The Search Paris, Chapter 41, the end

“At this point, the best we can hope for is that the Master can pull off a miracle.”

Chapter 41.
House Qinvaris.
Rosaniya had decided to hold an impromptu banquet at the House for everybody that had helped with the girls being taken and had invited Princess Lelayme, Lavidia, Lazuli and Esgalwathanar as well. When Richard had asked “Why now?” she said, “We may be forced to go in all sorts of directions and if we are getting things straight now, we can act faster. We also exposed that toad Richflight and his ring of kidmappers.”
“We didn’t catch them.”
“Not yet. They will make a mistake. We have enough on them and know how they operate.”
Esgalwathanar had heard them and said, “Thank you for that. The assassin’s guild sent somebody to evalaluate how hard it would be to kill me.”
“How do you know?” Richard asked.
‘I have a new sparring partner and trainer for the boys because of it. Do you know how hard it is to find sparring partners where you don’t have to hold back?”
“I don’t fight like that. I’ve never been big on martial arts and by the time an assassin even gets close to me, they realize just how much trouble they are in. I will send the boys for training. I expected Richflight to put the guild in play, but he just ran.”
“He doesn’t have the money to hire them again. After my evaluation, I checked. In any case, his scheme is exposed and some things make a lot more sense now.”
“Yes they do,” Traelion said. “Even though Sollor was very good about not keeping records about what he had done.”
“I bet somebody did,” Adiun said. “In fact I sent my daughter and her boyfriend down to the Retreat to look.”
“Why did you do that?”
“Because my wife is in the Republic and my daughter has a rather strange hobby. She is very good at removing things that people have that don’t belong to her. Her mother taught her the hobby.”
“Aren’t you afraid that she could get caught?” Esgalwathanar asked
“Her boyfriend is one of your grandsons, and she robbed him to attract his attention.”
“Should the Justiciars be looking out for strange robberies,” Traelion asked.
“No, because she is certain that the good things that would make the effort worthwhile have already been sold off. That is, except for the Houses of her friends, who she won’t touch.”
Esgalwathanar laughed. “So I’m safe?”
“No, because she will probably want to teach Saevel and Bellflower how to do things properly and your House is handy. But she will have Saevel and Bellflower put things back for her.”
“Why Saevel and Bellfower?”
“She likes their spunk.”
Just after the party sat down for dinner, a messenger came in and handed Richard a message. Richard looked at it and grinned. “The girls managed to escape.”
“Where are they?” Rosaniya asked.
“At a lady named Amarille Zylvyre’s home. She wants to take the girls to the Fellowship and the Republic.”
“Amarille is an interesting woman,” Lelayme said. “She was married to Ehlark Zylvyre, they seperated when Ehlark demanded that Paeris get sent to that Academy they had. She was House Zylvyre’s oracle until the separation.”
“I talked with her with Kulgha and interesting is putting it mildly,” Bob Harper said. “One thing is certain. She doesn’t like certain members of her family.”
“Do you trust her?” Richard asked.
“To take care of the girls, yes, since we know that she has them.”
“I think that we should let the girls go on the trip,” Vesryn said. “In fact, I think that we should send their boyfriends with them. Richard, you were talking about sending some of your children to the Republic for education in any case and as far as I am concerned, getting Renna out of the middle of things is only a good thing.”
“I was starting the process getting passports for your kids,” Dan said. “I can issue temporary passports for all the kids and the boys can take them with them in the morning. Nimue, Alinis, Tarranth and Sylvar can have diplomatic passports and the others will have open visas. I’ll get started right after dinner.”
The dinner turned from a get together into a celebration as the girls getting out became the center of things. Byddri said, “Kythaela and I can go with them. I was planning to interview the Great Captain’s mom anyway and this trip will probably make good press. Kythaela and I already have passports.”
“That’s a good idea, Byddri,” Rosaniya said. “You can be chaperone for the kids and get your stories too.
The Retreat.
Rolin found Paeris with Taser and Gormer in a tavern having drinks. He sat down and said, “Are they strong?”
“Yes.” Paeris said. “You didn’t get the girls back, did you? Are they still at the Camp?”
“They never made it to the Camp. They up and disappeared. Onvyr wasn’t going to lock up his own kids, the compulsions failed, and they had all been tested by the fae. So the girls went someplace else. When I arrived at the Camp, the Master was punishing the guards for telling him what happened. What happened to the grain?”
“The republic sent those two big ships and they used the barges as targets.”
“I have very good pictures of the ships,” Taser said. “They sailed right past me and even though I was under glamor at the time, they almost certainly knew where I was.”
“I hope that wherever the girls go, that they send a message home,” Rolin said. “Because we will have Richard demanding his daughters back before he sell us any more grain. We don’t have the girls so we can’t even use them for leverage. I take it that your training exercises did not go well.”
“Gormer didn’t run into a submarine like I did, Taser said. “Those damn cruisers with that thing aboard haven’t shown up, yet. Gormer ran into the same idiocy that I did.”
“Where is Onvyr?” Paeris asked.
“The mage’s academy, that is if he isn’t talking to the Justiciars and going home to Elincia. Our nieces showing up in the middle of this crashed his compulsions, he used a portal that was supposed to be dead and went someplace else. That was one of the things that the Master was punishing the guards for. Instead of believing the guards and sending people to invstigate, he was wasting time torturing his people for telling him the truth.”
“So next time, they will lie, or not tell him anything at all. I talked to mother and she said that I would not come to a good end. I said that there were no good ends for me. It appears that it was even worse than I thought. Uncle, why did you get the family involved in this?”
“We didn’t. Your grandfather did when all we had was the salt flats near here and mined salt. The Ravathrya offered Father an arrangement, a House and path to glory, they said. Then he and grandmother had us and all the rest of it. At first we were drunk on the power. Of course my brothers and I never came here and we only saw the Master when he came and told us what he wanted.”
“At this point, the best we can hope for is that the Master can pull off a miracle.”

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