment was stolen on its way to the impound.”

Caldin grinned. “That’s going to raise a stink. Do you need my help?”
“No. Mr. Breadbaker gave me his boss’s number. I already called him. So Altak and I are off to meet with Cory and a reporter.”
“That was clever. Is the reporter somebody I know?”
“Izzie Dantas. He has the Industry City beat and Cory met him over an inert Scourge devise.”

“I don’t know him, but he sounds like a source that I should cultivate.”
“He’s dragonkin.”
“Then I should speak with him. The dragonkin have suffered under some prejudice up here in the city. On the other hand, they have been good citizens, that is most of them. Some of them are rather disreputable, but that is the same for all of us.”

Bill laughed and headed to the car. A bit later the car pulled up under an el station where Izzie and Cory were waiting. “The shipment went right to a tin shop in Industry City,” Cory said. “So now what?”
“We go to the Impound, where Mr. Breadbaker tells us that the shipment was lifted and then to the police with the transaction sheets.”

“What are the transaction sheets?” Izzie asked.

“If you go to the Empire, you can get a Sanctuary card, at least if you go through Ishendell. The embassy and the Portal Service have them and the embassy strongly encourages you to get one. The store people pay a fee for the Sanctuary card scanners from Axebrew bank and you can deposit your money with them and use your card or get coin at some of the banks on Exchange St. or the Lower City. When immigration set up for people at the plant in Ishendell where we were fabricating parts for Scourge suppressors so that we could go into and out of the city, from Fayspire, the Empire or the Sanctuary, we all used our cards as passports and to record things like duty for the things we bought. When we left, we all had transaction sheets showing what we bought and that we all had already paid the duty on everything. My girl is related to the Yllanan and collected all the transaction sheets because my boss at Beinan’s in Desert Howl wanted to make sure that all the things we bought actually made it home. I was coming up to demonstrate something I can’t talk about to Mr. Beinan and I said that I would handle the shipments, since my dad and a bunch of the other people at the plant have been called up.”

“Why would there have been any trouble if the duty had been paid?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that the Shahana told me that the shipment had been seized. I went to the Impound and it hadn’t arrived and when I checked this morning, Mr. Breadbaker said that the shipment had been stolen.”

“How large was the shipment?”
“Quite large. There were a lot of people from Desert Howl and the other Beinan plants that went up to Ishendell and most people liked to shop and things at the Sanctuary, Elysahone and the Lower City. The portals made that all very easy.”

Izzie grinned. “I think I have a hot one here. The Customs Officer seizing the shipment, the shipment being stolen and the duty being paid, so Customs shouldn’t have had the things in the first place. There is also the angle that the people were working on Scourge suppressors. After that close call in Ironton and the five cities, the idea that some petty official is making the people who are working to make everyone safe from the Scourge is not something that people will take kindly to. Let’s head to the impound and then perhaps I will have a chat with the Customs Officer.”

They headed to the impound where Mr. Breadbaker looked at Bill and said, “I’m really sorry about this, Bill. My boss is talking to the police about this after I showed him the sheets. Since the entire thing was taken by Officer Shieldbasher into custody of Treasury, we are responsible for the shipment. There’s Mr. Brownlow now. Mr. Brownlow, this is Bill Wavechaser. I don’t know who the man is.”

“Izzie Dantas with the Press Service. I was going to do a story about the new system that the people in Ishendell were using go back and forth to the Empire when the Customs Officer confiscated the incoming shipment. I was going to interview young Bill here as the things were sent to the mail and freight.”

“Bill of the rather expensive gift that was given to him with some rather thorny diplomatic issues attached.”
“I didn’t even know that Lady Biqen was sending that wine until I had to come up here in front of the magistrate,” Bill said. “This was just me coming up here on other business, making sure that the shipment was sent on and that my girl’s very expensive Winterfaire gift was sent to the right place.”
“What was the gift?”
“When I was shopping in the Lower City, Charles Beinan took us into Fylson Umevan’s shop. This was just after I had had a windfall at the time trials in Zirgoccol and there was this wonderful music box with a carnival with a faery dancer in the middle. Since that is what my girl does, I bought it. It was very expensive but I had the money and I wasn’t going to need it for college and the other things I was doing.”

“A music box from Fylson? That sounds almost like that dollhouse in the movies.”
“I wouldn’t know. Apparently, the box had been in the shop for some time because the House that had commissioned it had had a rather bad thing happen to them and couldn’t pay to finish it, so I was able to purchase it for the costs to complete the box.”

“That sounds like a very special gift. Your girl must be very special.”

“She is. The Carnival was something that I thought was perfect for her.”

