Raiders From The Sea, Chapter 39.

Lythienne wants to surprise her daughter in law. What does that stuff on the cruiser do?

Chapter 39.

Admiralty House, Eribelle.

Aerendyl Shanelis stood waiting with his wife, Imryll, waiting to greet the rather unlikely pair that stepped out of the boat that had come alongside the dock. The man handed the elegant elf woman onto the dock and then stepped onto the dock himself. Illianaro had sent a file on the man and the file had been impressive. Over his long career, he had run his ranch, built several businesses, raised eight children with Lythienne and had a successful career in congress and the government, serving as Secretary of Commerce and State. It was obvious that Lythienne had been a partner in all of that. Imryll murmered, “Lythienne is going to be setting fashion trends and giving some ladies in the Cloud City vapors.”


“Because she looks better than they do and does it without a support army.”

Aerendyl had a bit of a grin as he stepped up to clasp the hand of the man who approached. “Mr. Harper, it a pleasure to meet the father of the man who saved the Empire. Welcome.”

“We are glad to be here, Admiral. My wife is from the Empire and when the President was looking for somebody to come up here for a chat, she volunteered me.”

“I doubt that that is entirely true, Mr. Harper. By the way, that is a rather amazing vessel that you came on. What does some of that stuff do?”

“I can’t say. First of all, Tom will have a fit if I say too much and second, I don’t have a clue. We have some rather strange characters that do strange things and every time one of the old cruisers comes in for refit, on it goes until it breaks down and get’s stripped back off. They have been like that for the last fifteen years or so of their commissions. The naval committee can’t seem to authorize them to be scrapped and since they generally aren’t expected on front line duties and are not capital ships expected to be in the battle line, they get the things the mad scientists want to test. I will say one thing. If the thing the wizards set up this time works, the Ravathyra will have a hard time hiding theselves when they attack.”

“Why don’t I introduce you to my father and the rest of the family, those that are here. By the way, I have invited Princess Lelayme and Prince Ralnor for a discreet chat tomorrow.”

“I hope that I can speak with them and be frank about some things. You have some citizens who have been very bad people and they are actually at sea, right now. The Republic would like to maintain a good relationship with the Empire, but however that ends up, we will no longer tolerate taking our people for slaves or the mass theft of people’s property.”

“I hope that we can convince the Regency council to sanction and restrain those citizens. We here in the empire did not truly know the scope of the predations by the Ravathyra. It still may take some pushing to get certain people to agree. The carriage is here, so why don’t we go to my father’s home.”

Yllanan House, The City In The Clouds.

Lavidia was working in the office that had become hers. Lamruil knocked on her open door and said, “Princess Lelayme is here. Do you want to meet her in the parlor?”

“Send her here.”

“I thought that you would say that and so did she, so here she is.”

“Hi Lavidia. I thought I would bring an interesting document, this time.”

“What did you bring?”

“Diplomatic credentials for one Daniel Harper and his wife.”
“Does Rosaniya know yet?”

“I haven’t told her that Dan and Lythienne were on their way. Illianaro handled the preliminary arrangements.”

“When do they arrive?”
“Today. I want to invite you to the reception tomorrow with Teiran. Imryll also invited Rosaniya and Richard.”

“Now that is a dirty trick. Are you sure that you are not fae?”

“I don’t think so. On the other hand, if some fae prince were to drag me off to a grove, I wouldn’t complain.”

“That could possibly be arranged.”
“If things weren’t so pressing right now, I would look into your offer. But my sisters and their friends keep trying to make a mess of things. For instance, Rolin just sent his entire fleet at the Republic.”

“Is he expecting them to commit suicide?”

“I’m not sure, but the ships are at sea.”

“Does Aerendyl know?”

“I didn’t tell him. But he has friends in strange places and I am sure that he has eyes in Eryding.”



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