The Search for Paeris, Chapter 9-10

Ghedrun steps up and takes over. Reptar finds family. Flix gets caught by a thing.


Chapter 9.

Home Estate Of The Ravathyra, Eryding – Dragonhall, Eryding .

Ghedrun was in full uniform when he strode into Rolin’s office. He slapped a rather large report binder on Rolin’s desk. “Admiral, I have some rather significant questions to ask you about the actions of the Ravathyra and the arrangement that you have had with my people.”

“What about?”

“Use of collars on free dragons, taking dragons outside the aeries as slaves and the “disposal” of dragons that had served in the Hidden City. In any case, I am reinstating myself and taking over all Dragonguard operations, personally, effective immediately until such time as there are written responses to the issues in that report sent to me, the Dragon Council and the Regency Council.”

“You can’t do that!”
“Actually I can. I have already communicated with Admiral Shanelis and Lord Kellan and attached copies of this report. I have also dispatched a copy to my brother. Until such time as the guard has answers, I am taking charge and all functions and operations of the guard are going through me, as Dragonmaster. I await your response.”

Ghedrun turned and walked out of the office and the castle, heading toward Dragonhall. The two dragons on sentry duty snapped to attention and saluted. Ghedrun returned their salutes and walked through to the desk and the dragon leader behind it snapped to attention and saluted. What can I do for you, Dragonmaster, Sir!”

“I need to speak to Dragon Captain Flamefire. Also send messages to all Dragon Captains and squadron leaders. They are to meet here by 10:00 tomorrow.”

“Sir! DragonCaptain Flamefire’s office is the first door on the right. I will have a messenger send the dispatches. It is good to have you back, sir!”Ghedrun walked through the office door and the Dragon leader inside and the rest all stood and saluted. The Dragon leader said, “Dragonmaster, I will let your nephew know that you are here, sir!”

The DragonLeader into the office and returned with Ghedrun’s nephew. Nizig came to attention and saluted. “Dragonmaster, sir! Come into my office and tell me why you have come.”

Ghedrun followed Nizig into the office and when the Dragonleader closed the door, Ghedrun said, “My coming here doesn’t seem to be that big a surprise.”

Nizig grinned and said, “When Byddri started to hand those pictures around, you coming and taking over was inevitable. The Admiral and Lord Petris should have expected that when you came through the Empire a few five days ago. Presumably you have talked with Danni and Byddri.”
“Yes, as well as Mr. Harper, my brother, and your brothers, who flew in from the Republic in their plane, the other dragons that have served in the Hidden City and several squadron leaders here in the Empire. I dropped the bomb on Rolin’s desk just before I came here, but as far as I am concerned the agreement is null and void, effective immediately and I am in charge of all dragon operations until such time as a new agreement is signed. I have said that to Lord Kellan and Admiral Shanelis.”

“What did the Admiral say?”
“You can’t do that!”

“You are the only dragon who could.”

“I know. Even your father, because he never served in the guard, doesn’t have that authority. But the only one who can rescind that authority is the Emperor, personally and that is unlikely to happen. In any case, you and the other squadrons are not going have to put up with the things that you have. Somebody should have sent a report a long time ago.”

“We were cut off and we were having our letters read. I was going to tell father and you when my term ended if I didn’t suffer an accident. We were lucky that Byddri did what he did. By the way, do you have an address for Uncle’s company? My service is ending and those plane things sound rather interesting.”
Ghedrun laughed. “I imagine that they do. Of course Byddri can also put you in contact with the movie and press people. He’s actually doing very well with them and he should be back soon. I wouldn’t worry about opportunities. On the other hand, you do know that I am going to be flying your wings off. I have the feeling that things are a bit loose since I was active and I don’t want dragons getting themselves killed because they were out of training. Byddri was all over you and he was still recovering from his injuries.”

“We are glad to have you back, sir, even if you do make us all sore and abused. I wanted more flight time and Camus wouldn’t let me take it, especially if we flew to the North.”

“That’s another thing. We will have a station up there. There were too many wrecks up there when I flew up there in the airship with Captain Shanelis.”

“That must have been a fun trip. Byddri and Danni were enjoying themselves. Has Danni found a cave yet?”

“Byddri has managed it. Danni hasn’t. I think Mokem is a bit concerned that his mother won’t like Danni. Danni hasn’t fed him yet because she doesn’t have a kitchen.”

