Raider From The Sky, Chapter 33-34

“Ghedrun looked rather stern as he said, “I have a bone to pick with you two.”
“What about, father?” Byddri asked.
“How come you didn’t tell us how fun our new family was?””

Chapter 33.
The Hidden City.
Byddri and Danni were in the GP with Mokem and Nathan when there was a swoosh behind them and two rather familiar dragons flew overhead. Byddri turned to Danni and said, “We’re in trouble.”
“No we’re not. Mom and dad didn’t scorch us.”
“Is that what dragon parents do?” Mokem asked.
“A bit. It hurts. In any case they probably wouldn’t scorch the GP with you in it.”
The two dragons landed and transformed as the GP drove up to the office. Ghedrun looked rather stern as he said, “I have a bone to pick with you two.”
“What about, father?” Byddri asked.
“How come you didn’t tell us how fun our new family was?”
“You’ve met the Brownlows then?”
“Of course. We’ve been here for a five day while you have been gallivanting around in that thing.”
“We weren’t gallivanting around in the airship, we were working.”
“Easy work, since you get to fly without stressing yourself.”
“Father, the last two trips have not exactly been joyrides. I need to report in to the Commodore.”
“Good, you can join us, Captain Pinch and your girlfriend for lunch.”
Rirlon said, “Danni, is this Mokem? Mokem, I am Rirlon, Danni’s mother and this is my husband Ghedrun. Don’t worry, we don’t bite.”
“I wasn’t worried, ma’am. I think that Danni is wonderful.”
“She is also pushy and can be obnoxious, but I think that you are a wonderful young man. I understand that your parents have no problem with dragon relatives.”
“They did a bit, at first, until my brother in law did so well with his company. The Fellowship was a bit far away and my sister couldn’t really live in the Republic because she wouldn’t have the mana to transform.”
“They worked things out, apparently.”
“Dragons don’t need to transform to fly airplanes and my sister has her own. So she visits and my parents have a summer place in the aerie now anyway.”
Kythaela walked up and said, “Hi Danni! I see you got a nice surprise.”
She grabbed onto Byddri and kissed him. “Byddri, your parents approve of us. You’re stuck with me.”
Byddri’s face got red as he blushed and he said, “Are you sure that you want this lowly dragon?”
“I’ve met your parents, and they have met my parents. You are not a lowly anything. Stop doing that to yourself.”
Rirlon laughed. “Kythaela, don’t let him do that to himself. After all, he volunteered for the dragonguard. We are going to have to have a rather serious talk with Rolin soon. But let’s get to lunch.”
As they walked from the headquarters, Ghedrun asked, “How did it go with Nizig?”
“I handed him the packet,” Byddri said. “He knows everything that we do. He wasn’t going to say anything to Lord Petris about it.”
“You don’t seem to think very much about the man.”
“Nobody here in the Hidden City does. He left us all out to dry, along with the Admiral and that scheme of his. If the Admiral wanted to get rid of his fleet, why didn’t he just disband, let the sailors go and sell the slaves to Mr. Harper. Even if Mr. Harper just sent them home, that was where most of them ended up anyway. The way the Ravathrya did things caused hundreds to be killed here in the Hidden City and hundreds more at sea and it could have been much worse. Admiral Harper was more concerned about the casualties that his enemy’s were going to take in a hopeless situation than the Admiral who sent them there, knowing it was hopeless Worse, the Admiral is a coward who will not even release the woman that everybody know he has. The whole family is a bunch of cowards.”
“That seems to be the consensus here. I have to return to the Empire, so I can’t speak to the people that went to the Republic, but the newpapers have had a lot of stories from the survivors of Rolin’s fleet and the feeling is unamanous that they were abandoned after being deliberately sent to die. Rolin is lucky that his captains do not have savings in the Republic or Eryding would be having a huge pirate raid all too soon.”
“I didn’t have those articles when the airship left, so Nizig doesn’t have them. Watch your step in the Empire. Mr. Harper has some things and you should talk with him.”
“I already have. I expected that you knew that already. You weren’t as startled when we showed up as your sister was.”
Danni turned on Byddri and said, “You knew that they were here! I ought to flame you right now, you sneaky thing.”
“Mr. Harper told me when I was meeting Nizig. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”
“So you kept me in the dark. Mokem we have to find a cave so you can flame my brother.”
“Me! How am I involved? I didn’t know that your parents were here anyway. Nathan, help!”
Nathan frowned. “As a technician and not a pilot, I can’t get involved in your little spats. I may need Byddri in the pod and if you flame him, he won’t be available. I will be your best man at the wedding.”
“I didn’t mean that kind of help!”
“I think that you will be perfect, Nathan,” Danni said. “Of course I do have cousins and they will be at the wedding.”
“Now that is frightening.”

