The Democrat Party Is Dead, But Doesn’t Know It Yet


Rush talked about this piece in the Politico recently.

What happened the next night shocked even the most pessimistic Democrats. But in another sense, it was the reckoning the party had been expecting for years. They were counting on a Clinton win to paper over a deeper rot they’ve been worrying about—and to buy them some time to start coming up with answers. In other words, it wasn’t just Donald Trump. Or the Russians. Or James Comey. Or all the problems with how Clinton and her aides ran the campaign. Win or lose, Democrats were facing an existential crisis in the years ahead—the result of years of complacency, ignoring the withering of the grass roots and the state parties, sitting by as Republicans racked up local win after local win.

“The patient,” says Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, “was clearly already sick.”

As Trump takes over the GOP and starts remaking its new identity as a nationalist, populist party, creating a new political pole in American politics for the first time in generations, all eyes are on the Democrats. How will they confront a suddenly awakened, and galvanized, white majority? What’s to stop Trump from doing whatever he wants? Who’s going to pull a coherent new vision together? Worried liberals are watching with trepidation, fearful that Trump is just the beginning of worse to come, desperate for a comeback strategy that can work.

What’s clear from interviews with several dozen top Democratic politicians and operatives at all levels, however, is that there is no comeback strategy—just a collection of half-formed ideas, all of them challenged by reality. And for whatever scheme they come up with, Democrats don’t even have a flag-carrier. Barack Obama? He doesn’t want the job. Hillary Clinton? Too damaged. Bernie Sanders? Too socialist. Joe Biden? Too tied to Obama. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? Too Washington. Elizabeth Warren? Maybe. And all of them old, old, old.

The Democrats’ desolation is staggering. But part of the problem is that it’s easy to point to signs that maybe things aren’t so bad. After all, Clinton did beat Trump by 2.8 million votes, Obama’s approval rating is nearly 60 percent, polls show Democrats way ahead of the GOP on many issues and demographics suggest that gap will only grow. But they are stuck in the minority in Congress with no end in sight, have only 16 governors left and face 32 state legislatures fully under GOP control. Their top leaders in the House are all over 70. Their top leaders in the Senate are all over 60. Under Obama, Democrats have lost 1,034 seats at the state and federal level—there’s no bench, no bench for a bench, virtually no one able to speak for the party as a whole.

The problem the Dems have right now is that they are in the position of New England Cable and Wire without a Larry the Liquidator to explain hard truths to them. Larry was able to make his point to the stockholders at NECW, but there’s no Larry for the Democrats.

This article is a prayer for the dead.  The problems of the Democrat Party are economic rather than ideological.  The simple fact was that as the social programs that the Democrats favored were enacted, decade by decade, each one was like a blood sucking parasite on the productive parts of the economy. The problem was that each of these great ideas had to be paid for.  And all of them had economic compromises and consequences that went directly to some of heart of the Democrat Party’s base, the unions and the middle class members of those unions.

The problem is that with every financial regulation, every increased tax to pay for a welfare program, every environmental  regulation they enacted cost the core of their base chunks of their livelihood and in the end, their jobs. Here’s  another post from the Ameican spectator.

The Democrats know they are in trouble, but they probably don’t know just how deep the trouble is. At the national level the party is now further out of power than it’s been since 1928. This lack of power and control is a problem in and of itself, but it is an even larger problem for what it portends for the party’s future. The party’s problems are deep and systemic and there are no clear remedies.

For the first time in over three generations the Republican Party controls the U.S. Senate, the Congress, and the White House. In all probability, there will soon be a conservative, not liberal, Supreme Court. Not only is there a vacancy on the Supreme Court that Donald Trump can fill, there are 104 vacant federal judgeships waiting for his nominations when he takes office. The judiciary has been the left’s go-to option when they fail to achieve their objectives legislatively. This change in the nature of the judiciary could last for decades.

Lack of power has profound implications for Democrats. Power is the Party’s raison d’être and sine qua non. Without power the party is broke and broken.

Consider, for example, one crucial element of their reliance on “identity politics,” specifically, organized labor. Organized labor is perhaps the single most important and dependable factor in the Democratic Party’s long-term success. In fact, Britain’s equivalent of the Democrat Party is called the Labour Party.

