Today Mars. Tomorrow the Galaxy

“We need to solve all the problems on earth.” That’s the litany that I’ve been hearing all my life from people who for the entire time have been crating more problems than get solved with their “solutions.” The legacy of those “problem solvers” with the trillions of wealth that they have poured down the drain is dead cities increased poverty and ruined countries filled with dispirited problems. Let’s take a different track, pursue a future and let the problems solve themselves. Which they usually do, strangely enough, so long as the busybodies don’t have the resources to screw things up.

Mad Genius Club

Sf is occasionally predictive and a driving force toward a future.

Believing it major force is a vanity authors and publishers like to engage in. It does sometimes ‘make straight the way’ by preparing the public to accept concepts that were simply outside their Overton window before (the idea of space travel, for example). But… well, viewed dispassionately, 99% of sf (or fantasy or murder mysteries) are more of a reflection of their society, than society is a reflection of them.

Yes, most of it is just entertainment. I know this is a bit lowering if you had delusions of grandeur, a belief in your sacred mission to make the future gender-fluid or whatever, but at least entertainment generally pays.

The interesting part – for the working writer trying to make a living out of this is that looking at the world and its interests can give you a remarkably…

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