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Recently, a YouTuber was assaulted at the GenCon gaming convention.




Apparently the assault  was perpetrated because the YouTuber, the Quartering was a Trump supporter. Also apparently the perpetrator is the proprietor of a gaming store in New Haven CT. It is also apparent Jeremy Hambly is a nice guy and wants to seek justice through the legal system.

Now I do not care if my views are different than the owners of a store that I frequent. I have had spirited debates in the past and long discussions with people that I have disagreed with politically and otherwise.

The same goes when I have been behind the counter. Frankly the owner of a store needs to want his customers to come back. Apparently the  owner of Elm City Games   is willing to assault people because he thinks that they are Nazis, simply because they may disagree with his views.
I’m not going to speculate about Mr. Loter’s alleged motives or why he picked Mr, Hambly other than say, Larry Corriea, who was also at Gencon.
After all, if you are going to punch somebody, the Evil Lord Of Hate trumps a mere ‘Nazi’ and apparently Mr. Loter is a tough guy even if he wears a dress.

While Mr Loter was apparently looking for Mr Hambly  for the express purpose of assaulting him presumably because he wanted to “punch a Nazi” where it would be likely that he would not be known  an held to account he probably should have considered not so fair lady who’s champion he was being.  Apparently he was upset that Mr. Hambly made some comments about Anita Sarkeesian. Having watched Ms. Sarkeesian and her path of destruction for several years now, I have to wonder if Mr. Loter knew anything about Ms. Sarkeesian other than that she had supposedly been ‘harrased’ by unknown persons who were probably ‘Nazis.’

As for Mr. Hambly, he seems to be genuinely concerned about the hobby and small game stores like Mr. Loter’s. As well as being concerned about legitimate concerns like the intrusion of sexual predators where children are collected. It seems to me as if he is mostly concerned with the viability of the games and the hobby and his concerns about what effect Ms. Sarkeesian will have on the hobby are more than justified considering Ms. Sarkeesian’s track record.

In any case, Mr. Hambly seems to be a nice guy with a point of view. he doesn’t seem to be doing anything other making statements about things that if Mr. Loter were concerned about anything other than making a political statement about “punching Nazis” he would be concerned about as well. In my area, the small businesses like game and comic book stores have been under stress for as long as I can remember. Instead of punching Mr. Hambly, Mr. Loter should have been buying him a drink in the bar behind him. The fact that he resorted to a sucker punch says volumes about the man.

Since Mr. Loter’s establishment is in my neighborhood and he likes to punch people in the back of the head, I would advise anybody in the area to choose another venue for purchasing game related items. Since I know the area, having worked or lived there for several years, I can provide good alternatives where the proprietors have neve wanted to punch me, even if they did think that I was a Nazi weirdo. These are places that I have been going to for well over a decade.
Alternative Universe. The New Haven store does not have a gaming table, but a nice selection of games and minis as well as comics.
Alternate Universe Milford store. The Milford store is bigger and may have a gaming table.
Clockwork comics. They have minis, games and a gaming table.
The next batch of places are place that I have not visited. I will assume that they are not run by people eager to punch people.
This one is a bit out of the way, but worth the trip.
Sarge’s Comics and Games New London CT.
The next few listings are places that I have not used.
Fire and Dice, Milford CT.
Hawkwood Gaming, Milford CT.
The Dragon’s lair, Wallingford CT.
Battlegrounds Gaming, Norwalk CT.
Here are some posts and videos about the assault. Frankly the assault was incredibly stupid. Mr. Loter seems to want to risk harming his career and business to gain brownie points with a crowd that any sane person can see is trying to destroy his career and business. Mr. Loter needs to decide if he wants to be a game designer or a ‘Nazi puncher.’ Especially when the ‘Nazi punchers are going to punch him as soon as his usefulness to them is over.
This Must Stop

Jeremy has more.

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