Raiders From The Sea. Chapter 16

This is short. Gwen sees the Republic.

Chapter 16.

SS Melodic.

Gwaerengwen looked across the bow of the ship at the rising city. The city in the cloud had tall towers and castles, but nothing like this. The city was a mass of huge stone and glass towers reaching for the sky along the waterfront that was filled with traffic and industry. Steamships seemed to be everywhere, though sails were frequently visible. Some of the ships seemed to come from faraway places and others were quite at home where they were. The Melodic passed two rather imposing forts bristling with huge cannons as she entered the busy harbor. As she approached her berth, the ship passed under a bridge that ran from the mainland to the island city and looked as if it was made of spiderwebs, though these webs were huge and steel. The bridge had traffic of strange vehicles stretching from one side to the other. Several small steamboats came alongside and the crew threw lines down to the deckhands on board who secured them to stout poles mounted on the little ship’s decks. Several of the little ships pulled as others pushed and Melodic slowly turned until it was facing next to a huge building that stuck out into the water. Melodic moved slowly forward along the huge building as the little ships pushed and more lines were thrown, tying Melodic to the huge building. The voyage was over, at last.



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