Carrier Ops In Heavy Seas

Another reblog. With the recent fiasco with the Russian carrier, it’s good to remember what it takes to keep a carrier in operation. It’s practice and more practice, in heavy seas and bad weather, at night. Practice, all the time, so that your planes are there when they are needed.

The Arts Mechanical

A couple videos of Carrier ops in heavy seas.

During the day.

At night.

A military fights like it trains.  The US Navy never stops doing stuff like this.  That’s why it’s so effective.  And for carrier ops, the landing is always the hardest part.

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One comment

  1. Mark Matis · January 5, 2017

    Well actually, landing is the EASIEST part. Every plane eventually lands, even without any input from the pilot. The hardest part is landing in such a manner that the air vehicle can take off again…

    Just like submarines. Submerging isn’t difficult. The challenge comes in submerging in a manner that lets you resurface when desired…


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