Mermaid Chapter Six, End

Here’s the end of chapter six.  I’m up over 180k words now and I keep writing.  Anyway in this section tom goes to church, Sal closes the deal, confuses the enemy and discovers the perfect hotel for merfolk on Long Island.

it was a real hotel.


Mera dragged me out to the bower for our Swim. Mostly for the exercise and mostly because once we were out there I got tangled up in stuff that took long enough that we had to stay the night.  Not that I was complaining.  Mike got a message from up top and came over. He handed it to me. I said; “Al is coming out?”

“He’s got a place out on the Cape that he inherited from his parents and he goes to Boston this time of year anyway to do a spot inspection for the range officer of the Boston office. So he’s coming out now. To set Nera and I up. Probably wants to talk to Tom when he gets down too.”

“Well that shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll have Eltra talk to him too. So how are you adjusting?”

“Well I keep getting distracted, so it’s hard to tell.”

Just then Nera Swam by. She never seemed to let Mike out of sight for very long. Mike didn’t seem to be very unhappy about that. He said; “See what I mean. The good part is that the sharks seem to have vanished. Like the rest of it. I wish I could believe that that was because the last couple of weeks had knocked them back so hard that they can’t do anything.” “They might have been knocked back more than you think.  Between the warehouse and Tom blowing all those sharks away, they must have been hurt pretty bad.  And with Sal driving that car all over the place looking for them, they probably are not able to operate the way they used to.  The only reason that things got as bad as they did was that nobody was paying attention until they toasted something.”

I was interrupted by one of Altris’ sons who came over and dragged me to yet another task. Apparently Noro was pulling a Droege on me and was up top with his fishing buddy.  And Altris and Ilutra were up top too. Which meant that everything got dumped on me.

Mera and I went out and grabbed a lobster and shared it and then returned to her bower for some quiet lovemaking and sleep. The next morning Mera and I went back to the boat. Waiting there was a telegram from Sal. I said; “Sal is taking Sillia to the beach.  They are going to make stops along the Island and end up in Montauk.”

“Oh, good. They’ve been suffering over not being able to close the deal.  I thought that Sal was planning to go upstate.”

“At a guess they have a plan. And Sal has been looking into those sharks and their connections to the real world. I’m guessing that he thinks that they can’t attack or that the attack will be something that he can handle. Anyway, he’s looking to tie up in Montauk so that he can come over to the Cape. He’ll be able to Swim at that point so he has options.”

“What do you think that he should do about the car?”

“Well he could use the ferry or we could send a lighter.” “Send a lighter. Let’s make it obvious that the car is going to be on the Cape. While they’re watching the car we can do other things. They’ll spend so much time looking at the car, and Sal that they won’t even see when Tom and his parents show up until we get them stowed away.”

“Even better, we’ll use one of the charter yachts to pick him up. I’ll even arrange to have some of Ray’s boys on the dock when we pick him up.  Make it look like some sort of Mob business. Which it will be in a way. Just not in the way people expect. I’ll go over to Joe’s to get the yacht squared away and talk to Ray tomorrow.”

“I’ll go with you. Moira is starting to Change and I want to talk her through it.”

“She is? That’s strange. I’ve never seen a Change like that.”

“Haven’t you noticed how weak she’s been it the legs the last week? By next week she probably won’t have legs.”

“I wonder what sort of arrangements they’ve made.”

“I want to talk about that too. For us, Tom and Chrissie. They are going to need something better than that shack. If Tom is doing work up top I don’t think that Chrissie’s going to want to live down below.”

That had been a stress in our marriage until Mera became pregnant with Steve. I was getting the feeling that living apart was no longer going to be an option. Then again there didn’t seem to be a point to living apart as just about everybody up top knew about under sea anyway. And didn’t seem to care about the secret. Well at least when they weren’t playing with the summer folks. Certainly nobody paid any attention as Mera and I worked on the pots other than to stop and say hello to Mera as she rewove nets for the pots.  At about noon we went across the dock for lunch. Then after lunch Mera dragged me under for another Swim. I said; “Let’s stay away from the bower today. Noro can handle his own stuff for a day or so.”