“I imagine that she will, all too soon. What is Byddri’s girl like?”

“The general consensus in the Hidden City is that Byddri is one of the two luckiest men in the city. The other is going out with Kythaela’s sister.”

“What does Aunt Rirlon think?”

“She adores the girl already. You can ask her at dinner tonight.”

Rolin had his head in his hands when Camus entered the office. “What happened this time?”

“Ghedrun just marched in and took over the Dragonguard.”
‘He can do that?”

“Yes he can. He’s the only one who can, because he is Dragonmaster. So he has full authority.”

“He’s retired.”
“The rank can only be rescinded by the Emperor and he has full reserve status in case of need. I looked into that when the little thing over his portal key happened. Somebody messed up with that.”

“That was when we were trying to see if we could limit access to the portals, remember? Ghedrun went down to the Hidden City and talked with the people from the Republic. Maybe we can get the Regency Council to sanction him or something.”

“I don’t think that Erlan or Glynnii will go for that. They have had enough egg on their face already this year. So why did you come in here?”

“We are going to have to ask the ladies to cut back on entertainment.”

“Lielatha, Meriel and Thalia aren’t going to like that very much. Why is that significant?”
“After the girls spiced up the Yellowleaf festival, Lielatha wanted me to look into the money spent for it.”

“It probably wasn’t that expensive. I imagine that the girls spread the cost around and the Qinvaris girls probably handled the food and drink.”

“They did, and it wasn’t. Erlan said the same thing. But when I went to Elincia to get the details and whined a bit, she turned things on me, with numbers that she got from someplace and said that if she and her girls were going to be limited to what they spent for the Yellowleaf Festival, the one thing they had all year, all the ladies should have the same budget, for the year. She also said that if the other ladies complained, she would tell Vesryn and Maria to put the hard screws on the family businesses, the businesses they already don’t own outright. She followed that by saying that she and the other family members there at the Sanctum had been sent up there, neglected, essentially held under compulsions as prisoners while the other ladies had their extravagant things in the capital. She ended her rant by saying that if the other ladies did not want her and the other women at the Sanctum moving into the castle and the Townhouse and bringing everybody else from the Sanctum with them, they better have equal budgets to hers.”
“I think that the lady is rather annoyed at us. Of course she is declaring war on the rest of the family ladies. There is no way they can live with the Sanctum’s budget even though we may need to.”

“Since Elincia and Maria get along, she actually holds the House purse strings. I hope that we can be far away when the screaming starts.”




Chapter 10.

House Shahana Estate.

Reptar was a bit trepidatious as he took his horse up the drive to the farm. The Estate hadn’t changed much since he had been forced away by his mother and put with the other Ravathrya boys, who had bullied him mercilessly. Joining the navy had been an out and while he had sent things to his mother and uncle, he and the Admiral knew quite well where his true loyalties lay. He hadn’t sent a picture of the submarine home, because he had been at sea with Admiral Jorik at the time, chasing his pirate relatives. They hadn’t quite caught them, but they had been close. Of course Reptar had heard of the big family secret in the north, but unless there had been an overwhelming need, he wasn’t going to risk revealing what he knew, which hadn’t been much in any case.

A man spotted Reptar as he rode up to the house and went inside. A woman came out with the man and smiled. “You must be Reptar. So what bring you here? I am Maria. Vesryn is up at the Timberlands until later this afternoon and my son is away to the Republic. My daughter is here, entertaining her friends. Why don’t you come inside?”

The woman waved for the man to take his horse and Reptar went into the smallish but obviously comfortable house. The woman sat Reptar down next to the warm fireplace as several elven girls, some of whom had a Ravathrya family appearance sat at the table and were obviously plotting something. One of the girls turned and said, “Is this Reptar? Reptar, I am your half sister, Renna and this is Nimue and Alinis of House Qinvaris and Maylin and Merethyl Zyvyre along with Dessielle Bienan. The last girl is Chrissie Lion who doesn’t have a House, but has a royal fae chasing her.”

“Are you plotting to spend more of mother’s money?”

“Do you want us to? Camus came and complained about the Yellowleaf Festival We figured that the next thing we would do would be for Wintereve at the Qinvaris’s new park that they were setting up, then we would do something with the Yllanans and the Bienans in the Cloud City in Green.”

