The old new/media./industrial complex is in it’s death spiral. They have become so insular in the face of changing technologies that they have never been able to see the handwriting on the walls for decades now. The Sad Puppies debacle proved this. The old media had every opportunity to embrace change and they haven’t.

In related note the Hugo Noms are out and Yawn, it’s back to the same old same old.


It’s just porn and virtue signaling from the usual crowd.

According To Hoyt

Recently one of the people on the other side of the divide — no, not the one who thought we were being paid by the Russians (Geesh, did he listen to my accent, somehow) — was flapping jaws about how I and my friends will be crawling back and trying to make nice to the establishment of science fiction, because we’ll need to rebuild our careers.

(Does sinal salute with thumb and index pinching nose bridge and head inclined.)  Where to start?

First, at least for now — everything flip in a minute these days in publishing — I’m doing fine career wise.  I have three books hard-due at Baen and two more that will probably be bought, and which I intend to deliver this year (they’re sequels to DST and shifters.)  That is more than any other year I’ve worked for Baen (though part of this is my wretched…

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