Ringling Brothers, RIP

The greatest show on earth is folding it’s tents, so to speak and retiring it’s trains. Why, is up in the air, but it seems that PETA used it’s typical smear tactics to convince enough parents not to take their kids to the show.  After all if you are trying to take you’re kids to something new and that can be scary sometimes for young kids, do you really want to be confronted by a pack of howling harpies. Clowns are part of the circus and not very funny being jerks.

Typically once these people destroy one part of our culture they don’t care about the holes that get left and the emptiness that no longer gets filled.  Because they lack the empathy to understand what they are doing, they never see the people that get hurt and little bit of shrinkage. Where does one go for spectacle when the Greatest Show On Earth no longer exists?

“Entertainment has changed, attention spans, the traditional family unit is quite different today than it was many, many years ago.” That was Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment explaining why the company had decided last week to close down the Ringling Bros. Circus. Most people assume that the circus had to shut down because it had ended the use of elephants in the show—and those were the show’s biggest draw. (Despite all of the complaints of PETA, the circus was never found to have mistreated its animals and the lawsuits against it were thrown out of court, but the bad publicity proved fatal.)

And maybe Feld was just trying to save face. But it is probably true that kids today are used to a different kind of entertainment. We took our children to the circus last year—at the ages of nine, seven and three—just before the elephants were retired from the show. Even though we were sitting relatively close to the action, we still had to tell the kids where to look and even describe to them what was happening at times. The circus is not like television or the iPad. Things are far away and you have to pay attention to them for a few minutes at a time without being distracted by something else in order to understand what’s happening.

Even the clowns have small skits running. Their routines didn’t really seem to do it for most of the crowd around us. (I’m not sure my kids would find The Three Stooges very funny either.) But if you wanted to get it, you had to pick a few clowns and watch them for a few minutes. The acrobats definitely held our attention. Motorcycles riding across tightropes, people bouncing in and out of two-story houses from trampolines, and a woman being shot out of a cannonball all seemed to go over well.

But ultimately, the wow factor came from the animals. The sheer magnitude of the elephants—even when they weren’t putting their legs up on the elephants in front of them—was enough to produce audible “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowd. Without the magnificent elephants, the show was far less appealing. Our new president even tweeted that he wouldn’t go to the show now that it had no elephants.



Creating that spectacle and moving it across the country was a massive effort. Ringling Brothers maintained two massive trains, the red and the blue units to move the show from city to city on their six month or so tours across the country.


You have one last chance to see the circus if it’s coming to your town.  This is it after over 140 years.


Of course Ringling Bros. was not the only traveling circus that PETA set it’s claws to.  The smaller and more vulnerable Cole Bros. Circus, the last show that used tents, was targeted first.



So PETA gets its victory dance and is already hunting for fresh meat, because the harpies are always hungry. That’s the sad part for the culture. The culture war never ends until everything is smashed in the pursuit of ideological purity. Rodeos are probably next. Zoos too.  Along with pets, the PETA people hate pets.



They don’t really care about real animals either. Watch what happens to little dogs sitting on porches when the harpies are on the prowl. When I lived in Virginia back in the 1990’s this was a scandal and it hasn’t changed since.  The pet butcher bill because of PETA’s “humane” practices is huge.

So now the only way to see a true circus is in old movies.  And another part of the American fabric is gone, probably forever. What are the likes of PETA and the rest of the left going to give us in exchange? Anything at all?

Animal shows and circuses have been a part  of Western culture as long as there has been a Western culture. They were a way to bring the exotic to the people and relieve the normalcy that inflicts our lives. Like every other part of what was once the great Western Civilization, Circuses are going to be under attack by those who are determined to destroy Western culture and replace it with something that seems to have no beauty, love, aspiration or even culture.  This thing that we are supposed to be “progressing” to always seems to reflect the darkest and worst parts of life, sex rather than love, violence and oppression rather than reason and logic, ignorance and indoctrination, rather than enlightenment and critical thought, ugliness and simplicity rather than beauty and sophistication and tyranny and oppression rather than liberty and individualism.  It seems to me, and there have been all too many cases that if we, as a people continue down the path that we are on it doesn’t end in a good place.


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