“I hope that we can get it back, along with all the rest of it. Do you have a phone here in Chatsrey?”

“I am staying with my grandfather, Congressman Wavechaser.” Bill wrote the number down on the pad. “Here’s his number.”

“I apologize for this misunderstanding and you can tell your boss that we will chase this theft down.”

Bill and Izzie left the impound and as they were getting in the car, Izzie said, “You didn’t bring up the Customs Officer.”
Bill grinned “I thought that I would let them discover some things and I didn’t want to accuse somebody that it was known that I had reasons to dislike.”

“You are not the only one that has had bad experiences with the man.”

“My girl is well aware of that, because she has a large family here already.”
“A fae girl has a large family here?”
“Yes. I don’t know the details, and I haven’t met very many of them as yet, because I have been either home or busy.”

“What does your girl do?”
“She dances at the mermaid show.”

“The faery, Moonshine. You do know that you have a lot of competition.”
“She picked me. She chased me when I went to the Empire to get tested and came down on the plane as a cat.”

Izzie laughed. “That sounds like a story.”

“I can’t talk about parts of it, but it was.”

Bill told Izzie about the island, discovering the vault, sneaking up to the Empire, getting tested and the antics with Moonshine.”

“Did you open the vault?”
“Partially. Some friends and I are going to use something we found in there as our classwork for college.”

“That sounds fascinating. What is it?”
“We sent pictures to Strange Science. They are running a contest about the thing because nobody can figure it out. I thought that we could use that library that Princess Qinvaris brought down to figure it out.”

“Do you know the princess?”
“Both of them, as well as their brother, Tarranth.”
“How did you meet them?”
“They were on the same train as Moonshine and I when I was returning home after my trip to the Empire. Moonshine’s cousin was with them and Moonshine is well known for mischief and she was stuck as a cat at the time. Alinis tried to get Moonshine put in a cage and sent to the zoo, but Moonshine kept the porter company and he squelched that idea.”

They picked up Cory and Izzie said, “Why don’t I take you to lunch.”
“We need to pick Moonshine from rehearsal,” Bill said.

“I want to meet the girl. You have quite a story, Bill.”

They went to the mermaid dancing and Moonshine spotted them and came right to the car. She spotted Izzie and said, “You must be Mr. Dantas. I’m Moonshine.”

“I know. Bill and this caper have been keeping me entertained all morning. So far, Bill hasn’t revealed that it is a caper to the police or Treasury.”

“We weren’t going to. The Customs Officer has made the thing very easy. Of course the list of people that he has really offended lately is rather large.”

“Bill hasn’t said very much about how he met you.”
“Has he mentioned me as a cat?”
“Yes. What he hasn’t said anything about is how you met Mrs. Oceania and started at the mermaid show.”

“I met Mrs. Oceania at the Harper family reunion where my parents’ circus had been hired as part of the entertainment. I had just Jumped home after meeting Bill and mother was trying to ground me somewhat, so when the Lady offered me a spot, I took it. I have been doing very well.”

“You certainly have. Have you met Bill’s family?”
“Yes. I was a spoiled cat up here and Bill’s family down in Desert Howl has been a lot of fun.”

Selton looked at the portal scanner and the things in the shipment were at the post office and rail freight. Since he was supposed to meet Bill for lunch, he left the portal scanner, grabbed his sister to take over and grabbed a car. Driving to Industry City, he found the place where Bill said he was going to have lunch and spotted Bill’s grandfather’s car out front. Parking behind it, he waved at the Congressman’s driver and went inside. The room was filled with Tabac smoke from the men eating lunch, but Bill spotted Selton and waved him over to a table where Bill and Moonshine were sitting with a dragonkin man, a half elf and a dragonkin boy. Selton sat down and said, “Bill, the shipment went to the post office and rail freight.”

“Somebody realized what kind of trouble he could be in,” the half elf said. “I’m Corym Vavaris. I work for Ironaxe Asset Protection. We were asked to watch the shipment.”

“Selton, you’ve met Moonshine, Cory introduced himself, this is Izzie Dantas, a reporter and Swifty, from Industry City, that Cory hired to watch a place. Cory, Izzie, this is Selton Beinan.”
“The last player in this caper,” Izzie said. “A bit young for that.”

Selton smiled. “I need practice, since my aunts and cousins are pulling big things off and I need to have something happen. Bill, are you messed up?”
“Not really,” Cory said. “We didn’t want the toymaker anyway and if he did the right thing, we have the Customs Officer cold anyway. Let’s eat so that Izzie and I can go to the post office and discover the shipment. Would you look at who just showed up.”