“I’m afraid that I’m going to have to miss the things. I’m being transferred to the new embassy in the Republic as the naval attaché.”

“So you will be working for the Lady Gwen,” Maylin said.

“Yes. Do you know her?”
“Uncle Paeris sent her from the Republic to the Sanctum through the portal that Uncle Rolin had all those people killed to get to the Republic and she was with us for some time. Of course a man from the Republic snuck in and took her home. The whole thing was rather romantic, actually. But she was with us for two moons or so.”

“So what brings you here so suddenly, Reptar?” Maria asked.

“I found somebody and I wanted to talk to father about her.”

“Is the girl’s family friendly? What House are they?”
“No House. My girl is seafolk.”

“Then it is a bond and what your father wants or doesn’t want is not really relevant in any case. I don’t think that Vesryn will have a problem with it. Since the ambassador is seafolk, I think that having a seafolk wife is a good thing and in the Republic, being seafolk is not seen as being strange. I haven’t seen my sister for some time, but she was dragged under and as far as I know, is prefectly happy with that.”
“Mother said that she didn’t want her family tied to a family that lived in the mud.”

“That is the Ravathyra speaking. Vesryn and I had always thought that you bought into the family, but apparently not.”

“I joined the navy to escape. Mother put me into this academy the family has for the boys and the family boys are as you might expect. When I was old enough, I joined the navy as a midshipman and never looked back. I passed things to Uncle Rolin and my mother from time to time, but my boss, Admiral Jorik Shanelis knew that I was doing it and told me to act as if I was loyal to the family so that the Admiralty could poke in and see what the Ravathrya were up to. It was useful, because I could water my ship in Eryding, Uncle Rolin wouldn’t squawk and then tell the Admiral what I found. Of course mother thought that I was helping her raid the House for the Ravathyra, but I could see that dad was quietly dealing with it and the Ravathyra were slowly borrowing the rope that dad and others could hang them with. I wish that I had been there when he finally did and dropped that toad, Theodred Pettoris. Jerdal told me about it later. Dad walks into the office and Theodred had no clue who he was. Jerdal even showed me the message that dad sent, telling Theodred to be up at the Timbertown for that big new deal with your brother and his people. Theodred ignored it, of course, since mother had told him to ignore anything from dad. He could, until dad was standing in front of him.”

“Your father has been rather neglectful of you. It was not by his choice. Of course I came along later when your father purchased me from the Ravathyra.”

“Where is my little brother?”

“In the Republic, at present.”

“Good. I hope that he stays there.”

“There have been rumors going around the Admiralty and Eryding that Uncle Rolin or somebody else has a secret team that takes kids from relationships like yours and dad’s. These are kids that tend to draw the fae like flies. I think that you know what I’m talking about. Some of us were discreetly told about that in case we had relationships like yours and dad’s.”

“I do, and I think that you should talk with your father about that. Renna has been tested recently and I would suggest that you be as well, if you hadn’t already bonded with a seafolk lady. We’ve heard the same sort of rumors, but we haven’t actually seen anything that is suspicious.”

Reptar sat there, becoming more comfortable as the family feeling only increased as the day wore on through lunch, the Zylvyre sister’s younger brother popped in with his bonded and finally Reptar’s father returned. He walked up to his son, actually hugged him and said, “Peder said that you were here, so I cut things a bit short in the Timberlands. I’m glad to see you at last. What are you here for?”

“I wanted your approval for my girl and her family. She has a tail.”

“Then it is a bond and my disapproval would only cause pain. The girl must be connected to the navy. Is her father an officer?”
“Contractor. He runs the navy docks and yard.”

“Then it is a very good relationship for us. You have my full support. You would have had it regardless, but I can give it without reservations. Why come to me now?”
“Aqualia and I are being transferred overseas to the Republic in a five day. We are planning to go to a beach down there where it is warm and a wedding next Green at Eribelle. The old Admiral has offered his pool for the wedding.”

“Have you talked with your mother yet?”
“Yes. She was rather unpleasant. She said that she didn’t want to have a relationship with a family that lived in the mud.”