Democrats rely on a perverse variation of voluntary exchange. In exchange for votes, campaign contributions, and election workers, Democrats deliver legislation and regulations favorable to unions. The system works well for both entities, but it only works so long as Democrats have the power to keep their part of the bargain.

On the other side of the quid pro quo, there has to be a sufficient population of union members in order to generate an adequate amount of campaign funds. Unfortunately for the Democrats, the percentage of the U.S. labor force in unions has declined from 20 percent in 1983 to 11 percent now. Less than seven percent of the private workforce is unionized. Thirty-five percent of government employees are union members, but that too is in jeopardy. When President Trump fills the current Supreme Court vacancy, mandatory union dues could well be ruled unconstitutional. That could be a double whammy — reduced union membership and a reduced supply of campaign funds. Trump has said that he wants to reduce the federal workforce by 20 percent. What a glorious accomplishment that would be.

The Democrats do not seem to understand where the power they have comes from.  They have been in front of the people and deriving power from that for so long that they think that that’s the way things always were and always would be.  The problem was that the excesses of the implementations of that power were rotting away at the body politic and creating a country of Garbutts with no future.  The Hillary campaign was a perfect example of that if anybody cared to look.

The problem is that the Blue model that is the basis of all the liberal “progress” has failed to create the future that the Democrat party promised everybody starting in the 1960’s.  They promised far too many things that could never be made good even starting back in the beginning.  They assured us that the problem would go away if just enough money was spent and the future  tomorrowland was just around the corner. Of course then reality had different ideas.  Somehow though, the Democrats never seemed to get the message, as the rust belt got rusty, the cities self destructed and in general the culture got sick.

What we have is a situation where  the Democrats have said  that a lot of things that  just did not ring true. Or that would work in the real world.  Most of the things they proposed in the last twenty years or so were unworkable.  The healthcare debacle is not a outlier, it’s typical of the results that you get when yo have academics and activists running things without having any foot in the real world.

Which is the whole crisis in a nutshell.  The Democrats no longer live in the real world.  Because they have had access to the centers of power and have essentially controlled the arguments in this country for so long they have lost touch with the reasons to make the arguments in first place.  The arguments themselves, endlessly repeated as cultish mantras have replaces the substance of the argument as the problems behind the arguments have by and large evaporated.  Consider race relations.  The only essentially racist people in this country are the various race hustlers. The rest of us have better things to worry about.  And poverty.  The only poverty left is in the Democrat created dependency hells.

It’s not as if the consequences of what they were doing was unknown to the core of the Democrat party. Prominent Democrats like Sen’s Liebereman and Moynihan were pointing out the downsides of some of the programs right along as they were being debated and passed.  Still as far as most Democrats were concerned it was the votes and the power that mattered and somehow the fact that the country was taking it on the chin repeatedly was of no real concern.  Indeed some of the more radical Democrats wanted it that way, those radicals all too frequently being friends of or members of the Obama Administration.

That Administration managed to lose the record amounts of good will that the Democrats had due to electing the first black President and the economic crisis.  The Administration was so determined to pursue it’s radical course of a transformed America that it neglected to ask the American people if they wanted to be transformed. At leas they neglected to ask anybody outside the Radical cult bubble in which they lived.

The biggest problem of all for the Democrats right now is that in spite of the obvious electoral evidence in extreme discontent they cannot escape the bubble. The recent town hall meeting held by Nancy Pelosi and CNN shows this all too well. The man in the video is describing how his life has been turned into hell and all Pelosi can do is mouth back the same old same old about how sanctuary cities make us safer.

If the evidence of what I see in most cities, including Pelosi’s San Francisco is any indication, being a sanctuary city does not make it safer.  The gates on every first floor window and door sort of say that safe is not what San Francisco is in large parts of the city.  Unfortunately facing realities is not something that the  Democrat leadership spends a lot of time thinking about.

So who are the people to take the Democrat Party forward?  Well, if this is any example things are going to be rocky.

The Democrats are dead, all that’s left are Marxist Fascists.

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