Gordal came into the dump where Metheld liked to eat lunch to collect for the thing the previous day and make some arrangements for the things that Metheld would not be interested in. After the heat cooled down, he had plans for the things that Metheld wouldn’t be concerned with. Walking down past the rather grungy people eating their lunches, he sat down across from Metheld and his lunch. Metheld looked at him and said, “Do you know what you almost did to me?”
“Gave you this year’s toys?”

“That shipment could have put me in the position of receiving stolen goods worth a lot of money. Enough money to attract a lot of attention.”

“If you don’t want the shipment, I can make other arrangements. I was planning to for most of it anyway.”

“I already have. Since everything already had a shipping label, I sent the whole shipment to the post office and rail freight, the way it was supposed to be sent.”
“That was stupid. I had made other arrangements most of it.”

“I’m also not paying you.”
“I could cause you a lot of trouble.”

“You probably already have. I should never have accepted your little deal in the first place. There have been strange characters hanging around my plant the last couple of days and right now I can’t afford to have somebody poking into the business. Then it wasn’t just few toys, it was a massive shipment of things, all connected to the Beinans’ people. I don’t know what you were thinking, lifting that. Then, rather than just the things I was looking for, you dump the entire shipment of things that probably had a lot of heat looking for them.

“This whole thing was a mistake and you didn’t help matters when you messed with Lord Umevan the other day. I just hope that you haven’t attracted the attention of some private detective, because the Beinans are going to be rather annoyed when the news that their peoples’ shipments were seized by you and lifted afterwards. I just hope that the attention doesn’t drop on me, because if it does, the Beinans have a reputation and in my business, ruining a bunch of peoples’ Winterfaire celebrations is cutting my own throat.”

“I can handle the idiots.”
“In any case, you can go make your crooked deals with somebody else.”
“I will make you sorry that you didn’t pay.”

Gordal sat up and charged out of the lunch place. He didn’t even notice Bill and the others. Izzie turned to Cory and said, “Is there any way that you could teach me that little trick.”
“The sense string? You would probably have to go up to the Empire and get tested first.”

Izzie sighed. “My boss isn’t about to send people up to the Empire.”

“Why not?”
“Because he has a correspondent there already. The smartest thing he did was to hire Byddri.”
“Byddri is a more than a bit overworked and you can function in places where Byddri doesn’t very well, like the Lower City.”

“There’s somebody else you should talk to, Izzie,” Bill said. “Fylson Umevan.”
“He’s in the Empire.”
“He’s here, actually. I ran into him yesterday when I was involved in another thing. Why don’t Moonshine and I take you and Selton here to meet him?”

As they started off in the car, they were stopped by police. “We have an Inanimate incursion ongoing. Stop here.”

Izzie got out of the car, pulled out his press card and said, “Press Service. Where is the Incursion?”
“Toward Industry City. The police command post is up the street.”

“Ok, I will check in there.”

Altak had pulled the car over to the side of the street, pulled out a shotgun and said, “I’m Congressman Wavechaser’s bodyguard. What can I do to help?”

“What about this bunch?”

Swifty had already disappeared.
 Altak looked at Bill and said, “Young Bill, I imagine that you and Selton here can take care of yourselves for the next couple of twentieths. Moonshine, you should Jump to the theatre.”

Sparks lit up between Moonshine’s fingers. “I have better uses for mana right now. I also have had healer training.”

The doubtful policeman let them head to the command center where a police lieutenant was lining up other volunteers with shotguns and incendiaries. Bill and Selton were sent to the Office of Inanimates truck when Selton’s name came up and they helped with the Emergence scanner and the radio as the Inanimates emerged from one way ports. Things were tense at first, but after three twentieths, the Incursion was over. Thaetmaeg arrived, looked at Bill and said, “Why are you here, young man?”
“We were in the neighborhood and my grandfather’s driver volunteered, so we did as well.”

“Did you look for patterns in the incursion?”
Bill smiled. “Mr. Steelcutter, I know what you want. I’ve worked with the Office down in Desert Howl. I made notes of how the exit patterns worked.”

“Excellent! Did you see a pattern?”

“They were using one, Mr. Steelcutter, but I can’t tell you what it is. I’m not Lord Umevan and Selton hasn’t worked with you before. ”

“What you did should be good enough. What were they doing?”

Bill showed Thaetmaeg the diagram he had made as the incursion was ongoing. “I think that they were rotating the pattern along a line. “Here’s the pattern.”

“I’ll have to analyze this, but it looks as if the emergences were all along the street with a pattern to spread them around. Thanks for doing this for us, boys.”

