Raiders From The Sea, Chapter 35.

Lavidia receives some interesting information.

Chapter 35.

Yllanan House, The City In The Clouds.

Lavidia looked up as her nephew, Midnight, entered her office. “Aunt, we ran into something a bit interesting.”

“How so, Midnight.”

“You know how that character that has been chasing Uncle sort of had an accident and broke his leg.”

“His boss came to chat with him and we followed the boss back to his place. The funny thing is that I think he sort of knew that we were there. The place was barely shielded, Sundew and I looked into the guy’s desk and the contract for uncle was right there. We were tempted to steal it, but we just found out who made the contract in the first place.”
“Erlan Zylvyre?”

“No. Sollor Richflight.”


“The guildmaster had a file on him on his desk too. We did a scan of that and the contract.”

“Can you transfer the scan?”
“Do you have parchement? Paper gets messy for me. I need to practice more, but not with this.”

Lavidia handed her nephew several sheets of parchment that had been left in the office when the last lady of the house had worked from it. Lavidia still found interesting little things from Esgalwathanar’s long dead mother, including a journal where she had made it clear that she knew about Esgalwathanar and Begonia and had approved of the relationship. She had been the one to put Aywin where he could facilitate the pair getting together and had been looking forward to the joining and having fae in the family. She had also pressed to get Leilatha married off as soon as possible after Begonia had been murdered and had had the same little list. The Turmoils and her death had prevented her from taking any action about the list, but she knew who had ruined her son’s life.

Midnight transferred the scans and handed Lavidia the parchment, now filled with the contract and the file. Lavidia took a quick look and said to Midnight, “Was the office shielded?”

“A weak shield. It might have given a weak fae trouble, but I barely noticed it.”

“Were there any similar documents on the desk?”

“No, but I didn’t think very much about it because the guildmaster had been discussing the contract and that Richflight character. Tori is looking into him. He said that the man must be paranoid about the fae, because he spends a fortune on shields. They are fairly strong and he pays a mage to upgrade them every two five days or so.”

“Do you think that the guildmaster knew that you are looking into him?”

“It’s hard to tell. In the beginning, no. After it was fairly obvious that the character after Uncle was failing miserably with broken bowstrings, suddenly slippery roofs and dogs let loose at just the wrong time, I think that they started to get suspicious.”

“Do you think that this is a peace offering?”

“You mean that the guildmaster wants us to go after this character and either get him to cancel the contract or arrange a fatal accident, it’s not as if he’s going to come out and say so.”

“Why don’t you or Tori drop down to the lower city and tell Tony that I will be visiting in a bit.”

“That’s not much fun. They won’t let us play in the casino and Tony gives us jobs.”

Lavidia laughed. “I told him that if you kept hanging around Chrissie, he could put you to work. You don’t have to go back.”

“It’s not that big a deal. Tony wants us watching Rolin’s people in case they go after his cousin again.”

Finding girls that had the potential to be a mate for a royal fae could be a problem. When the boys found out that Peri and Dessielle had found each other, they had taken the opportunity to check out some of the other girls in the low city. Christine Lion, Tony’s daughter had caught Midnight’s attention and he had been going all too regularly to the casino and doing all sorts of odd jobs for Tony, some of which were probably rather dubious. On the other hand, rather dubious came to fae rather naturally. Lavidia was working with Rebecca and Benedicta to discreetly get the various kids tested. So far the testing had gone well, which frightened Lavidia more than a bit. These were the children of the slaves that the Ravathyra were willing to sell. What were the slaves like that they were not selling.

Lavidia picked up the contract and popped over to Princess Lelayme’s office. “Lelayme I acquired a copy of a very interesting document.”

Lelayme “Lavidia, you have this habit of bringing me such interesting things. So what is it this time?”

“A contract for certain services that the contractee has realized that they may not be able to fulfill.”
“The assassins guild gave it to you?”
“Actually they just left it out to be seen in a barely shielded room. It is not as if the guildmaster can come out and tell the boys who the person contracting to have their uncle killed is. That would violate their sense of ethics. But if the contract and file on the character, just happened to be left on a desk while the guildmaster was on other business and the room was shielded, but just not good enough, then it wasn’t the guildmaster’s fault that the fae family members found out who wanted their uncle dead and took steps, is it?”

Lelayme grinned. “Things like that do happen. Who was it?”

“Sollor Richflight.”

“Now that is interesting. He is adamantly opposed to the fae being here in the empire at all, but he isn’t a follower of Rolin’s. On the other hand he was part of the little club that Paeris had. What are you going to do about that?”

“I’m not sure yet. On the one hand he did help wreck Esgalwathanar’s life, probably participated in Begonia’s murder and hired the guild to kill Esgalwathanar when we showed up. The thing is that the fae resist simple murder for the same reason that we are upset about Begonia and Esgalwathanar. The pain of separation can be too great.”

“There was a time not so long ago, that I thought that Esgalwathanar would arrange a marriage between us and I wanted to love him. I never understood why that hole was in his heart.”

“I wasn’t born then, but I think that if Esgalwathanar had not been so angered, loaded with responsibilities and the proprieties he would have sought to join Begonia. That is not unusual in the fae kingdoms.

Marshall Station, The Port of Chatsrey, Beltian Republic.

Tomali Swiftfire liked the Chatsrey station. The fugitives were far and few between and the surrounding city was full of entertainment. The Republican and city police forces were also professional and had worked with the Marshalls since the founding of the Republic. As Senior Marshall and chief of station, that made his life fairly easy.

The Marshalls had evolved from young fae that went looking for adventure and originally had found chasing people with bounties on their heads to be profititable and exciting, as well as a lot of fun. The fae had organized to make sure that bounties were paid and as time went on, the service established permanent bases in the various kingdoms and placed permanent people on station.The Marshalls were known for two things. Being able to cross most borders and always bringing in the fugitive, alive for the most part. They were also known for being very discreet about what they saw and what was happening outside the stations. The Marshalls were not spies.

Tomali looked up as a fae entered his office. “Robin! What brings you here?”
“I was on my way to visit a lady and I want to borrow your grove for testing.”
“May I ask who the lady is?”
“Yes. She is a lady from the empire who works as Milady Yllanan’s maid and other tasks. I want to test her potential.”

“Ah, so you think that you have found a joining at last. Why here, unless the lady is here?”
“She is, and since I need to recover from the jump and collect the mana to return to the empire, I need to do the testing here.”

“So how do things go in the Empire? I miss you, since you left the service to do other things.”

“The Council of kings needed a spy with experience being in the empire. Since I had such experience, they recruited me.
“Has there been any progress in establishing a station in the empire?”

“Not recently. There are some parties that do not like the idea that they might be pursued for their crimes in the empire. For the nonce, Lord Kullan is cooperative for the most part. That is another reason that I have come.”

“How so?”

“I think that a prisoner here in the Republic may become a big problem.”
“Paeris Zylvyre. That was fairly obvious from the start. If his father had not met his untimely demise, the family would have tried already.”

“They tried to push a resolution demanding his return through the Regency council and it fell flat. We can discuss this later, as I need to visit a lady.”

“Good luck.”

“At the very least, I will have some wonderful pie.”

Tomali laughed as Robin left.



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