Dave Jones Uncovers A Phishing Scam

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Dave Jones of the EEV blog has found an interesting phishing scam involving YouTube accounts. I’ll let him explain.

Now I didn’t see immediately how this scam could be used to spread ransomware and most likely it’s just another variant of the endless phishing scams out there.  On other hand YouTubers with fairly large subscriber accounts would probably be a good target for ransomware.  They can’t afford to have their video files encrypted and may not have backups for the files being used for their next video. There may be significant money involved. So more than likely they will pay up.  On the other hand they may use the experience for a video, which depending on how many fans they have, might not be a good thing for the ransomware people.  I wouldn’t want to mess with Pew Di Pie.

Still YouTubers should be careful about emails like this and consider that you could lose all your files.  Keep back ups of your productions on a detached disk and don’t delete the stuff off the camera until you are sure that you are finished with the video.  Trust me, it’s easier to reconstruct than start from scratch.

The week in ransomware.


It looks like the ransomware devs are starting to think about consequences.

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