The Search For Paeris Chapters 7-8

Reptar visits his mother to tell her about his girlfriend. Paeris receives instructions.

Chapter 7.

House Shahana, City In The Clouds.

Reptar waited nervously for his mother. There were some things that he needed to discuss with her and he needed to know where his father had gone. When he entered the House, his mother was screaming at Ilvisar, the major domo. “Where did these charges come from!? We haven’t had anything going on for moons!”

“Madam, the charges are proper and I paid them.”

“Who made these charges!?”

“I believe that the young lady did.”

“What young lady!?”

“Miss Shahana.”
“Don’t tell me that you let that mutt hussy of Vesryn’s charge to the House accounts!”

“I did, madam. As the oldest daughter she is entitled to have a House budget for entertainment. She is of the age where such things are done and she had a party.”
“Not here!”

“No, she was working with her friends for a Yellowleaf Festival up in the Timberlands. Apparently the festival has been a tradition up there for some time and the young lady and her friends wanted to make it special.”

“Who are her friends?”

“I believe that it was the Misses Zylvyre from the Timberlands and the Misses Qinvaris.”

“If Rosa’s hussies are involved, why are we paying anything?”

“Because the young lady said that she would cover the charges for the lanterns and other things as well as some construction for estate improvements up in the Timberlands. I discussed the improvements with Lord Vesryn and they are not coming out of the House budget. The charges here are for the lanterns and some other decorations as well as a tent rental.”

“Ilvisar I think that I must let you go. I’m sorry, but I cannot abide this level of incompetence.”

“That will be fine, madam. The lord has already given me another assignment. My son can take my position here.”

Reptar’s mother stormed out of the office and noticed Reptar. “What are you doing here, Reptar!?”

“I need to discuss some things with you and father. I also have a transfer coming up and I will be away for some time.”

“A transfer, where?”

“I’m going to the new embassy in the Republic. I am to be the naval attaché.”

“I am going to give Admiral Shanelis a piece of my mind about that!”

“I requested the transfer, mother. Admiral Shanelis approved it. There are changes coming to the navy and this is my opportunity to be in the middle of the changes.”

“What about the family?”

“I had to make a choice and I could see that Uncle Rolin was pursuing a fool’s course. He forced most of my cousins into the position of committing suicide at sea or being forever labeled as cowards because they abandoned their commands, all to recover a man that Uncle failed to recover. I am lucky that I was in the navy and not the raiding fleet even though you wanted me in the raiding fleet. I’ve decided that I like the navy and the things that are likely to be coming. The navy is looking to the future and the family is stuck in some sort of nightmare. That is the Ravathyra. I don’t know where father stands and I think that I need to. In any case, the transfer has been arranged and I already have passage to the Republic in a five day. But I want to discuss something else with you. I have found somebody.”

“What!? What family!?”

“Aqua. She is Aegea Shaneli’s niece. We met at the Admiralty where she has a desk and she wants to drag me under. I’m hoping to get your approval and father’s.”

“I won’t have this! Not one bit. You can sleep with the girl. Young men do that, but marriage is a commitment and a joining of families. I will not abide joining with a family that lives in the mud.”

“Where is father? I think that I want to discuss this with him.”

“At the Estate with that hussy he keeps there, along with that mutt daughter who just cost the House quite a bit of money with that thing she did.”

“I will have to talk to my sister about that. I apparently missed a fun party because I didn’t find out about it soon enough. I will take my leave, mother.”

Reptar turned around and left the House. He didn’t look back.




Chapter 8.

Way Station 1546, Imperial Post Service.

Paeris pulled up the horse, dismounted and handed the reins to the waiting hostler. The horse would be taken care of and when Paeris was ready to leave, there would be another horse available or he could wait for “his” horse to be rested. He had done that for a five day with the horse whose shoe he had pried a bit loose. His encounter with the young Lady Aezeiros and the bandits had messed things up somewhat, but he had liked the young lady’s spunk, intelligence and courage. He also admired the fact that she had not shot him for the easy money. He hadn’t known about the projector until she had held it up and he suspected that the lady knew what she was doing with it. Then again, if he was keeping secrets, she probably was, as well. Paeris’s musing about the young lady took him to the common room and a surprise. There was a hooded figure waiting for him. He ordered a drink and walked over to the seated figure. “Good evening, Great Captain. You seem to have been making an interesting, if lengthy journey. I have been waiting for some time.”

“I set a deadline with my uncle and I am within the deadline. There have been some delays, mostly caused by need to remain somewhat inconspicuous.”

“The Marshalls are close.”

“I expect that, one way or another. They may get diverted a bit somewhat.”

“We have a bit of a task for you.”
“Not something that I must refuse, I hope?”

“We want you to go to Elysahone and see if the portal has been restored.”

“I think that I can do that. Do you want the Marshalls, Justiciars and the Regency Council led there?”

“If the portal is open, they are already there.”

“Do you think that portals are being opened?”

“The Beinans have returned and they seem to be working with the Portal Service. Some portals, to the Sanctum, for instance, have been opened already. We want to know how large and how systematic the effort is.”

“Uncle Zanis must be pretty upset that the Service opened the portal to the Sanctum.”

“Your Uncle Zanis’s indiscretion has been discovered. Things are in jeopardy at present and the scale of the portal effort will tell us just how much.”

“I will go to Elysahone and look into things. The town is a nice place and not too far out of the way in any case.”

The hooded figure disappeared.



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