Raiders From The Sea, Chapter 21

Rebecca is concerned about Dessielle’s new boyfriend.  Folmon talks with the Justiciar and Robin.

Chapter 21.

The lower city.

Folmon was working on a part with a file when his wife came into the workroom. He looked up that the lady who had managed to make his life a bit complicated and mused that he had purchased her because he needed somebody to clean and he hated the Ravathyra bastards and what they did to people. That had turned out to be the best thing he had done in his life and the one thing he never regretted for a second. He looked at Rebecca and said, “What is it?”

“A boy is chasing Dessielle.”

“Is it serious?”

“I don’t know, but Dessielle is mooning over ‘Peri’ all day, leaves early for her shopping and is a bit late.”

“What is the boy’s name?”


“A fae name?”

“Yes. Dessielle says that the boy was named because his mother was into the fae when he was born, but that fae man came to talk with you about selling me.”

“I didn’t talk with him. Of course selling you is out of the question. I wish that you would allow me to see the Justiciar and make things official.”

“I don’t want you to catch the eye of the Inquisition and go the way the rest of the family did. I lost my family when those Ravathyra monsters came and you lost yours to the Inquisition. You and I are together and that is the important thing. That little sheet of paper is not.”

“What has the gossip said about the boy? Who are his parents and where does he live.”

“That is the strange thing. Other than the fact that he is a good worker and cheerful when he works, I haven’t been able to find out anything about the boy. If he has family around here, I haven’t been able to find it and there haven’t been any new families moving in recently.”

“Have you talked with the boy?”

“Not yet. I wanted to discuss things first.”

“Do you think that the boy is fae?”

“I don’t know and I am concerned that the boy could hurt Dessielle. You know how the fae can be.”

“There is still some time left today. Has Dessielle left for her errands?”

“Yes she left early and said that she wanted to see some of her friends.”

“Ok. Why don’t I have a chat with Traelion about this? He has very good relations with the fae and can find out if this is fun and games or something more serious.”

“Do that. You should get out more anyway. If the boy comes with Dessielle today, I will invite him in for chat and see what I find.”

Folmon picked up some parts that needed to be delivered in any case and delivered them and then went to Traelion’s home. Traelion lived with his wife in the lower city for the same reason that Folmon did. He could have undoubtedly moved up to a castle in the cloud city but all of Traelion’s wife Axilya’s friends lived in the lower city as did his son in law and daughter with their children. Neither Traelion nor Axilya were big on presenting a big show in any case. As he approached the house, Traelion was talking with his son in law and a fae man, who was surrounded by Traelion’s grandchildren. Traelion looked up and said, “Folmon, We haven’t seen you and Rebecca for some time. How are things going?”

“Rather mysteriously of late. A fae wanted to buy Rebecca and my daughter has run into a boy who seems to be a bit mysterious.”

“That sounds intriguing. By the way, this is Robin Goodfellow from the fae embassy. He has come to have a chat about certain matters, but perhaps he can help to clear up the mystery. How did it start?”

“Two five days ago, a fae man came to the shop and wanted to know about Rebecca and if I would sell her.”

“Did he offer a price?”

“It didn’t get that far. I told the man that I only spoke to my customers, that Rebecca was not for sale and to get lost.”

“Did the fae give a name?”

“Storm something. I didn’t pay much attention at the time.”

“What about the boy?”

“His name is Periwinkle.”

Robin blinked. He turned to Folmon and said, “Be very careful with your daughter. I will need to see a lady, but this could be a good thing or a very bad thing with all the other things going on.”

Traelion said to Folmon, “Thank you for bringing this to me. If the boy tells you more, let me know. Also, keep an eye out for strangers. I know that you always have and that Rebecca is very sensitive to things like that, but there are things going on here that are mysterious. Go back home. There may be people watching your home. If there are, let me know and I will look into them. Some of them will be here to watch you and some may be the Ravathyra.”

“Will the Ravathyra be coming after me and my family?”

“If what I am seeing is correct, they may want Rebecca.”


“Because of Paeris Zylvyre and what happened to him.”

“What happened to the bastard? He took Rebecca from her family and killed the rest.”

Robin said, “Not all of them, which is why the fae man was looking for her. He probably arranged for the boy to watch you and things happened. Good things, but the Ravathyra might be sniffing around all too soon. I will talk with the boy’s parents and clarify everything. I expect that an offer will be made to you and your wife soon. In any case, you will be protected.”

Gander said, “Folmon, you and Rebecca haven’t visited for some time. Why don’t you come over and have a chat?”

Folmon returned home to find Rebecca had pinned the young man to the table the way she usually did. She turned to Folmon and said, “You are back. You were at Traelion’s for a fairly long time.”

“Gander and a fae named Robin Goodfellow were there with Traelion. Gander and and Allisa want us over.”

“We should do that. We haven’t had a chat in a long time.”

“Now what are you doing with this young man?”

“Other than discovering if he likes my daughter or not? He does, by the way.”
“Yes, other than that. What has he told you?”

“His name is Periwinkle Yllanan. His parents are Teiran and Lavidia Yllanan who are visiting his grandfather up in the cloud city. Apparently he was set to watch us after his uncle attempted to buy me. Then he discovered Dessielle and had other reasons to hang around.”

“Young man, why did your relatives want to buy my wife?”

