A People Set Apart

America is an idea. An idea that some people get and some people, even when they are born here, don’t.
What So many people don’t seem to understand is that country that’s that is always reaching to make itself better can self correct and rid itself of the bad stuff that corrupted the past. That’s why America is antifragile, though so many want to make the country fragile and all that goes with it in the belief that efficiency is prosperity.

According To Hoyt

I hate to tell you guys this, but part of what made it easy for the vile progs to take over education and turn it into the sort of brainwashing hate-your-own-country fest that you’d expect of occupiers trying to change the very essence of the country they took over, is an essential component of the national character.

As far as I can tell, ever since the Puritans formed the Mayflower compact, Americans have been obsessed with self-help and self-improvement, not just as a people, but as a nation.

As a nation, we are forever obsessed with making ourselves better, more just, more welcoming, more prosperous, more…. everything.

“But doesn’t every nation do that?” you ask.  Uh… not really.  Not so you’d notice it.  Oh, sure, you hear a lot of blather about “restoring the great glory of the nostrilian people” and whatever, but mostly what that means is not an…

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