Government Admits to Murder

The Government of New York admits it made a “fatal error” when Governor Cuomo signed an order commanding state run nursing homes and other old age facilities to take patients with the Coronavirus.

I could let this go as monumental incompetence that led to thousands unnecessary deaths, but the order was not rescinded after the consequences were known and some fifty percent of the Coranvirus deaths in the state of New York were at those facilities.

The fact is that the policy seems callous at best and actual deliberate murder of the helpless at the worst by the government that the people living at those nursing homes probably trusted. Demonstrably, the governor of New York failed his trust while enacting policies that were pointless and saved no lives. One hopes that Cuomo and his administration will be called into account. Unfortunately my gut and long experience with NY state and city politics tells me that the villains will slide by, again. The good thing is that Cuomo’s Presidential hopes were probably smashed.

We’ll neve know just how much of the policy was deliberate and if the “people in charge expected what happened. We do know the consequences of the decision and the consequences of having people in public policy afraid to admit that they made a mistake in a crisis.


One comment

  1. equestriaverse · 19 Days Ago

    This is my “I’m surprised” face.

    …nope, not surprised at all.


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