Insurance Against The Government?

Reblogged. It’s a sad statement about what’s happened to what was the Republic Of The United States that the need for government insurance is even an idea. It’s even worse that the insurance may be unaffordable.

The Arts Mechanical

In our current regulatory state it’s almost impossible to tell if you are in compliance and evade the harassing agents of government.  Charles Murray proposes a fund for defending small businesses from the petty harassment of big gov.

Call it government insurance.

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  1. John Bowden · February 22, 2017

    The shepherd does not feed sheepdogs and husband a flock for the benefit of the sheep. Neither do governments. That’s why government is always imposed at weapon-point using threats of murder.

    Setting sheepdogs to teach lambs the shepherd is their friend and protector reduces the total number of sheepdog required. It’s cheaper to install the control mechanism inside the sheep’s brain, than to suppress a slave revolt with sheepdogs funded with logistics extracted from the slaves.

    The German Jews voluntarily got on the trains to the death camps believing it was their duty to obey the mainstream-accepted ruler. They possessed an unusual mix of extreme physical bravery and extreme intellectual cowardice.


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