“At least they aren’t doing this in front of my house,” Bill said. “The last incursion I was involved in, they showed up at the house.”

“You didn’t mention that yesterday. You mentioned the incursion, but not where it was.”

“I didn’t want the President to think that it was you messing up and where it happened wasn’t really connected to the thing yesterday other than there were Inanimate incursions involved.”                                                                                                          

“Do you think that they were going after you again?”
“No, since the Inanimates were all over town. Other than creating some chaos, I don’t think that there was anything connected to me directly. They were interested in what I found, and Selton, you need to tell your great grandfather discreetly to check for leaks. We definitely have one in Desert Howl.”

“Why were you talking to the President?” Selton asked.

“Because my uncle’s boss wanted to talk to me about the events in Desert Howl and dragged me to something that I am not supposed to talk about. So I was forced to tell people about some things and get asked some questions I wasn’t going to answer.”

“That doesn’t sound like much fun.”

“It wasn’t. There’s Cory, looking for us. Mr. Steelcutter, this looks like it is over and we need to get back to our other project.”

Cory came up and said, “Bill, you stay here and help with this. That will make your grandfather happy and Izzie and I can take care of the rest of the shipment issue now that we know that it is on its way to where it was supposed to go in the first place. Finish this and go watch your girlfriend dance.”

After they finished up, they went looking for Moonshine, who was helping in the medical space set up by Chatsrey general hospital. She was talking to the Head nurse who said, “Young girl, if you get tired of the dancing, I can use you. I was doubtful at first, but you knew how to handle yourself even when things were not what you were used to.”

“Mrs. Tildings, thank you. Mrs. Oceania insists that we dancers learn some first aid and I have had to deal with issues with my parents’ circus. Even for the fae, bad things can happen and we have to be prepared. So I have healer training and the first aid, so that we can help if necessary, especially when we are out of the Faery kingdom. The lady at House Yllanan also insisted that everyone, including her daughter have some training.”

“The lady who came and became the ambassador?”
“Yes. She took all the girls to hand and made sure that we could help if need be.”

“That seems strange for a high elf lady.”
“Not Lady Yllanan. For some other ladies, that would be strange, certainly. They tended to be rather unconcerned about certain things. On the other hand, they hardly spent any time out on their estates and did not see the things that could happen.”

“I see that your young man, who chased all the way up to the Empire for a true princess is here, so I will let you go.”
The head nurse headed to her next crisis and Moonshine said, “I hope that you did better than we did here, Bill.”

“Selton and I were handling radio. We were able to keep things going.”

“I could tell. We still lost some and some are going to be badly scarred. Still, it could have been worse.”

“Why don’t we go to dinner and then take you to the theatre.”

Chapter 34.

The Hideaway.

Exhausted, Blackfire and Dúhael joined Mórsairon, who looked at them and said, “Things did not go well?”

“Most of the launches were interfered with,” Blackfire said. “At least the recovery squads were not interfered with. The Inanimates were. We haven’t had any enemies in the cities as yet, but that will come. I think that the remaining Inanimates should be used in the countryside and the Fellowship, for greatest effect. In any case, we should launch and exit at this point.”

“There are still things that we could recover,” Dúhael said.

“At what cost if the enemy strikes, brother? We cannot close the gates and hold them closed, the enemy can enter the cities and we have reached the point where our enemies can deal with the Inanimates as fast as they are launched. So we launch one last distraction and leave.”
“The Mortal Kingdoms have been struck a blow and we have resources,” Mórsairon said. “It is time to move on to other things. We have to prepare for the next steps. Regardless of the results, we are committed. We have Scourged five cities and made the rest of the world wary of us. We must take advantage of the chaos. Our adversaries are working against us and we must be prepared.”

Herdir watched them and smiled. He had warned them and they had not listened. Since he did not want to disturb them more than they already were, he wandered off again.

Lain Othrond.

Jorge slumped over the table, exhausted. For most of the day, he had been sending signals to the various portals, sending things at the Inanimates and their controllers to impede the launches of the incursions. He had also been forced to port back to Ishendell or Innshys and get people started on more of the things to send through to the dead cities as he had expended his resources faster than he had planned. Still, from what he had heard on the microportals, the radio and the fae watchers who had reported, he had managed to stop a good portion of the Inanimates from being launched and done fair job of slowing the enemy’s efforts down. Jorge looked up at the setting sun as Jorge walked in and said, “You did good work here today.”

“I’m worried about tomorrow. I’m out of things to send through portals.”

“You have people working on resolving that issue, don’t you?”
“Nat and Ben are having Tad take them all over the Lower City with my purse.”
“Vestia and Apua will compensate you for this.”

