Invasion or Refugees

For the last few weeks a ‘caravan’ of people has been marching up to the US from the country of Honduras. The Mainstream media would have us believe that the people in the caravan are refugees from a war torn country fleeing oppression and poverty. The problem with that is that the facts don’t add up.

Sarah Hoyt’s blog has a huge and detailed analysis of the who, what, where and why’s of the caravan.

Part one shows how the rate of movement is far to fast for people on foot and thus the caravan must be using vehicles. I have seen a lot of pictures of caravan participants hitching rides on northbound trucks.

Examining the Migrant Horde- Pt 1—Planes, Trains or Automobiles? by Bill Reader

Part 2 covers the ‘who’ behind the caravan. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that the people behind it are leftist activists.

Examining the Migrant Horde- Pt 2—The Power Behind the Horde by Bill Reader

Now we see the people themselves.

May I also note parenthetically that the leaders wearing their soccer jerseys put me in mind of the Football war, where Honduras and El Salvador fought over a World Cup qualifier? Wiki notes this rather amusing detail in their report on it: “The roots were issues over land reform in Honduras and immigration and demographic problems in El Salvador.” Apparently Honduras had gotten rather fed up with, get this, illegal immigration from El Salvador, and taken away land Salvadorans were occupying illegally. More seriously, I would mind you that, while we Americans tend to think of soccer as a harmless game of chance (at least look at the link before you grab a pitchfork), representation of your country in soccer is taken seriously enough in our Southern neighbors that a soccer match can trigger a war. When you see people leading the group kitted out in soccer apparel, to me, at least, that re-contextualizes things slightly. The point of all this being that, considering these people are represented to us as universally agreeing their home country is the pits, they’re quite excited about said home country. And referring back to my article, “Not Just Any Huddled Masses”, as a gesture from a group asking the US to admit them, I can imagine almost nothing less ingratiating.

Oh, wait. Yes, I can. I can imagine the groups forcing their way through the border —twice. Once when the first group knocked down the fence as shown by CBS, and once when the second group pushed their way through it, as noted by NBC news. I can imagine them throwing rocks at the police—twice. Once by the first group as noted by BBC here on October 20th, and once by the second group as reported by the Daily Caller on the 29th, with what I would call my very favorite picture from this mess so far. Quoth the Daily Caller, “Navarrate Pida said the migrants attacked officers with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks and that some of the migrants were carrying firearms,”. Or I could imagine the second group throwing Molotov cocktails at the police, per the LA Times. (President Trump has at least responded to this appropriately, saying: “They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back. I told them to consider it a rifle.” Well, it is a primitive missile, after all. And those who consider this overkill are not, I think, overly familiar with the dynamics of crowds. If you let them get emboldened by throwing rocks, you’re going to be dealing with an outright riot within a minute or two, and then you either get to kill them all as they advance, or fight in a nasty scrum.).

What kind of people would act this way? Well, what a good question. Fox has an answer for you. “Criminals are everywhere,” one migrant told Fox News. “It’s criminals in here. It is. But it is not that many. It is good people here trying to get through Mexico and then get to the United States. It doesn’t mean that everybody is a criminal.”. Not that anyone said everyone was. We’ll talk about that.

“We aren’t killers,” said Stephany Lopez, a 21-year-old Salvadoran with the first caravan.” per CBS news. She’s right. Well, not successful killers, anyway, as noted by Fox’s interview with a man named Jose who admits to a criminal record including attempted murder (mirrored here at The Daily Caller). Then there are Carlos “N” and Jerson “N” of Honduras, who opened fire on Mexican federal police as reported by, of course, Spanish-language media at, and picked up by Breitbart. The original story says this (translated) “the two foreign subjects…when noticing themselves of the presence of the federals (sic), began to shoot them of direct way (sic) in their attempt to flee,”. That kind of sounds like they were known criminals, to me. Funny the MSM missed ’em, eh?

Actually, I take it back. Maybe they do have a killer. A 26 year old man was noted to die of a head wound after being shot with a rubber bullet when the second group met the border police, as noted here by Newsweek. That’s curious, given that “Mexican officers had not been carrying any guns or revolvers that would have fired rubber bullets”. While rubber bullets certainly can kill, especially when aimed at the head, usually the whole point of them is not to. Is this a  stage rehearsal for Maria De La Cruz? I suppose we’ll see.

