Sarah Hoyt, Your Commissars Are Control Freaks

Sarah Hoyt recently posted this in response to a friend commenting that the “moderators” of her secret group “Sarah’s Diner were control freaks. Sarah, I hate to tell you this, but Niki Kenyon, Amada Green, Kate Paulk and the other moderators in your group are control freaks and petty tyrants. How do I know? Because I was summarily thrown out of the group as a result of a fight that Niki and Kate started.

I wasn’t going to say anything about how Sarah and her friends treated me. they didn’t seem to care and their ostracization of me is probably something that doesn’t bother them that much. On the other hand, if Sarah wants to bring the topic up,  I think that people should see the people that are her moderators and judge for themselves. I wasn’t going to bring this up Sarah, but since you blocked me on Facebook, I’m no longer a member of the groups and I imagine that any comment I make on your blog will be deleted, I’m going to say my piece on mine.

Here is Sarah’s post.

That Guy or Why Communism Won’t Work

Just so we can see the Moderators in action, here’s the thread that I started that got me summarily thrown out of the group.

Archived the thread in case some people play games.

I posted this after deleting the original thread in the group when it was requested that I take the argument to my own wall. I will say that I was rather upset by Niki and Kate’s comments in the original post in the group. When I posted the original post, all I wanted was understanding and perhaps a little sympathy about a bad situation that I was being forced to deal with. Instead I got Niki piling in in her typical abusive manner in her typical language. Then Kate piled in and had to contribute her share after I started to argue about the things that Niki was saying.

I did not mischaracterize Niki’s comments about how the hiring works at her group. If she and her boss want to abuse candidates because they can, that is their problem not mine. I simply pointed out that the problems of what they are doing had already manifested themselves.

In any case, we can  see what happens when you come up against the immoderate moderators in Sarah’s Diner. I didn’t post any links inappropriately. In fact I was invited to post blog post in the group, by Sarah and I didn’t even know that until somebody else posted a link in the group. Yes I posted links to my blog in other places and on my timeline, but I was not abusive of the privilege. I did make one rather derogatory post about somebody, but that was after that person had made a nasty post about me posting things. In any case I deleted the post after the moderators requested it.  I was trying to be a good citizen.

None of that mattered when I disagreed with the moderators and they got upset. Then it was time for a purge. I’m not sure how this is different from a communist state, since I’ve been purged that doesn’t matter to me very much anymore. As for discussing things about the group, outside the group, well Sarah, you brought it up. Being ostracized hurts. Being ostracized because the moderators in your group couldn’t bear to lose a stupid petty argument does not reflect well on them. The fact is that is was exactly what they did. That Sarah, is your problem now.




  1. Anthony Pacheco · July 18, 2018

    Sure, on reading that thread I believe you could have removed 1/2 of the words, and I am losing some context because the original-original thread is poofed, but my take is several people got upset that you questioned a moderator and very inappropriately went after you in appalling SJW-like feeding frenzy fashion, a frenzy encouraged by the moderators response.

    I believe that is worse than being a control freak. Heck, there are lots of places where a control freak moderation would vastly improve the quality of the exchanges. The Dinner is not one of them.

    From a lurker perspective, I’ve also disliked the moderation with that Facebook group insofar as I categorized the moderators as firing from the hip at any rule-breakage that causes them time, and then posting some less-than-friendly message to the group at large. I believe this has been going on so long that it has changed the tone of the group from an interesting fan group where we can discuss libertarian-slanted science fiction topics to Just-Another-Passionless Facebook-Group(TM).

    Sarah’s article was disappointing. It comes across as cranky and too meta (as an aside, over the years the Mad Genius Club has gone from interesting to a lot of meta, too). Her blog posts now come across as someone who simply has too much on her plate but she Just-Won’t-Let-Something-Go. So, I’ve kept her in my RSS reader in hopes life will get better for her.

    All too often when we have disagreements online, we circle the wagons and put our empathy for others off to one side for the sake of expediency. Sorry man, but it’s clear to me that you’re collateral damage and that the real underlying issues with your posts was only loosely related to the content of the same.

    That was probably no fun for you.


    • jccarlton · July 18, 2018

      I deleted your mistake comments. As far as your assessment of what happened, That was about it. I posted a little thing after dealing with yet another employment agency hanging the entire job on me giving up the salary that I had had at my previous job. I got a couple of sympathetic comments and then first Niki and the Kate piled on and I defended myself. In fact I was winning the argument when Amanda Fuestag said to take it own to my own wall, which is when I posted the thread here. The way I look at is if you are going to criticize the behavior of others don’t engage in that behavior when you get the chance and when you do, at least back off, say that you got carried away and apologize. To end it the way they did was just disappointing to me.


  2. feralplum · July 18, 2018

    Similar story. During the last election, I went from Trump not on my top 15 to ‘He’s not Hillary, and maybe he doesn’t sound so bad.’ I was stomped. Madame Hoyt herself said I ‘was pro-Trump from way back’. OK, it’s her site, so I quit surfing there. It left a bad aftertaste,


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