“I know. I just wish that I could have been on the front lines fighting these things.”

“A lot of lives were saved because you were here, doing what you do. I watched some of it and the enemy was discomfited more than you know. Clerves was a bust because of the things you sent.”
“What about tomorrow?”
“Some surprises have arrived. We bought the time for some things and now they are here.”


“You can’t see the harbor from here, but the marines have arrived, in force. The Qinvaris Militia has also arrived down the railroad.”

“Did they have permission?”
“Queen Cécile made some arrangements with Richard when she visited. Moving troops through Dolmon and Astua isn’t an issue for the Qinvaris for obvious reasons.”

“So, what should I do?”

“Take your people to Ishendell and get some rest. Get ready for the morning. We can get into the cities and end this, if the other side doesn’t quit.”

Harald and a dragonkin walked into the room and Jorge stood and saluted. Harald said, “Good, I caught you both. Jorge, this Captain Greldug Flamespitter. Greldug, this is Jorge Umevan.”
“What can I do for you, captain? I was just going to close this down for the evening, as our adversaries will have other things to deal with than me and my deliveries of chaos through one way portals.”

“What did you do to them, Jorge?” Harald asked.

“Since they probably wouldn’t appreciate toys and the Inanimates would ignore glamor carts, goop and glue. Lots of glue and flaming goop. The sad part is that since a lot of it was in the Scourged zones, I couldn’t see any of the results.”
“You can see what it looks like tomorrow, Jorge.” Jorge said. “I can guarantee that you saved a lot of lives, both here in the Mortal kingdoms and in the places where they were planning to send more than they actually did. You messed them up more than I would have expected.  That hurt them.”

“I didn’t stop them.”
“Get some rest and we can discuss plans in Ishendell in the morning.”

Jorge collected his people and left. Jorge watched him leave, turned to his grandfather and said, “He did very well. The sad part is that he didn’t see what he was doing to them, but those that did, really appreciated what he was doing for us. He put his things right in the middle of the launches and forced them to spend time working around the things he sent.”

“How many portals did he use?” Harald asked.

 “I don’t know. He set it up. He probably used all the portals he had available in Ishendell, the large portals at Beinan’s, the Portal Service and Nerihorn’s. He coordinated everything from here and probably used the portals from here as well.”

“It must have been rather unpleasant for the other end.”

“From what I could see, very unpleasant, and while he didn’t stop them entirely, he forced them to switch portals and that probably gave the people they were sending things at time to recover.”

“How are your people holding up?”
“We’re tired and so are the Duc’s people. The Qinvaris people are a bit fresher, and we’ve pretty much stalled their incursions into the countryside.”

“Do you expect surprises?” Greldug asked.

“Yes. On the other hand, I have reinforcements here and they don’t know about them as yet. We will see how things work out.”

“We will let you go, Major. If things are not too hot in the morning, you can show us around.”

“I will, captain.”


Blackfire and Dúhael watched the preparations for the next day’s onslaught. Looking at the horses being lined up, Dúhael asked, “Why didn’t you animate horses from the start?”
“Mana drainage. If I had used horses, the batteries would have been drained and the Animators would be useless. Large animals also strain the Animators and I didn’t want to risk losing one. Since we are withdrawing them, that isn’t an issue now.”

“Then we are ready to exit?”


County Westlaas, Vestia.
Sir Leo D’Hart watched the hulking machines being unloaded from the railroad spur that had been put together when the railroad had been restored. He turned to his duc and said, “These frighten me.”

Geral grinned. “They will probably frighten our enemies even more. Here’s the Qinvaris general to explain what he is planning for them. General Clinkscales, Sir Leo is nervous. Why would the Qinvaris need something like these machines?”

“We grabbed them because Lord Qinvaris made the mistake of hinting to Denny here’s kids that he would like to send TAVs through one way ports. These came from the battles on the Peninsula, Denny’s kids fixed them up and we have them.”

“That seems like a large task to just do, Lord Harper.”

Denny grinned. “My wife is a bad influence. She grew up running an estate that her brother didn’t care about. So she pinches every penny, saves everything she can, believes in repair and hates waste. My daughter was rather annoyed that some TAVs were dumped in the river on the Peninsula and some others just went bust, so she recovered them when Richard hinted that he might want them. My sons did the repair work. They have also been having fun with them, so having the things isn’t a waste and they have putting what they learn into other things, like better tractors.”

“This is a long way from the Empire,” Sir Leo said.

“Yes it is, which makes the thing a challenge. In my family, having a challenge is a good thing.”

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