How To Make Yourself Indispensable

In my unfortunately sad experience, being indispensable is a relative term. What the people who you work for consider indispensable may not be what the higher ups consider indispensable. Especially if those higher ups are trying to meet a quota and the easiest way is to have a layoff.


Okay, okay… There is no such thing or someone that is indispensable in our current economy but what you can make yourself be is if the company loses you, it can hurt the business really bad. This is one flaw that many companies tend to overlook – retraining and knowledge sharing. With this flaw, you can actually abuse to your advantage.

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Update Your Skills
One killer is to make sure you are always up to date on your skill sets and besides that, you should be constantly updated on your industry upcoming and ongoing developments. If the last time you have been upgrading yourself is eons ago, it is pretty easy to replace you with someone younger, cheaper with the latest skills and talent. Don’t underestimate the power of global hiring and online freelancers, they can and will accept your workload by double and salary by halves.

Sonia, 27, Technical…

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