Tech Stuff 73

JMorThis is a sort of search and discover newsletter of my findings of things that may relate to technology in one way or another. It might be the latest gosh wow tech, it might be something as old of humanity. It might relate to science large or small. It might be art for art’s sake. Or somebody just doing something funky. Because I think that technology is just the representation of human creativity and breaking boundaries. So I’m certainly not going to place boundaries here except that it won’t be the same old, same old. So almost no gadgets or yacking about the latest phone or whatever, unless of course it involves taking them apart or destroying them in unusual ways. Or putting them to work in imaginative ways that most people won’t even think of. So buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride.

This week, the army’s side arms, a truck stuck under a bridge in Tokyo, 1984 E-mail, how fast can a fidget spinner spin before it tears itself apart and more.

The 240 year evolution of the US Army’s side arm.

Apparently the Teamsters’ opinion that their truck and bridges can occupy the same space at the same time is an international constant.

A Biiig move.

How fast can a fidget spinner spin before it breaks apart?

How to send an e-mail in 1984.

BMW engine plant in China.

Ten  Really bad wiring jobs.

Wonderful bug pics.

More from the liquid nitrogen kitchen

The Jiffy Lube guys give Jay Leno a free oil change card. BIIIG mistake.

A M1919 machine gun training tool.

Cool 3D printed rubber band car.

America’s cup racers don’t sail, they fly.

Video of the week: Still chasing the Auld mug has never been more beautiful than this.


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