Rachell Maddow VS US Navy Yard Dogs

Rcahel Maddow gave the workers at Norfolk Navy yard the middle finger when she said that that USHS Comfort, undergoing refit at Norfolk would not arrive in NYC in “weeks.”


The joke was on Ms. Maddow as the workers at Norfolk said, “Get ‘er done! and did. Mar 30, there was the Comfort arriving under her own power, in NYC.

Now I don’t know if this was ignorance on the part of the powerful NBC new organization or Maddow was just, as she usually does, making things up as she went along, but Maddow owes the fine workers at Norfolk, let alone the President, an apology. The President asked for the ship to be where she might be needed in a crisis and the people at Norfolk delivered. The only thing that Maddow could contribute was another cheap shot.

Of course people who are pushing the same agenda as Maddow, are the reason that the Comfort was needed in the first place.

Burn Down the Regulatory House


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