Meanwhile, note this tweet from Tyler Q. Houlton, DHS Press Secretary: “@DHSgov can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories.”. More specifically, as noted in the report released on November 1st from DHS, “over 270 individuals along the caravan route have criminal histories, including known gang membership”. Furthermore, ” Mexican officials have also publicly stated that criminal groups have infiltrated the caravan”. How they determined this is unclear, although there are enough pictures of the caravan that criminologists could, perhaps, have determined it from examining publically available images. In all cases, Mexico doesn’t have the strongest incentive to lie about this, since the worse the composition of the caravan, the more it makes their somewhat limp response look bad.

Wait. Hang on a moment. 270? Taking upper estimates of the four caravans presently known, that’s one group of 4,000, two groups of 1,500, and one of about 300, or 7,300 in all. So, about 3.7% of the caravan members have a known criminal history, by the most conservative estimates. If we take the lower estimates on size, there are about 5,300 people, at which point over 5% — or to put it another way, more than 1 in 20 people in the aggregate group— are criminals. I would call that a, ah, significant consideration.

Not that this demonstrates anything vis a vis the above, but even the people who aren’t criminals are—well— may I introduce to you Maria Irias Rodriguez, who is a walking math problem. “If they stop us now, we’ll just come back a second time,” the 17 year old, traveling with her husband and 2 children, told The Insider. How old are the kids, you say? She has an “8-month-old daughter, [and] 2-year-old son” (NYTimes). Joining the caravan, it seems, was not the first of her poor life decisions. [To be fair, she might not have had any choice in any of it- SAH]

I offer also, for flavor, this lady calling Donald Trump the antichrist on an interview with CNN (mirrored on The Political Insider). Perhaps the job she’s coming over here for is DNC spokesperson. Interestingly, the much publicized flag burning is not on this list. It doesn’t seem to have been done by people in the caravan, though it was a protest in favor of those people as reported on Breitbart, and these muffins were also caught on camera burning tires in front of the US Embassy as noted in The Daily Mail.

What does all this leave us with? Well, given the uniform participation in flag carrying and anthem singing, it seems that “foreign nationalists” would be a fair characterization of the average crowd member. I can’t tell you in precise detail how likely any one person is to commit violence, but I can say from the above they have a pretty alarming number of people with criminal histories in the group, if the published numbers are to be believed. And, of course, actions speak louder than words—we’ve seen at least two caravans get violent with border police, throwing rocks at them, and forcing their way through the border fence. As for the reports of shooting at federal police, and throwing Molotov cocktails— well, your mileage may vary, but I consider the first instance of that kind of behavior a generous excess. And in the context of  Islamic terrorism being a constant problem and threat, Univision has independently reported Bangladeshis in the crowd. DHS, meanwhile, says that’s only the beginning.

Examining the Migrant Horde- Pt 3—The Rogues Gallery – by Bill Reader

Now I have known a lot the people that came to this country to be Americans.  People from all over the world. People who took the chance that they might be shot by their own government so that they could come here. All the people that I have known that went through that want to be Americans first. Even if they go back to the countries that they came from, it’s to visit, not go home. They have made the US their home and we Americans, their people. The people in the caravan just want a ticket to easy street.

As for the people behind the caravan, it’s easy to tell who they are. Even the people who are nominally Americans hate the country. You don’t have to look very far before you see the hate. Just listen to a speech from Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama. Listen to the rants from Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Listen to what the likes of George Soros. Do any of them sound as if they have a great love for the country and its people? They are the ones who call the American people “deplorables.” Yet they are the one who act in a truly deplorable manner.

The fact is that the left believes in alienation and exploitation. Their whole method of operation, from the beginning is separation and exploitation. They divide people into groups and create outrage over petty grievances so that they may divide and exploit. There’s is the language of anger and violence. Theirs is the language of oppression and exploitation. Theirs is the language of power and oppression. The last month or so has made that perfectly clear.


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