Raiders From The Sea, Chapter 13

Teiran is reading somebody’s mail.

Chapter 13.

Yllanan House, The city in the clouds.

Lavidia smiled as she knocked on her rival’s door. So far, her little battle with Leilatha had been success after success. Her daughter had managed to get her young man to the faery kingdom without great difficulties and they were enjoying his trials. The announcement party had been a crashing success with the faery circus that her brothers had brought with them and hired out for other parties during the season. Lavidia had had Balladrial work with her to design some rather magical gowns that managed to get a lot of dress out of a bolt of silk and present some new dye colors that the estate had created. The new dyes had come with the last trading ship and somehow avoided the catastrophe. The lilac color had become immediately popular. All in all the last few five days were a great success and Lavidia had a huge grin as the maid opened the door. “What can I do for you, Milady?”

“There is a letter from Gwaerengwen’s people for Rolin Zylvyre. Since I was coming to the house, I thought that I would give it to Leilatha to hand to her husband.”

“I will hand it to her ladyship.”

“Thank you. The lady will need to tell her husband to set up a regular line of communication through Gwaerengwen for his cousin’s representative. After all, he might need family resources.”

“I will tell them.”

Lavidia turned from the door and went to find her husband. He was sitting in the workroom looking at the letter, apparently. “This is very interesting.”

“How so?”

“Paeris’s representative at the court wants the Ravathyra to repurchase certain slaves and send them home.”

“Did the representative explain why?”

“These people all have relatives in Paeris’s prosecution team. The representative wants to avoid the prosecution taking advantage for sympathy reasons.”

“We don’t do courts quite that way, but I can see that sending the people back would be the smart thing to do. That is if the Ravathyra have a way to get them home. Should we mention that the traders have returned to the estate?”

“I was going to suggest that we buy the slaves ourselves and discreetly send them back.”

“I like that. What if they don’t want to go?”

“Why wouldn’t they?”

“What if they are like you and I? I suspect that some poor elves have slaves that are more like husbands and wives, but for social reasons, they don’t admit the relationship.”

“Then we send the couples back together to visit with their relatives. We don’t even have to buy the slaves in those cases. I’ll get Morven and your brother on this one. They will enjoy poking the Ravathyra like this and building good will at the same time.”



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