My Neighborhood In 1934

Another reblog post. I look at the north side of Norwalk CT in the late 1930’s and currently to see how development has changed things.

The Arts Mechanical

In 1934 the State Of Connecticut commissioned an arial survey of the state.  The pictures are online, here.

I though I would look at my neighborhood to see what’s the same since 1934.  The 1934 arial is here.

The current Google Map for the same area is here.,-73.4201184,4514m/data=!3m1!1e3

It’s interesting to see what the area looked like before suburbanization took hold.  You can see that suburbanization is starting as well as the pattern of large lot zoning.  Which was not a problem when the area was mostly fruit orchards.


Looking at the Google map, the big thing is the Merritt parkway which went through just after the above picture was taken being put through in 1938.

The other Highway, coming from the South is the Route 7 connector, which was supposed to continue North as the new RTE 7, but local pressure has blocked it since the…

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