The Byzantine in Byzantium.

Frequently when I would read about the Eastern Roman Empire and it’s great wealth and power I would also read about the epidemic corruption of the Byzentine Empire. The corruption of the Imperial eunuchs as they managed the massive bureaucracy of the empire was legend. As was the pettiness and stupid greed.

The naive and younger me believed that such societies were ancient history. I imagined that here, in the US, society was free of the corruption and a ruling class. It turns out that I was wrong, very wrong. Recently the contents of a hard drive purporting to have been owned by Hunter Biden have come to light. The New York Post has the story here:

I’m not going to reiterate the things revealed in the article. There is nothing there that hasn’t been known for some time. The NY post had an article detailing things concerning the Vice President and the troubles have been plaguing the Bidens for a long time. Much like another prominent Democrat family, the Kennedys.

Joe Biden has been running for President off an on since the 1980’s. I think that he has been in every race where a Democrat was a viable option, usually falling to one or another Democrat contender mostly because of the same sorts of things discussed in the NY Post article. His blandness and lack of charisma didn’t help. Old Joe was the horse used to fill the field, getting more and more decrepit with every race.

Finally he was elected Vice President and President Obama made him point man for things in Iraq, Ukraine and China, where Biden’s brother and son, Hunter seemed to make out like bandits.

This is corruption on a level of the ancient Imperial Roman senators, sending family to the hinterlands to milk them for money and sending part of it back to support the senator back in the senate, making corrupt deals in the senate. The influence peddling and rot is so obvious that it is astonishing.

As bad as the corruption is, perhaps what is worse is the the fact that the press and the large tech companies have decided to suppress the story of Hunter Biden’s computer. Links to the NY Post articles are stifled on Facebook and Twitter has banned the Trump campaign twitter account for linking to the article. Our “News” media is attempting to discredit or laugh the story away. The problem is that the story isn’t going to disappear and even if it did, the culture of corruption behind it wouldn’t either. This is part and parcel to the Clinton email scandal and the Epstein flight and numerous other scandals in Washington, most of which have the Democrats in the middle. I’m not sure what is wrong with Democrat leadership that they seem to be wrapped up in these things. Joe Biden’s long career made him vulnerable and as Rudy Guiliani points out, this has all the semblance of a crime family.

The interesting thing in this is Hunter Biden. With all the noise about Joe Biden running for the presidency, Hunter seems to be silent and invisible. That is in spite of the stories circulating about him. One would think that he would be there, supporting his father or defending himself. On the other hand, perhaps there was a reason that the laptop ended up in that repair shop in the first place. I imagine that being his father’s stooge and bag man for eight years was emotionally exhausting and I wonder just how much Hunter really doesn’t want to be in the position that he was in. Then there is the revealed text to his daughter Naomi”

I love all of you. I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine, I guess- works for you, apparently. I Hope that you can do all that I did and pay for everything in this family Fro thirty years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry unlike pop I won’t make you pay me half your salary.

This does not sound like a man who wants to continue doing what he has done. I think that he dropped that laptop off at the repair place, loaded with the bombshells it had on it because he saw it as a way out. Unfortunately for the country, Hunter underestimated the desire of the people in Delaware, including law enforcement to protect the senator. I don’t know when the obvious decline in Joe Biden’s faculties became evident, but however it happened, I think that Hunter Biden has made his vote of no confidence in his father. I think that the rest of us should heed that vote.

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  1. An Author In Charge · October 18, 2020

    The media has to cover for Biden at this point. For at least thirty to forty years, the press and the media have been buying into the utopian dream that the Democrats have been pushing in politics. And, in the last four years, Trump has probably done more to expose just how lacking they are in anything since Regan. The Emperor has no clothes? Try the Emperor has no skin.

    And, if to keep this going, they media has to ignore corruption on a level if there was an (R) anywhere near it they would be screaming from the rooftops?

    They’ve been covering for Communist regimes for at least 80+ years. This is easy in comparison.

    From their perspective, all of the “progressives” are all-in at this point. They’ve put everything in the pot, because they are so afraid of losing what they have. Too many people have seen Moloch’s face peeking out from under their masks, The only defense that they have is a “friendly” President and Congress that can drop enough laws to protect them from harm.


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