“Well I want to pick up Mike and Nera and then let’s go Swim around to get Mike used to the water and do a sweep so that Mike knows how.”

Nera had been teaching Mike what the various noises under and on the water were. As we were Swimming out toward Block Island Mike asked; “What’s that?”

I could hear the pounding of a pair of diesels and two screws, which meant that it was a submarine. Though why a boat was going out on Sunday was more than a little unusual. Maybe Steve would know.

“More than likely a submarine out of Groton. What the boat’s doing out on a Sunday is beyond me. Usually, they go out for the week on Monday and return on Friday.”

Nera zinged Mike with some water and he zinged her back. Obviously she was getting him used to moving water with his head and not his hands.  They dove below as Nera got Mike to chase her in and around a reef and some rocks. I could hear the sub’s engines moving away as we continued our Swim.  As it got later we headed toward the bower and stopping for the night.


Sunday, was better than I expected. The pool worked out very well though the water was a little uncomfortable. The walls of the bed tank had created water with a bit better “taste” to it. I had some thoughts about that.

Going to church was not the ordeal that I remembered. Perhaps it was the feeling of family, because everybody was there, or because I felt that I needed to thank somebody, god or anybody for the fact that I hadn’t pulled the trigger yesterday and most especially for Chrissie. Chrissie was a wonder and charmed everybody before the service and the after service reception. Pastor Brown asked; “So will we be seeing more of Chrissie and you, Tom.”

“Pastor, not for a while. I brought Chrissie up to meet the family and we need to get back to the Cape so that I can deal with my lobster pots and set up my new business.”

“You work on the water?”

“I went down there for a change and Chrissie’s father offered me a job. I met Chrissie then and bought a boat. I’m going to run pot strings during the season and a machine shop for the off season.  Chrissie’s family has a boatyard and I’ll take on job shop work from them and specialized stuff like I used to do for Pratt.”

“Why not have the shop up here?”

“Not enough business. Especially the specialized precision work that I really want to do. There’s the new oceanographic institute and other places that will want custom work done and I can provide that kind of work.  And I like working on the water. Well I have to be going. It’s almost time for me to take Chrissie to relax her legs.”

Health issues made good excuses. I went over to Chrissie and said; “It’s almost lunchtime, shall we go.”

“Yes, I’m beginning to feel a little sore.”

We left for my truck and the pool. Chrissie said; “That was fun. I’ve missed church and the possibilities.”

“I wouldn’t have expected your family to be big into that sort of thing.”

“Daddy isn’t but mom likes the potential for new social connections. The rest of the family is mixed. Joe doesn’t go, but my sister does. I don’t know about Steve.”

We got back to the farm and Chrissie rolled in to help mother with lunch as I started to pull the stuff together that I hadn’t packed yesterday. I pulled the toolbox out of my closet and put it into the truck and then went into the armory and got my .30-06 bolt action and put its case next to the door. Then I went over to the locker to go through my ammunition. As I was going through the ammunition boxes I sensed father there. I said to him; “I’m leaving most of my guns.  I think that the Winchester will go to Andy for Christmas and the two bolt actions will go to Bob and Scott.  The other two go into the inventory in exchange for the Model 10. The .22’s can just go into the kids general gift exchange.”

“That makes sense. Do you want something heavier for Chrissie?”

“Not right now. I think that she needs to get more comfortable with guns and better understanding of what she wants. Anyway I don’t think that she will have a great need for a gun soon.”

“Do you think that you overreacted with that shotgun you just built.”

“Father, I don’t know. I do know that the enemy counted on me being disarmed and then only having just one shotgun.  I want to be able to fight while Changed and perhaps even underwater.”

“Do you think that will be necessary?”

“I don’t know, but until those sharks and monsters showed up I wasn’t expecting to have to fight anybody. Yet there it was. Somebody wanted to kill me, not for anything I had done, but simply because of who I was. Who Chrissie was. I don’t know if they will stop. I do know that if I have to face them again I need to be ready.”

“So what else will you do?”

“Right now, work on my pots, talk to Josh, try to figure this thing out and not do what they expect me to do. Except make sure that I have pictures when they do show up.

One thing father. Whatever happens, don’t blame Josh and Chrissie’s family. From everything I’ve seen, they are trying to shine the light on this darkness.”