“She would be. She probably didn’t ask the sorts of questions that I just did. She insisted on taking over the business but has no business sense at all. We, the family, are going to be cutting and shipping more boards and timber next year than we did in the last ten combined and that is just the beginning. Since you are being sent to the Republic, I will send letters to my brother and Maria’s brother.”

“Mother was also in the process of firing our major domo over Renna’s party when I talked with her. Where are you sending him?”

“The Sanctum and the Timberlands. That is if I don’t send him to the Hidden City.”

“Why would the family need to send somebody to the Hidden City?”
“Thanks to your mother dipping into the family piggy bank for the Ravathrya and some other things, the family ended up with the place. I’ve talked with Dan Harper, and as far as the Republic is concerned and the fact that they respect property rights, the family can keep owning it and the Republican navy will pay us rent for the facilities and so will the traders, deducting for improvements, of course. We also ended up with most of Eryding, but I haven’t sent people over to make changes there yet as I’m not sure how I want to handle shipping next year. There were some vessels in stocks in the shipyard and they are being converted to housing barges for the logging crews that will be coming. I do hope that you will go through the shipyards in the Republic and send us ideas. The Ravathyra have been stuck in the same place for centuries and I want to do to Eryding what Richard did for farming.”

Reptar spent one of the happiest afternoons of his life with his father and the rest, discussing plans, telling stories and just enjoying the warmth and company. After dinner, Reptar went to bed as true family for the first time in as long as he could remember. Perhaps his mother would object to Aqualia and a tail, but the rest of his family would support him and whatever he did.

House Aezeiros Estate- Easera.

Flix had been sneaking around the House for five days off and on and still hadn’t found the reason that the portal had been shutdown. He wasn’t sure why he kept coming back, but Gander wanted him to keep an eye on Gwynnestri Aezeiros anyway after it had turned out that Paeris Zylvyre had run into the girl. Flix was keeping an eye on her as Gander and Marshall Swiftfire thought that she knew more than she was saying. It was now a five day after the bandits and Flix was watching the girl, which admittedly was more than a bit fun, when he was suddenly grabbed, dumped in a sack and hauled away. When he was dumped out of the sack, he had discovered the reason for the portal being shutdown and been captured by something a bit indescribable, as if a fae had gone wrong. The thing looked at Flix and said, “Why are you watching my sister?”
Flix yipped like the fox that he was at the moment and the thing laughed. “That won’t work. I’ve been watching you for the last few days.”

“Ok, you got me. I’m watching your sister because some people are concerned about somebody coming back or somebody else tying up a loose end.”
“Paeris Zylvyre. I was watching when the bandits hit and he came. He finished them, so my sister didn’t have to and I didn’t have to reveal myself.”
“What happened to you?”
“I opened the wrong box here.”

“What is this place?”

“I’ve been trying to figure that out for a long time. Especially since my little accident.”

“So why isn’t your sister telling the Justiciars about Paeris?”

“Paeris made an agreement with my sister that she wouldn’t mention him for a five day. Unfortunately, it appears that the Great Captain didn’t get the five days anyway. I hope that he is far away from here. You were looking for more than my sister though. You also fixed the portal.”

“I was looking for this place, or something, anyway. My family and the Portal Service are trying to find out why so many portals have been deliberately shut down.”

“Our portal was shut down deliberately?”

“Yes. Somebody came and deleted the operating codes. So the portal still worked if you had a special key, but the rest of the functions didn’t, so most people couldn’t use it. I think that this place and maybe some more, were the reason. Have you been tested?”

“Ok. I will have to talk to mother, but I think that if we get you tested in a grove, maybe we can fix you.”
“What if I don’t want to get fixed?”

“That’s up to you, but I would want to be fixed.”

“What will you ask for this?”

“You could introduce me to your sister. I would definitely get her tested.”

The thing grinned. “That sounds like a fair deal. I will warn you that my sister thinks that most boys are slugs.”

“I’m not most boys.”

“It’s lunch time, so we are about to find out.”

A door opened and Gwynnestri came through the door. “Sylvar, I brought lunch. You aren’t catching things and eating them again, are you? Why is there a fox here?”

“The fox hasn’t given me his name as of yet, but he has been stalking you for a five day or so. He was not always a fox at the time. He also repaired our portal and has some questions about this place.”

“So he is fae and a spy. Who is he spying for?”
“From the way he is speaking, that strange Justiciar and the Marshalls that have been poking around looking for the Great Captain. Have you told them yet?”

