Tech Stuff 118

This is a sort of search and discover newsletter of my findings of things that may relate to technology in one way or another. It might be the latest gosh wow tech, it might be something as old of humanity. It might relate to science large or small. It might be art for art’s sake. Or somebody just doing something funky. Because I think that technology is just the representation of human creativity and breaking boundaries. So I’m certainly not going to place boundaries here except that it won’t be the same old, same old. So almost no gadgets or yacking about the latest phone or whatever, unless of course it involves taking them apart or destroying them in unusual ways. Or putting them to work in imaginative ways that most people won’t even think of. So buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride.

TV tube rebuilding.

Stratolaunch takeoff.

Steam engine and bulldozers.

Testing phones that fold.

Synchronized Robots Prove the Samsung Bendable Galaxy Fold Isn’t a Gimmick

EDM machining.

Incredible EDM Machining Process Literally Melts Part Lines Away

Starting a ship’s engine.

Spring farm work at Welker farms.

Finding stuff underwater.

Homemade gas turbine.

Tiny all tube tape recorder.

Video of the week: Notre Dame drone video.

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