Well, That Was A Fun Week Last Week

Between my new found allergy to Greek food and the death of my primary computer things just didn’t click for here.  That’s why I was  not posting very much.  I do have a bunch of posts in the draft stages of more or less complete, but I just couldn’t get the energy to work on them and the computer at the same time.

As is typical of every time I have a computer crash or die I get new learning experience.  This time it was going through the boot cycle over and over trying to find out if the c: drive was even there. It was, but as RAW, something I have never seen before.  That is apparently the default for drive with no file system on it all. So either the entire drive is not reading at all or it’s been erased.  I hope that it is the former as that means the data may be recoverable at some point.  I have to act though as if the drive is dead in any case.  That means that my primary computer is down until I can replace the hard drive, which will be a bit harder than it has been on the desktops I’ve owned previously.  It also means rebuilding the OS from scratch and since Lenovo did not provide a OS disk, that’s not going to be easy.

In any case that means that I will be doing work on this, my clunky old computer that barely works.  Real IT would gag if they saw it.  It’s an old HP Wal Mart Special laptop that I bought for storing pics on trips and email.  The screen is broken and I’m using a monitor, an actual CRT if you can believe it, that I bought for three computers ago(it was the second monitor for the Gateway that I was using for a decade)  and whose one virtue is that it works.  The whole mess is on an old wood desk.  The laptop CPU is running Win 7 which is a plus.  The only virtue about the whole thing is that it works.  It’s also going to make it easy to write because if this computer is my daily drive rather than something that I’m just nor ready to toss yet,  I can use MS Word because I had a license installed on it and never installed on the primary machine.  In fact that MS Word/office license is the big reason the computer was never torn down and trashed.

I’ll probably update this post with pics of the whole thing once I straighten up a little bit.  Certainly this ramshackle arrangement deserves to shared.  At least it seems to be working, so while I’m down, I’m not reduced to using library computers quite yet.  Too be honest I knew that I had been pushing my luck with the Lenovo for some time.  I just didn’t expect the hard drive to be the part that died first.  That’s the way it goes.

Life goes on. As will posting here, though not as fast and with fewer weblinks.   The savior in this is going to be Google. Because I use YouTube for so many things in Tech stuff and searches my history   is saved and I can get to the pages that I was planning for posts.  So getting the posts done  is possible.  Now all I need to do is get back to work.


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