How Much Was The Russia Thing Worth To Rachel Maddow?

A lot, apparently. Enough that Ms. Maddow and the MSNBC writers who night after night spun a tale that was supposed to end the Trump Presidency kept after it with new salacious accusations, hints and insinuations nigh after night all the while keeping just one side of making any comment that actually required evidence. This is typical:
We are supposed to be amazed that Donald Trump puffs himself up. I have to ask myself, lady, where have you been for the last forty years or so? This would hardly be news to anybody living in the New York area. But there it is, now Trump being Trump is lying and potential criminality.

What Madddow never has in one of her broadcast is a determination to follow the real story or any attempt to tie anything she says to reality. It is a demonstration of just how out of touch her broadcasts are that that right wing publication, The Guardian has noticed.
Night after night from the day after the elections Maddow has been telling us how evil Trump is.

The Trump thing was good for Maddow’s ratings and night after night she struck gold with her constant nagging that never actually said very much and the constant accusations that she never ever backed up with any actual evidence of any real substance.
Ever since the last election, which was supposed to be the coronation of the woman who, like Edward and Queen Victoria had been waiting for her turn and had was finally going to sit in the round room. Donald Trump ruined that and that could not have been a legitimate thing. As far as Maddow was concerned the choice of the American people could not be tolerated and the American people must have been hoodwinked. Since Trump was such an obvious buffoon, there must have been some other thing going on. Thus the Russia narrative. Here is Maddow the night of the election, stunned by the results.

It is obvious that she cannot believe what has happened and felt betrayed by the results. Of course, for Maddow and the rest in the media, fault did not lie in the choice of candidate, no matter how repulsive the candidate was, but the that the Trump people must have duped the American people. Thus when the Steele Dossier surfaced, Maddow and the rest seized on a document that was obviously false.
The problem Maddow has is that she can’t realize that the game is over. She is like the two commodities traders in Trading places trying to push a narrative that is over.

Even after the Mueller report found little or no contact between the Russians and the Trump people, Maddow is sticking to the lie.

Of course people have noticed. The lies are becoming unsustainable. Maddow’s ratings have tumbled.
The problem is that for two years, Maddow has spun this delusion on prime time television and projected the earnest belief that the Steele dossier was true to millions of viewers who did not or could not take the time to investigate the reality behind the Mueller probe and the rest of it. The typical Maddow broadcast is a bubble of self reinforcing delusion. The only thing it loses is credibility.

This montage, from one Maddow episode demonstrates just how deep the obsession is.

The fact that Mueller never prosecuted anybody for anything related to the actual collusion should have been a clue. Yet the obsession to rewrite the election and bring down the President was so intense that Maddow, her writers and producers and NBC news were perfectly willing to live in a bubble where an iota of disbelief never entered their heads. Living on their high salaries and ivory tower Progressive ideas, only talking to the people that lived on the same cloud that they did, the people at MSNBC forgot what they were there to do. They were paid to get the real story, follow things up and let the chips fall where they may. In their pursuit of the president they concentrated on the what and when, but forgot to look for the whys. They never seemed to ask the critical question why the power of the deep state went after the president, staged a coups and promulgated a false document and set up meetings in an attempt to defeat a presidential candidate that they decided they did not want to win. That was the real story of the election, the story that NBC news missed or wouldn’t tell. When NBC news made that decision, they tore what little credibility they had left to shreds.
The problem is that Maddow and the rest have been allowed to gaslight millions of people who relied on the fact that NBC News and the rest of the media could be considered a credible and reliable source for news and information. The people at NBC news have failed their primary task. They did not explore the uncomfortable truth.

Update: NBC News Managing editor does little jobs for the – DNC.
Maybe that is why they do stuff like this.


  1. Aletha your mother · March 30

    It is not over until the fat lady sings. Aletha


  2. sam57l0 · April 4

    Maddow and friends and associates will crawl down rat-holes and mole-holes in search of the proof that MUST be there, because they BELIEVE and KNOW it is there, for the rest of their lives.


  3. sam57l0 · April 28

    Waitaminute!! The Grauniad is right-wing? That ain’t the way I heard it, McGee!


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