“I know. And I think that we all have to work together because if we remain isolated we, more than likely will die isolated. Reading that book of Boris’ and understanding the implications was chilling. This thing keeps growing. By the way, how was the water last night? ”

“Uncomfortable, father. I’m not sure if it was the growth in the water or the composition but it didn’t quite feel right.”

“We used well water for the bed tank, but we drew the water from the pond for the pool. That might have made a difference. Anyway, I think that lunch is ready so we should get to the kitchen.”

At lunch Hilda and Andy were there so I asked if we could borrow Andy for the afternoon. Hida said; “After his chores are done.” “Mom!” “Well that will work out, so we’ll see you then, Andy.”

The water was still a bit uncomfortable so we cut our session short.

After our session in the pool I finished collecting the stuff that was going down with me, but there really wasn’t that much of it. Then I looked for Chrissie. She was in the living room reading a book. She looked up and said; “Tom your mother’s giving me this cookbook. And some more books on things like gardening and whatnot.” “Those won’t be much use to you.”

“Not right now, though I could set up window boxes for things like tomatoes.  And your mother says that this cookbook is the best there is.” She held up a copy of the Fannie Farmer cookbook. Mother swore by it.

“Anyway add these to the stuff going with us. She’s giving us some carpets too.”

“We don’t have a place yet.”

“Don’t worry about that. Between grandfather, Daddy and Joe, we will come up with something.”

“Ok, well I’m going down to the shop. Do you want to come?”

“Oh yes, let go get my rifle.”

We went back to the spare room and picked up Chrissie’s rifle and to the locker for some of the .22’s I had on the shelf, then I rolled her out to the truck and we drove over to the shop. I put Chrissie on the range bench and then went inside the shop. Since it was Sunday the boys were going to be home all day and I wanted to finish my little experiment. I took the rather woebegone .38 that Larry had given me and cut the bottom of the trigger guard off. Then I took a file and filed the stub smooth.  After that I got the gun fixture, made some leather pads and used  strap clamps to attach the revolver’s grip to the fixture=. While I was doing all that I could hear that Chrissie and Andy were shooting so I knew that Andy was there. I took the whole thing and walked outside. I called out; “Hi Andy! I’m glad to see you.”

“What’s that for?”

“I’m doing an experiment with guns underwater.”

“Guns work underwater?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out.” “Why?”

“Where do mermaids live?”

“Underwater.” “Well there are other things that live underwater that aren’t really very nice.” “Like sharks!”

“Yes. And some sharks that are not sharks but very bad people. Now Chrissie or I could deal with one shark but when a lot of sharks all come together they might eat us. So I’m trying to even the odds.” “Were you almost eaten by sharks?”

“No, because we were on an island and managed to get away. That’s one reason that I brought Chrissie to the farm.”

“So if I go in the water I have to be afraid of sharks?”

“No, not unless it’s very special circumstances. But these weren’t really sharks. They were monsters.” “Like dad.”

Andy suddenly had a very sad expression on his face. That was one topic I did NOT want to touch. I said; ‘’Not like your dad. Before he left he was not a monster.  What he went through over there made him one.  These people wanted to be monsters. They had everything they could possibly want and they decided to become monsters because they wanted to. I prefer to remember your dad before something turned him into what he became.

In any case, because we need to live underwater we need to figure out how to protect ourselves. Because those people and their friends are coming after people like us, your grandparents and your mom.

I was hoping that you could help by handling the gun stuff up top so that Chrissie could watch out in case I need help below as your uncle Boris and the boys are busy someplace else.”

“Ok. What do you need?”

“Mostly to hand me cartridges and keep an eye out for people. It’s easy if nothing goes wrong, just like a range. You did so well yesterday that I think that you can handle this today. Here, hold this while I Change.”

I handed him the fixture with the .38 in it. He held it carefully. I turned to Chrissie and said; “Chrissie, could I borrow you for the same thing we did the day before yesterday.”

“Of course Tom.”

I picked her up, put her into the wheelchair and rolled her next to the dam. Then I took my clothes off, walked to the edge of the water and Changed.

