For the Times They are Achanging

I think that what happened last year was that enough people had simply had enough. Enough of being lied too. Enough eating literal crap and being told it was food. Enough just plain BS.
As for the institutions, well most of them belong to the other side anyway. They can’t bring down what we don’t have and if they do attack the institutions, and they will, they only attack themselves, like what is happening at Yale with the ongoing screams by the SJWs. In the end they lose all the things that really matter because they never learned how to win graciously or lose with dignity. So like the State Dept. today the swamps are going to be drained and the institutions will either change and reform or just be rendered irrelevant. As my friend Bob said, “they don’t really matter” and what happened last year proved that.

According To Hoyt

Sixteen years ago, when I was first on the blogs (under deep cover, with mustache and sunglasses) there was a lot of talk about the cold civil war.

It is only now that I understand the name wasn’t EXACTLY right.  Sure, there were two camps sharply divided, and the fact that we were geographically enmeshed meant that it couldn’t go hot in the traditional way.  But there were other factors too.

In the cold war, what prevented it going hot was Mutual Assured Destruction.  Sure, the Soviets were fanatics, but they weren’t the sort of fanatics who want to make sure they die TOO.  They wanted to win.  They wanted for various and complicated reasons, among them that the only way a communist society can be prosperous is through theft, to own the Earth.  We weren’t about to allow that and we had the nukes to enforce it.

Oh, they…

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