The Conclave of Consequence, Chapter 54. The End of The Book

House Keanorin has a bad day.

Chapter 54.

House Keanorin Estate

Fenian Sarrie was rather in a tizzy. The portal people had returned with a Justiciar adjunct, a writ to remove Portal Service property and investigate the death of the Portal Service’s technician and a large wagon towed by something that was clearly Proscribed. Fenian looked at the writ and growled, “This all seems to be in order, but that thing is not to be let on to the property.”

“Motor vehicles are allowed in the Empire,” the portal mage said. “This tractor will save a lot of time. My boss is speaking with your lord about this and the faster we get this done the sooner we will be our off your property. If I have to send for horses, that will mean that we will be standing at the portal waiting for half the day. I had the feeling that you didn’t want us poking around and if we’re just standing there, we might do a deeper investigation than you want.”

“Very well, I’ll let this thing on the estate, under protest.”

Fenian opened the gate, the infernal machine roared and the parade marched toward the reserve, attracting attention of just about everyone on the estate. The estate’s foreman came, looked at the thing as it dragged the wagon right through a mud spot made worse by the rain the previous day and said, “I may have to speak to the Lord about getting one of those for the plows.”
“Have you forgotten the Procriptions, Ievis?”

“Not at all. I’m just musing as to how that thing could make a lot of jobs easier.”

“We would have to feed the thing, and take care of it.”

The Lord arrived and said, “What is that doing here?”
“The Portal Service is removing an illegal portal, as they call it.”
“Violating the Proscriptions here to do that? Why didn’t they bring horses?”
“You would have to ask the Portal mage, milord. Here he is.”

The Lord looked at the mage in his rather strange outfit and said, “Sir mage, why are you violating the Proscriptions?”
“I’m not, actually. The Portal Service has a dispensation to use and operate machinery in the function of its work and a tractor isn’t a violation in any case.”

“Why did you not bring horses?”
“Because most of the Portal Service’s draft horses were sold quite some time ago, the others are at the Portal Service’s paddock, retrieving a team and drovers would have taken the better part of the morning and the tractor was ready to go with the wagon in about ten hundredths this morning. We ran the rig through a large portal and here we are. Your guardsman hinted that you would want us in and out quickly and I put together the fastest method of doing so.”

“Very well.”

The Lord pulled Ievis and Fenian away from the crowd and said quietly, “Has my brother shown up?”
“We haven’t seen him, milord. Are you expecting him?”
“I’m not sure what I expect right now. Have my sons and their friends shown up?”
“We’ve been free of them for over a five day. Are you looking for them? They were supposed to meet up with your brother.”
“They disappeared in the Lower City after running into some younglings from the Fellowship with similar habits. Witnesses said that the lot of them ported someplace.”

“I feel bad for the someplace then,” Ievis said.

“I would be insulted if I didn’t agree with you somewhat,” Aeson said. “In any case, they have not returned. I will keep an eye on the portal people. You keep an eye out for my brother, Ievis.”

The Hunter, battered and rather exhausted, looked around and he was at the estate. He supposed that Lord Qinvaris thought that he would tell his brother that war was coming and would not complete his task. The Hunter knew a way to perform his task and give his brother a start on the coming conflict. Since time was tight, he went quickly to his apartment and to his hidden treasure cabinet. He opened the cabinet, took a moment to look one last time at the picture he had kept hidden for so long. Then he pulled out the key and a code list that he was gong to need. After he put the key’s chain around his neck, he went to the arms rack and retrieved Slicer, his first elf slicer, the one that his father had given him that he rarely used. With the key and having rearmed himself, he called for a horse and four slaves and the group headed to the hidden place of the reserve. As he left the house, the foreman, Ievis, called out, “Your brother is looking for you, milord!”

The Hunter ignored him and continued on his way. He and the slaves reached the reserve and there was some noise in the distance that he ignored as the secret place approached. Reaching the place, he opened the vault and had the slaves pull the devise inside to the portal. As the devises was being moved, he went to the portal and punched the code for the House Qinvaris estate and a one way port from the sheet in his hand. Then he put the key in the devise, turned the switch and pushed the devise through the portal as his brother called out, “Feredir, what are you doing?!”

“Completing my task.”

The Hunter looked around and in addition to the four slaves and his brother, there was a crowd including some fae and half elves dressed in Portal Service uniforms, a mage and two Justiciars with Justicial slaves and Fenian all staring at him. His brother looked at him with a shocked expression and said “Feredir, what have ou done?! You have destroyed us, your House.”

“I have completed my task and now, I will collect my reward.”

The Hunter entered the portal, leaving the crowd behind.

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