“Ok Andy, hand me the gun fixture.” He handed it to me and I went down and clamped it into the vice. Then I went back up top and said;

“Andy hand me the string.”

He handed me the string and I went back down and tied it to the trigger like I had with the .22. Then it was back up top and said; “Andy, hand me a cartridge.”

He handed me a cartridge and I went down and loaded into the cylinder. Then I closed the cylinder and popped up. I called out; “Andy, Clear!”

“Clear Tom!”

I went back down and pulled the string. The report was louder than the .22 and the bubble actually longer. The energy from the slower .38 bullet seemed to last longer.

I went back up and said; “Andy, I’m going across to pick up the skillet from the range, so it’s guns down and the range is safed.” “Right Uncle Tom!”

As I Swam across the pond I considered how Andy had already developed better habits than we had as kids. I went to the shore of the pond Changed, walked over to the skillet and picked it up. Then I went back to the pond, Changed and swam back to the frame and attached the skillet to the frame. Then I went back up top and said; “Andy hand me another cartridge.”

Andy handed me a cartridge and I went back down loaded the pistol and fired, this time using my hand. Unlike the .22 the .38 hit the skillet with enough energy to make a dent at four feet. Well now to do a test for accuracy. I went back up top. Boris had shown up. He said; “Hi Tom, I just wanted to touch base with you before you went back down to the Cape.”

“Hi Boris, I’m continuing my experiment. The .38 worked better than the .22 did. Andy hand me six cartridges. Boris, I’ll be right back. ” Andy handed me six and I went down and loaded the cylinder, closed it and fired six times making sure that the pistol was returned to the same aiming point each time. The grouping was still scattered all over the skillet. I detached the skillet and the gun holder from the frame and took them back up. I handed the skillet to Boris and said;  “Well the .38 was actually effective at about four feet, but actually hitting something, well that’s another story.”

“I think that our friends in New York will be interested in this considering what’s been happening.”

Chrissie said; “Boris, I brought the camera down and I’ll get some pictures.”

Chrissie rolled over to the truck and brought the camera back. We took pictures of the gun fixture with the .38 in it, the back of the skillet with the impact marks and Chrissie’s modified .22.

“Boris, I’ll do up a report for Mike when I get the pictures done. To make a long story short, at any ranges a gun just doesn’t work very well underwater.”

“Well you can tell Mike and Al when you get back to the Cape. They are both out there now.  Mike bonded with Mera’s sister and Al is going out to fix them up.” Cthissie said; “So that’s who aunt Nera bonded with. I wondered why she went to New York.”

Boris said; “By the way, Tom, my ex boss told me to tell you that you did a great job out there on the island. You’ll see him at wedding. I need to get going.”

I said; “Chrissie, do you think that you are willing to graduate to a pistol? At least to try?”

“Sure Tom, do you have one?”

“Well there’s this poor .38 and box of cartridges and I’m free to change targets and show you the basics and Andy’s here to help so let’s get started.”

I Swam across and changed the target and Swam back, exited the pond, Changed and put my clothes back on. Then I unclamped the .38 from the fixture and started to point out how to handle it. We spent about an hour with the .38 until Chrissie said;

“Tom, I’m getting a little dried out. I think I want some time in the pool.”

“Ok, Chrissie, I’ll take you over and then I want to come back and pull the sawhorse from the pond. Andy can you drive a tractor yet?”

“A little bit, uncle Tom.”

“Ok, then, you wait here and I’ll bring it over.”

When I got back to the house father was running a pump to drain the pool. He said; “Chrissie, your father sent up a tank car of sea water for the pool. I’ve sent two of the boys with the tractor to start bringing the water back and I’m going to drain the pool as they do that. Can you wait for a bit?”

“Yes father, or I’ll have Tom take me down to the pond.”

I took Chrissie back to the kitchen. I said; “Will you be all right?”

“I should be fine. What I really need is some time in the deep water, with you.”

I kissed her and went out to get the tractor and the hoist. I drove over to the shed, started the tractor, attached the hoist and drove the whole thing next to the pond. I swung the hoist out over the pond. I said; “Ok, Andy, when I’m in the water I’m going to need you to slowly lower the hoist.”

