Raiders From The Sea, Chapter 17.

Another short chapter. Teiran looks into why the Ravathrya can’t buy hardwood. It turns out that the dwarves are going fancy trim on houses.

Chapter 17.

The Yllanan Estate.

Teiran looked at the message from Ivarin. Apparently Camus Petris was looking frantically for Timbers to replace the ships that the Ravathyra had lost and not been able to find any. The frantic search for ship timbers was not a surprise. The fact that Camus Petris wasn’t finding any to buy, was. He thought about that and decided to expend the energy for a long jump. Shortly afterwards he was outside his uncle’s shop in Red Mountain. He walked in, his uncle spotted him and said, Teiran, what brings you here?”

“Uncle Ievis, a bit of a mystery. Why are the dwarves buying hardwood?”

“Trim on their houses. A princess set a new trend with fancy wooden trim on the top of her windows in her new house and now everybody building a house or developing a mine into living space has to have fancy wooden lintels and a front porch with sturdy carved beams. The woodcarvers are making out like bandits. So is the girl’s father with his new woodworking machinery. What brought you all the way here to ask me about that?”

“Are you aware of what’s been happening with the Ravathyra?”

“Since the bastards arranged my exile, yes. I had objected to father about my sister marrying into their family. The Ravathyra took offense and pulled strings. The Ravathyra have been given a bloody nose at last by the people they have been plundering all these years recently.”

“They lost eleven ships so far, including their elite squadron.”

“Was the old bastard in command himself?”

“Admiral Ehlark Zylvyre was in command of the squadron and went down with the rest of them.”

“Then they are really annoyed and want revenge, more than likely. They also need to replace the ships they lost.”

“Well they seem to think that they should replace them. That’s stupid at this point. I can’t explain why, but the people who sank those ships have been annoyed at the Ravathyra for a long time and they could probably sink their entire fleet without too much difficulty.”

“So how have things been going at my brother’s house?”

“Lavidia and her brothers have taken over, essentially, but your sister hasn’t been routed, yet. Jessamine and her new boyfriend are off in the faery kingdom for fun and games, the young man’s parents and Lavidia are planning a wedding at the estate next year when we have a new common house built.”

“You’re rebuilding the house?”

“No, but we are building a new building that the family can use to get together and that we can use for the business. We really need office space and a place to entertain our customers somewhat, especially the new overseas customers that we will probably be having all too soon.”

“Glorisitain will be annoyed at me if I don’t invite you to dinner so that you can catch us up on all the family goings on. Will you come?”

“I think that I must.”

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