Chapter 34.
The Waestoris Estate- House Ylannan.
Peri looked over the estate and its village in front of him. Finding the library, once the books had been taken there, was not that hard. From the sound of the lay soldiers and Junior Inquisitors tasked with dealing with the books, they were rather annoyed that Delion had bothered them with this task. They hauled the books through the portal and returned shortly afterwards and from the sound of it, they had just dumped the books and there hadn’t been anybody on the other side of the portal. Peri had been tempted to just use the portal and pick the lock, or even just pick the key off the Junior Inquisitor in charge of the transfer, but he figured that coming in from the outside would be better. So now he was here, looking at the small estate on the seaside, whose main business seemed to be sheep and wool.
Lord Waestoris had apparently leased the grain and other fields to House Qinvaris some time ago as the fields were in the process of being harvested by a Qinvaris crew. Other than the manor house and village, there was large separate building that had a wall with a gate and a locked door. The building also seemed to be empty for the most part, though it did have stables and a space for a kitchen garden. The gate was open. Peri prowled around and then bought some drinks in the tavern. Apparently the caretaker had died, Lord Waestoris’s wife had not replaced him and nobody else used the building from this side.
With that information Peri picked the lock and went inside. Most of the building was reading tables and a scriptorium next to the windows. He found the door that led to the portal room and the empty desk beside it. Then he found the books. The last books were the books that Delion had purchased at the bookmarket faire. There were more piles that probably came from previous bookfaires. Then there were the obvious House libraries also just piled. A lot of House libraries. Then there were more books piled and the shelves crammed with books and scrolls. Peri looked at the great treasure being treated that way and wanted to cry. He turned and left. He was going to talk to his cousins and see if he could set up a raid. If the Inquisition did not care about their treasures, Peri could find people who would. He went to the door, locked it again and then Jumped home. When he arrived in the main hall, he pounded over to his mother’s office and said, “I need to go to the Republic.”
“Because I need my cousins for something.”
“We are going to take the Inquisition’s library. All of it.”
“Isn’t that a bit extreme? I thought that you just wanted to read things in there.”
“That was before I saw the place. They just don’t care about the books they ruined people’s lives over because they were heretical. The books were just dumped in piles. There was nobody there and the place is starting to go to pot. I will tell Lelayme and talk to Robin about a jump point to the Republic. Then Dessielle and I can go to the Republic for a fiveday or so and talk to my cousins. I suspect that they have a boat already or know about one that we can borrow for this. In any case, the Inquisition doesn’t deserve what they have.”
“Let’s not make a big mess with this. I understand that you are upset.”
“Yes I am.”
“So, plan and do this properly. You will want to be discreet and doing this will upset the Inquisition somewhat. This isn’t some small object being taken for your fun and games.”
“I know. That’s why I want the cousins in on this.”
Lazuli came into the office with Hyacinth. “Lavidia, look who came out of the woods at last.”
Lavidia jumped up and hugged her great aunt. “Hyacinth! So what brought you to the city?”
“Peri found me and hinted that you had some rather interesting new friends and had been having fun here in the city. So I want to meet these friends, your husband, who doesn’t spend enough time in the faerie kingdom, according to your father, figure out where all the characters went, poke some people who deserve it in the eye and talk with some others. Peri, why were you helping those Inquistiion characters the other day?”
“You were at the sale?”
“Discreetly, with a friend. You are working on the library that I pointed you at.”
“I’m planning to steal it.”
“That would be difficult in a place full of Inquisitors.”
“If the library had been full of Inquisitors, or anybody else, I wouldn’t want to steal it. But when they just dump the books they take, the books that should have somebody who cares take care of them, they deserve to have the library stolen.”
“Tell us what you found, since you went inside.”
“Ok, it started with me looking for the portal in the Hall of the Inquisition after talking with Adiun Beinan about it and getting the portal codes from Bienan house. It took me a five day, part time, looking for the portal, because it wasn’t where it was supposed to be, in the portal hall. When I found it, nobody had used it for a long time, so I popped in and went through. The portal went to an empty room with a locked door. Since I didn’t want to just open the door, I went to meet with Dessielle who took me to the book faire. Inquisitor Delion showed up and I took advantage to tag the books he bought to see if they were sent to the library. They were. The library is on one of Lord Waestoris’s estates and nobody there pays much attention to it.”
“Wasn’t there any kind of staff?” Hyacinth asked.
“It looked like there had been, a long time ago. But there isn’t one now. There isn’t even a caretaker, because Lady Waestoris didn’t replace him when he died five years ago. I got that from talking with people in the tavern.”
“Did you get inside?”
“Yes, just by picking the lock on the outside door and going in. The place was empty and I think that the only people that have gone there for a very long time were the Junior Inquisitors that were dumping the books that Delion was buying at the book faire every year.”
“So you shouldn’t have any trouble looking for whatever you want, Peri,” Hyacinth said.
“No trouble, other than the place is a mess. Well, I’m going to do better than that. I’m going to take Dessielle, go on trip to the Republic and talk to some cousins. Then we come back and take the library, all of it.”
“What will you do with it, once you have it?”
“I haven’t figured that out yet.”
“You should start from there, not the theft itself. Work your way backwards through your escape and how you plan to move the library. Also have two plans going at least.”
“Why don’t we all go and see Rosaniya and Lythienne,” Lavidia said. “Peri, go get your father and meet us at Rosaniya’s so we can talk there. I imagine that Richard’s boys will want to be interested in this.”

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