I showed him how to work the levers. Then I went over to the dam, got undressed, Changed and went into the water and called out; “Ok, Andy lower slowly.”

Andy slowly lowered the hook and as it touched the water I guided it to the sling that I had attached to the sawhorse. I went up top and said; “Ok, take it up, slowly.”

I went back down and guided the hook as the sling went taut and the sawhorse started to rise out of the pond. As it lifted, I went up top, Swam to the shore and Changed and said; “Ok, keep lifting”

The sawhorse came up until it was about a foot from the water. I said; “Ok, stop.”

I went over to the hoist and said; “Swing it around slowly to the right.”

The boom swung around until the sawhorse was over the shore. When it was far enough that the sawhorse was away from the pond I said; “Ok let it drop.”

The sawhorse dropped to the ground. Once that was done I got dressed again. I said; “Your cousins can put it where they want it later. Let’s put the tractor away. You can drive.”

Andy got into the tractor’s seat and away we went. We put the hoist and the tractor away and drove back to the house. Chrissie was in the kitchen. She said; “I got a little wet between loads. Andy, could you get your mother and come over to the pond? She missed my dancing the other day and I want to dance just for you and her.”

“Ok Chrissie!”

Andy tore out the door. Chrissie said; “Let’s go, Tom.”

We drove back to the shop. I said; “I need to put the shooting bench away.”

I went over to the bench, picked up one end, dragged it back into the shop and slid it up against the wall. I came back out and said; “Ok, that’s done.”

Andy and Hilda came up the hill. Chrissie said; “Tom take me next to the dam.”

I took her over to the dam as Andy and Hilda came up. Chissie said; “Hilda, you missed my dance the other day and Andy just got a look at my practice so I want to dance for you. Tom, get the camera.” I went back to the truck and picked up the camera and came back to the pond. When I got back I said; “Ok Chrissie, I’m ready.”

She took her jacket off, unbuttoned her dress and leapt into the water. The performance was as wonderful as the one the other day and I could tell that Hilda and Andy were as stunned by as I was. When it was over Andy asked me; “Uncle Tom, how come you don’t dance.” Chrissie answered; “Because he hasn’t had enough time in the water to get the tail strong enough for it yet. When we get back I’m putting him on an exercise program and when you come down we’ll both dance together for you Andy.”

Hilda said; “Thank you Chrissie, that was wonderful”

“You’re welcome Hilda. Since it’s about dinner why don’t we all go up to the house and eat.” I drove Chrissie back to the house as we went in for dinner. As it was Chrissie’s last night, most of the family was there and the whole thing was a pot luck of dishes that were the favorites of various family members.  We all managed to keep the talk away from the events that had brought me up there and mostly we talked about various plans for the future.  All in all it was a wonderful evening. After dinner we tried out the pool with the sea water that Josh had had sent up and the water was wonderful. Perhaps too wonderful as we were very distracted.


For a Sunday I got up early and started to put the stuff I had packed in the car.  I put on one of the good suits that we used when we really had to go undercover.  I hadn’t been wearing them because I wasn’t trying to play games.  But things had changed. I wasn’t going to be with people that I knew anymore and appearances were going to be important. I was going to play the fool and the persona was going to be important.  Anyway, this was an important day for Sillia and I and I wanted to make a splash.  After I was dressed I went down and got in the car and drove down to Bennies to pick up Sillia and breakfast. Surprisingly both my parents and Sillia’s were waiting along with both my sisters. Sillia was wearing a dress. My dad said; “We all thought we would give you a send off.”

“Dear we couldn’t let you go without you knowing that we all want the best for you.”

“Sal I want you to know that your Change will be the second best thing to happen to you.”

“What will be the best thing Suzy?”

“Sillia, of course!” “By the way you’ve got some hungover sailors upset. The Admiral said that the boat was being made ready and was leaving later this morning.  It’s going to be running up and down the coast all day.”

“Ok, Dad. Frankly I hope the sharks don’t show up. Well at least not at first.”

Dom said; “I told the hotel that a hotshot troubleshooter was coming out for some R&R and to take care of you. I mentioned the car. Tony also sent somebody to keep an eye on the place. If the hotel’s squirrely maybe we can draw them out. If they turn out to even a little responsible for Vinnie I want to know.”

