Pity The Poor Starving Kids In Africa

Another reblog post. I was listening to a Republican Congressman yesterday and he was going on and on about how we needed a soft landing for Obamacare. It occurred to me that Democrats never consider about the effects, consequences or soft landings of the legislative monsters that they create and pass..

The Arts Mechanical

Who can be victimized by laws far away, written by people with the best of intentions who never consider the downsides of the laws they pass. The Dodd Frank bill was a disaster on all sorts of levels, but taking the livelihood from poor Africans literally trying to scratch a living out of rock is perhaps it’s low point.


That’s the problem with those huge “you have pass it to find out what’s in it bills.”  What’s in it can have consequences that even the originators of the bill did not consider.  Add to that the fact that any attempt to rectify the situation will be tied to Dodd Frank and nothing can be done to repair the damage.  The fact that the bill mandates a level of perfection that’s just plain unrealistic is typical of the kind of things that people who have no connection to the actual…

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