When Reality Kicks Back

There was a time, not so very long ago that every time I walked into a B&N I dropped fifty bucks. And that was at least once a week when I was working. I used to go there frequently looking for the new books from Baen. The last few years, it became why bother, they wouldn’t have them anyway. Which is their loss. Bit by bit B&N, by relying on algorithms and push selling to do the work that should have been done by sales people developing the business. There’s no better way to go out of business than to not understand the customer.

According To Hoyt

I really didn’t feel like writing a post today, but I seem to have misplaced all my guest posts.   (Yeah, if you sent and it hasn’t run, send again.)  Which leaves me with…

Well, yesterday this was doing the rounds of our circles: Sales, Earnings Fell at PRH in 2016.

First of all, what doesn’t this mean?  It doesn’t mean Random Penguin is in serious trouble.  Not yet.  It doesn’t mean the entire edifice of traditional publishing is going away, either.

Look, at this point, just like Hollywood is mostly supported by foreign releases of the movies that don’t do too well here, traditional publishing is owned and propped up by European media houses who, if I read the situation right, don’t even understand how obsolete they’re becoming on this side of the pond.

(It’s a thing.  Americans took to the internet — and ebooks, and all the subsequent stuff…

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