“So do I, Dom, so do I.”

Sillia said; “Sal, this is our trip to the beach, not some sort of revenge.”

“I’m not looking at it that way, Sillia. On the other hand Vinnie probably felt safe going there because the outfit owned it and he ended up dead. I’m not going to take chances with you if I can help it.”

“Just so long as you don’t take stupid chances. We are in this together for now on.”

I kissed her. It was the only response that I could think of. As we got ready to leave, Tara put a necklace around Sillia’s neck and said; “Just a little something to add some sparkle”

“Where did it come from?”

“I’m not sure exactly but it’s very old and has been in the bower for very long time. Mera’s aunt gave it to me when I told her who it was for.  And told her the whole story of what’s been going on. She also said that she was disappointed that Mera hadn’t visited and said that she wanted to be there for Chrissie’s and Nera’s wedding if we could make the arrangements. She also wants to talk to you, Sal and thank you for saving them all.”

The center stone was an emerald that was at least ten carets. It was surrounded by diamonds that were two caret stones. The choker was more large and clear emeralds. The whole thing had the look of the everyday crown jewels of a Spanish monarch and that was probably what it was. Some sort of gift to the queen from a colonial satrap from the 17th Century. The piece was absolutely stunning. I said; “I didn’t save them by myself.”

“She knows, and I imagine that Stella and Mary also have interesting presents coming.”

Wearing that, Sillia was the very image of a mermaid princess. Or the girl of the biggest boss around. Sillia picked up her purse and I carried her over to the car. We would be making a splash all right. I said; “I don’t think that we should be showing that necklace around quite yet. Let’s take it off and put it in the trunk.”

Sillia said; “Shouldn’t we put in the hotel’s safe?”

“If we were actually planning to stay the night I would say yes, but since we’re planning to leave let’s not even let them know that it exists. There’s no point in tempting them with a necklace that’s probably worth as much as the entire beach.”

I put the necklace underneath the Thompson in a cloth bag that happened to be in the trunk. Then I dumped the box of cartridges into the bag. I put a round in the empty spare and stuck it out of the bag. I thought about the purse that Sillia was carrying and asked; “What’s in the purse, dear?”

She opened it and there was the butt of a Browning Hi Power. She said; “I had Helmut bring 9mm specials down yesterday. Mike uses them. It needs some modification when we get to the Cape, but I can still shoot in a pinch.”

“What was that about not wanting revenge?”

“I don’t, but we could be walking into the lion’s den and I want the lions to feel my teeth if necessary.”

We had planned to arrive at the hotel, which was out on Fire Island at about noon and go out on the beach after lunch. By the time we used the ferry it was just about noon when we pulled into the hotel parking lot. I was at the front desk to check in when the manager came out and handed me the keys to the biggest suite in the place and  said; “Mr. del Vecchio, we were told to expect you.  Mr. Calibierti’s compliments and as a thank you for your work, your stay is on him.”

“Ok, after lunch my girl wants to go out to the beach. Do you have a car that we could borrow? My car isn’t the thing that you just want to drive on the beach.”

“We have an old Model T that we use as a beach buggy during the summer for the fishermen.”

“That would be perfect.”

I already knew about the beach buggy because both the police report and Dom had mentioned it. And one of the other cases had stayed at this hotel and used the buggy. I said; “Also my girl had the Polio and has weak legs, do you have a wheel chair?”

Now dad had picked up a chair from the navy yard yesterday and we had put it in my car, but I wasn’t going to tell them that. I was waving all the right signals and hoping that the other side noticed. The manager said; “Of course sir. Front!”

The bellhop came out front.

“James, bring this man’s lady a wheel chair, she has had health issues, And take the man’s luggage to the presidential suite. And tell Charles that he needs to bring out the buggy and to park the gentleman’s car. ”

We were entering the lions’ den. Now from the police and Spiro’s report it was impossible to tell how long the sharks had taken to show up. Vinnie’s body, what was left of it, was found about a week later by a shore fisherman. Ynthia’s head and torso a bit later.   I was NOT going to show Sillia that report. The other cases were about the same or nothing was ever found at all except for the couples’ cars.

