Almost Back.

Blogging here has been short because I’ve been running the Rannoh decryptor to decrypt the thousands of picture files that were encrypted by the ransomware.  The program does have some faults but the good news is that some 70,000 pictures and video files are back and readable.  The program did have issues with small files with less than 10k bytes or so.  Since most of my files were JPGs that wasn’t that big an issue.  Any way, here’s a  link about ransomware that I found while I was watching the files decrypt.

From what I see, the key to preventing this from ruining your life is keep a separate backup of most of your stuff, watch the ads and phishing emails and if you do get hit, save the files and wait. More than likely the security people are working on a decryptor, or the crooks are going to make a mistake and have the server recovered.  It’s better to be prepared and not pay.


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