“Because her brother is one of Paeris Zylvyre’s prosecuters. He is a barrister in the high court over there. Paeris Zylvyre’s Barrister recommended that the Ravathyra repatriate all of the relatives of the people on the prosecution team as a good will gesture. Father is trying to get ahead of that and arrange repatriation without any strings attached. My uncle wasn’t sure about the lady’s circumstances and had me watch you. Then I sort of noticed Dessielle.”

“So your father is trying to spike the Ravathyra’s wheels somewhat. For the time being, Dessielle is a perfect excuse for you to be around and I don’t think that it will surprise anybody if Rebecca has you in for dinner and you start helping Dessielle around with her errands and what not. Your parents being who they are, we will want to be a bit discreet when we meet with them. Why doesn’t your father order something from one of my customers that needs my handiwork. I can make some suggestions. Of course your grandfather probably has one of my family’s pieces that needs repair. I have been a bit reluctant to do that work, but perhaps it is time that I did. I also just returned from discussing this with Justiciar Traelion and Mr. Goodfellow, who expressed the same things that you have. Both I and my wife have good reasons to be wary of dealing with the Ravathyra. On the other hand, we have already attracted their attention, or are at least on their list. If you could arrange to give me a copy of the list, perhaps Rebecca and I can find the people here in the lower city and let them know that the Ravathyra will be looking into them and why.”

“Father also wants to arrange for you to see your wife’s brother if you like. At the very least, he wants to have you send a letter.”

Rebecca grinned. “I’ll write one and give it to you, tomorrow, Peri. Now, scamp, I think that you better pop to your grandfather’s and let your mother know what is happening.”

Peri disappeared and Folmon said, “Our life just got a lot more interesting. That’s ok, I was getting a bit bored anyway.”

Rebecca kissed her husband. “You are an optimist. That’s why I love you. Now get ready for dinner.”

Yllanan House, The city in the clouds.

Robin popped to the front of Esgalwathanar’s castle. Since he wasn’t family and a glance told him that the shields on the house had been renewed lately, he was going to be forced to go to the door. Since he was on the side of the house that faced the city, he was going to have to use the front door rather than his preferred back door and access to the kitchen. It was all so boring. The things one did for duty. He grimaced a bit as he walked up to the front door where the rather stuffy looking doorkeeper was waiting. “May I help you, milord?”

“Robin Goodfellow to see Lady Yllanan.”

“I will see if she was available.”

The doorkeeper waved to a young man who disappeared into the house. Flix popped back shortly afterwards and said, “Robin! Mother is waiting in her office, I will take you there.”

Flix nodded at the doorkeeper, who was grinning a bit and led Robin into the bowels of the house to Lavidia’s small office where she ran the household and schemed. She grinned as Flix opened the door and sent Robin in. “Robin! I haven’t seen you around lately. What have you been doing?”

“This and that. You and your husband have been sucking a lot of the amusement value out of things. Of course you create new amusement, so I guess that things balance out.”

“So what do you wish to discuss?”

“I was visiting with my old friend Justiciar Traelion and we had a visitor whose daughter has seemingly latched onto your son. I wanted to see if I could find out everything that was going on and see if the embassy would be involved.”

“I suspect that the embassy will be involved. It is early days yet and I haven’t met the parents, but Peri seems to be really attached to the girl. He hasn’t brought her up here yet, but I suspect that he doesn’t want to be seen with the girl going through a portal. He isn’t strong enough yet to jump much more than himself.”

“Mr. Beinan said that you tried to buy his wife. Now why would your brother want somebody else’s wife? Maeve would kill him.”

“Can you keep this a bit confidential?”

“Certainly. If it is what I suspect, there will be no problem.”

“Rolin Zylvyre was sent a list by Paeris’s Barrister. The list was of the people that the Ravathyra had taken who had relatives on Paeris’s prosecution team. The Barrister wanted them repatriated by the Ravathyra. Teiran wanted to get ahead of that and return the slaves without any strings attached.”

“I see. Do you have a copy of the list that I could have? My friend Justiciar Traelion lives in the lower city and will want to know what houses he may want to arrange to be watched by the city guard. Mr. Beinan was rather concerned that his wife would be taken and he knew that while Storm would take no for answer, Camus Petris will not.”

“Teiran and I were concerned about cases like Folmon’s, at first, because of what Camus would do. Now we think that the Ravathyra may have other reasons for wanting the slaves and more importantly their children.”

“What are you saying?”

“I just thought about the ramifications yesterday and I need to gather evidence, but I think that the Ravathyra are trying to breed people with high magical potential to create monsters too powerful to stop. When I find what I am looking for, I will take it to father and the full council of kings.”

“You have my full attention and assistance in this. May I tell Traelion about this?”

“Yes. He has a reputation as a straight shooter. He also lives in the lower city and that is where the action is going to be. Flix!”

Flix opened the office door. “Yes mother.”

Pop to your father’s office and bring back a copy of the list. I know that he had copies made.”

Flix disappeared and shortly afterwards Teiran appeared in the office. “Hello Robin. Flix said that you were speaking to my wife about our little enterprise. At this point I think that I should speak to both you and Justiciar Traelion and bring you up to speed on everything that is going on. Why don’t we pop down to the lower city? We can also take a peek at my potential daughter in law.”

Lavidia said, “We should talk with father first and he and I will take the cloud city while you and Robin meet with the Justiciar and work through the lower city. It’s a bit late tonight already so why don’t we start on this in the morning.”

Robin said, “I must return to the embassy. Teiran, why don’t we meet with the Justiciar in the morning?

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