We ate lunch and then I took Sillia to the room so that I could change my clothes to something more comfortable for the beach and as we came outside a man had the buggy running. He said; “You Mr. del Vecchio?”

“Sal. Mr. del Vecchio is my dad. Do you have some old blankets? And where’s a good  place to get stuff for a bake?  My girl wants to treat.”

“Sure can and Jake’s up the street will fix you up.”

He brought out some rather faded blankets and an old rug and put them in what was left of the back seat. When he left I went over to my car, filled my jacket pockets with special shotgun shells, pulled out the blankets with the shotgun wrapped inside and away we went. I pulled the buggy over at the store that the man from the hotel recommended and borrowed a cast iron pot and bought some potatoes and vegetables for a bake. I put the whole thing in the buggy and cranked it over to start it. The engine started and I got behind the wheel and pulled the lever. I drove us out onto the beach and about five miles east of the hotel where the beach was backed by dunes and nobody lived. About the same spot that the buggy had been found after Vinnie. I spread the rug and the blankets out. Then I set up two fires but didn’t light them.I turned to Sillia and said; “So how do we do this?”

“Well first, set me down on the blanket. Then you get next to me. I want to get this on the road because my gills are starting to feel a little dry.”

“I could put you in the water for a short Swim.”

“No way, buster, I want to Swim with you right now. You put me down right here.”

I set her down and she pulled me down beside her. Then she started to take off her dress. Which was about the sexiest thing that I had ever seen. Which was strange because Sillia had been in and around my life for three weeks now and most of the time she had been wearing nothing at all. It was if she was sharing all of her with me. She slid out of the dress and started to work at the buttons of my jacket. While doing that she said;  “Get out of those clothes, I don’t want anything to stop us now.”

I reached for the buttons on my shirt as she took the jacket off, grabbed me and kissed me. Then she reached down for my belt and undid it and my pants. Then she untied my shoes and took them off and said; “You won’t be needing these for a while.”

Then she pulled my pants off.

“Or these.”

I finished taking my shirt off and she reached over and kissed me long and hard. I kissed her back and then started kissing her neck. I rubbed my hands along her back and I felt her dorsal fin respond.

“MMM. More”

I continued to kiss her moving down between her breasts.  I moved on down, feeling her move underneath me until;

“How does this work?”

“Use your thumbs and spread.”

“How do you know that?”

“Mom explained it when I Changed.”

I did what she said and I was suddenly overwhelmed to get a taste of Sillia. Then all rationality disappeared until I released inside her and I was overcome by my first Change.

I looked at Sillia with joy as she looked at me in concern over the pain of my change. I said; “Shall we go for a Swim?”

“Yes let’s”

“How do we get to the water? I could release my Change.”

“Don’t you dare! We’ll crawl.”

She led me down the beach to the water and I followed her beautiful tail down into the water and a different world. Once we were out of the shallows Sillia said;

“Here’s how you Swim. You whip your tail using your tail muscles.”

“How can we talk?”

“You make sounds and hear differently underwater. Your Change adjusts. The same thing happens with sight. You’re not seeing with just your eyes anymore. Close your eyes and see how much more you see.”

“Suzy said that I couldn’t understand Change until it happened and she was right. There’s no way that I could understand this.”

“Well you can understand this!”

She grabbed me, kissed me and we tied together in our love of each other. Afterword Sillia said; “Catch me if you can!”

It was suspiciously easy to catch her which led to yet another session tied together making love. After our session I heard the sound of something large approaching. I said; “I think that that’s our boat. I need to get up top.”

“Wait a few minutes.”

She went along the reef that we were next to and reached into a hole and pulled out a large lobster and said; “Ok, here’s dinner.”

As we Swam back toward the beach I asked; “How did you know where that was?”

“You’ll learn.”

When we got to the surface I released my Change and picked Sillia and the lobster up and carried them up to the blanket. Then I got the gas can I had brought and lit the two fires. Sillia and I started to get the bake together. As it was cooking a head popped out of the water and walked up the beach.  I recognized who it was and said; “Hi George, they didn’t have any Swimmers in Groton?”

“Yeah they do Sal, but I knew you and the admiral wanted somebody you knew to make the contact. Any sign of them?”