“I was going to go to the inn that they are using in town after lunch. My agreement is done. The Marshalls are already on the trail from here in any case. Mr. Fox, what is your name?”
“Flix Yllanan.”

“Now the Yllanan are a high House, though they have had difficulties and setbacks this year from the gossip going around, but you are fae. That would mean that some old rumors concerning House Yllanan and the fae must be true, somewhat. You fix portals and spy for the Justiciars, or just the Marshalls.”

“Actually I spy for the family, for the most part. Gander is a friend and is working with my grandfather on a case.”

“Your grandfather being Esgalwathanar because House Yllanan doesn’t have a large family. But Esgalwathanar only has a daughter, at least only a legitmate daughter and she has not married. Sylvar, I don’t think that you can eat this fox until he tells us all his stories. I imagine that we should share the chicken that I brought and encourage him to tell us his story. I would like to let him go, but I am concerned that he may not come back.”

“I have a feeling that it will be harder to get rid of him, Gwynn. You haven’t said that he is a slug yet and I think that he likes you.”

“Oh dear. Does he know that we have been exiled here by our parents because of our unsuitability while older brother lives in that gilded cage in the Capital?”
“I haven’t told him yet.”

“My family is hardly anything that the proper crowd calls suitable,” Flix said. “We just ignore that crowd and maybe we can get your brother out of the cage.”
“Now there is an interesting offer. How are we going to get into the capital?”
“That isn’t a problem. I live there. Also, with my clothes, I have an open portal key.”

Gwynn giggled. “Sylvar, you definitely can’t eat this fox. Fox’s with open portal keys are extremely rare.”

Sylvar frowned. “Then he will tell people about me. They will drag me out and treat me like a freak.”

Flix looked at Sylvar. “I will tell certain people about you, my mother, for instance, along with some others. I am certain that the people I will talk to about you will see you as a victim of an accident. A victim that, as I said, can be fixed. What happened to you was not your fault and this place may be important. You are not the only victim in this and not even the worst, so far.”

Flix told the pair about the mage, his sharks and what they had done. After he was done, he said, “While I haven’t been there yet, Sylvar, there are people in the Republic that make you look tame. Why don’t you show me the way to outdoors so that we can get your brother out of the cage, if we can.”

“Let’s go, Sylvar,” Gwynn said. “Flix, you will keep your promise about Sylvar.”

“That is an easy promise to make. Was one reason that you wanted Paeris far away your brother?”

“Yes. Having the Great Captain captured here would attract attention here and one thing might have led to another. So I made a promise that a girl might make.”

Sylvar and Gwynn led Flix through a maze of passages and rooms in various states of repair covered with strange lettering and machines. As they finally exited the place through what was a broken panel or window, Flix turned around and whatever the place had been looked like a hill covered in vines. Sylvar said, “I will leave you two here and go back to my researches. Gwynn, I will be in the library.”

Sylvar returned inside and Flix said, “My clothes are this way.”

Gwynn looked at him and said, “There are no fae near. So I have never seen a true form. Could I see yours?”

Flix transformed and said, “Yes you may, milady.”

She looked at him and said, “Definitely not slug material. Lead on, Mr. Fae.”

Flix led the girl to where he had his clothes stashed and went behind a bush to transform and dress. Then they went to the portal and Flix keyed in Easera. They ported through and Flix led Gwynn to the inn that the Justiciars had been using as a headquarters. They went inside and Gander and another Justiciar looked up from the table that they had a map on. Gander said, “Flix, you brought the young lady back. Does she have something to tell us after all?”
“Justiciar, I was rescued by Paeris Zylvyre. He was responsible for killing the bandits when they attacked him. He was riding a post horse.”

“Why didn’t you tell us this previously?”

“I made an agreement with the Great Captain that I would remain silent for five days since he did not kill me. I also paid him a sum of money.”

“I could sign a writ of obstruction against you.”
“That would be a fine, imprisonment or exile. For me, exile more than likely, since I am an illegal second child. But it was my life and the Great Captain had just saved me a large degree of risk, the certainty that if I did not manage to kill all the bandits, of being raped and murdered and other things involved that I will not discuss. Against that, the risk of exile was a fair exchange and the Great Captain could very easily just have killed me, even if he didn’t rape me. I doubt that he was interested in that anyway and if I survived, we are far enough from the ocean that it would have been rather inconvenient for me.”