“None, so far. We were only in the water for a couple of hours though.  I did everything I could to wave my innocent fae closing the deal act at that hotel. Considering what had happened the last few times that should have attracted attention.  While I was distracted, I didn’t even see a shark, did you Sillia?”

“No, unless a dogfish counts.”

George handed me the hammer that he had had strung around his neck.

“When you are ready to leave, go down to the boat and knock twice on the conning tower. Three times if you see a shark We’ll be leaving by 20:00 anyway when the destroyer shows up.”

“George do want to stay for the lobster? It’s a big one and there’s plenty. ”

“No Sillia, I need to get back to the Argonaut. I don’t want to scare the sharks if they do show up.”

“Wait a minute,George. Sal, Get the camera sit beside me and Change.” “Why?”

“So that we get a picture of both of us. For everybody.”

I went over and got the small camera. She was right.  We would have been in trouble if we didn’t bring at least one picture back. I handed the camera to George and sat down next to Sillia,  Changed and said; “OK George.”

George took some pictures and then handed the camera to me and said; “I need to get going.”

“Thank you George!”

George headed back to the water. About half an hour later the pot was ready and I got the plates out. Sillia said; “Mmm, butter.”

“Mera told me not to forget the butter. So did your mother.”

The dinner was wonderful and once it was done Sillia said; “Another Swim! I want to leave the sharks something to get their noses in.”

So in we went. In the gathering darkness Sillia had me chase her around the reef for about an hour. We Swam out to the sub and bonged the conning tower twice and left the hammer on the bridge    Then we went back up and on to the beach. As we went up we could hear the submarine sneak away and the destroyer approaching. As we got out of the water I said; “As much as I would like to watch the watch the show we need to get back.”

We got dressed, I packed up the beach buggy, dowsed the fires and cranked the engine. It started and we headed back up the beach to the hotel. I stopped to return the pot and plates to Jakes and then drove up to the hotel. As I was walking to get the front desk clerk said; “Mr. del Vecchio, you have a telegram.” I opened it. I said to the desk clerk; “I need to get back to the island for business.  Could you have my bag brought in and my car brought around.”

The telegram had been setup with Dom beforehand and for all intents and purposes was the boss telling his troubleshooter to shoot some trouble. I didn’t want them to think I was ditching them because I suspected something fishy. The bellhop brought my bag and Charles brought my car up front. I transferred the blanket with the shotgun inside and my bag into the trunk, picked up Sillia, put her in the front seat and we were off to the ferry.

We crossed over to the Island and I headed toward Patchogue. When I had been researching saltwater pools and spas upstate the Mascot Hotel had come up because they had a saltwater pool. When I set this up I decided that due to the pool that even if the sharks showed up Sillia would be safe so I made a reservation. They also had a small beach and a dock. Just the place for a quiet Swim. We got there at about 9:00 PM and I got out to check in. The clerk said; “Mr. del Vecchio, we’ve been expecting you. We have the room on the first floor. The wheel chair that you requested is available and we will help you with your car. Front!”

The bellhop followed me out and I put Sillia in the wheelchair as the bellhop took the bag in as we followed. Sillia said as we entered the room; “This is perfect.”

It was as the room if the room were made for merfolk as there was a door to a small veranda overlooking the beach and the pool. I said; “Shall we go for a Swim?’

“Oh yes!”

So that’s what we did.

The manager.

It was frustrating. I had received the message from the hotel about the young man’s with the car’s arrival with his bonded but the sharks were in the midst of a recruitment and unable to act. It wouldn’t have done much good anyway as the young man and his bonded left before the sharks could have acted, something that I believed would not happen. In any case I could watch as Sylvia led yet another one of the degenerates that we recruited into the mysteries of  Change and their new life.  I watched as Sylvia drew the young man into sex and Change as she slowly went through the Change and what started as human ended as shark and a boy from the streets was dropped into the pool by his new fellow sharks as his first prey.


The chapters so far.

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Chapter 4, part 1(Now chapter 5.)

Chapter 5, part 2.

Chapter 5, part 3.

Chapter 6 part 1.

Chapter 6, part 2.

Chapter 6, part 3.

Chapter 6, part 4.


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