The other Justiciar looked at Gwynn and said, “Young lady, I am Justiciar Evindal Sarrieth and would you like a job?”

“What? Why would you want to recruit me?”

“Because we’ve been hearing about you for the last five day. All good things, as far as the justiciars are concerned. You can use a projector and a knife. You ride expertly and most importantly you have a strong sense of right and are totally honest with yourself and others. You walked in here knowing that if Gander or I were sufficiently angry with you, that we could slap you with a writ of obstruction. You also gave Paeris Zylvyre that deal for perfectly valid reasons and kept it at the risk of exile. That took a lot of courage all around. People have this idea about what we Justiciars are like. They are usually wrong.”

“How so?”

“I think that most people believe that we Justiciars toss writs around like confetti, Don’t they, Gander?”

Gander laughed. “That, and they think that all the Justiciars are High elf and all that goes with that.”

“They even had you convinced. Allisa had to work hard to convince you that you were worthy of her and then you fought promotion for years.”

“That was for a reason. If I became a full Justiciar, I couldn’t use my “stupid cop from the Republic” routine anymore.”

“Tom can be our stupid cop from now on. We need you for bigger things.”

Gwynn giggled. “The Justiciars use a stupid cop as a cover? What is a cop anyway?”

“In the Republic, cop is a slang term for a law enforcement officer,” Gander said. “In the Republic, law enforcement and the judiciary are separate to protect the rights of the people. So the Republic has cops and not all of them are particularly bright. So I could get away with a certain stereotype, especially since I was supposedly a slave in the beginning. Our boss essentially emancipated me almost from the start, but that collar had its uses. I do get a certain element of surprise from some high elves when they encounter me. The fact is that the Justiciary is very small relative to the size of the population of the Empire. The total people in the entire Justiciary is about a thousand all told, including the adjuncts, justiciar servants, slaves and the investigating teams. There are only twelve full Justiciars at present. I am the most recent to be raised to full Justiciar.”

“Would you recruit me if I was an illegal child?”

“That rule was a rule, and not a law,” Evindal said. The Justiciars have never enforced it and most of our families have never abided by that. Of course Flix here might object a bit if we recruit you. I think that he likes you.”

Gwynn laughed. “He has been hanging around. I will consider your offer in any case. I do not have a dowry and having a means to support myself is a good thing. As far as I know, the Justiciars are not a full time obligation in any case.”

“For some of us, it turns out that way,” Gander said. “My section, Investigations, requires a full time obligation, as does Traelion at the City Gates. Some of the others are on a case by case basis. Some, like Alen, have it easy because they have other Justiciars living in their jurisdiction and the guard and the locals go to them first.”

“What jurisdiction is that?”

“The Lower City,” Evindal quipped with a grin. “Alen has it easy because Traelion and Gander live there and there are other people in the Lower City who take matters into their own hands and keep thing peaceful. Alen would have a fit if we managed to recruit Tony.”
“Who is Tony?”

“We’ll let Flix here introduce you. We wouldn’t want to spoil it.”

Tomali walked into the inn and saw Flix and Gwynn. “Flix, you brought the girl back. Did she have more?”

“She was rescued by Paeris like we thought,” Gander said. “She made a deal and kept it.”

“Young lady, that is a very fae thing to do. Have you been tested?”

“Flix wants me to be.”

“That is reason enough. The fact that you have managed to keep Flix’s interest for a five day says that there may be more to you than you think. Unless there are other reasons. Are there, Flix?”

“Yes there are. I don’t want talk about them until I talk with mother and there is a place near Gwynn’s portal that Folmon and the rest of the family will have to look at very closely and discreetly. I will tell them why. I promised not to tell too many people and it concerns Gwynn and her family’s privacy at the moment.”

“Since it does not involve the Great Captain, I will not pry and if you are bringing both your family and the Beinans into this, it must be something rather dangerous.”

“It is, but just how is something that I think needs to be dealt with carefully. Gwynn, since you have spilled the beans to the Justiciars here and it’s getting late, I need to check in at home.”

Flix disappeared and Tomali said, “Milady, you are going to have interesting times coming up.”

Gwynn smiled. “I’m sure of that.”




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