Much Ado About Paper Books

Great advice for the Big Five. would they take it? Probably not. Give up NYC and the “heart of Culture” almost certainly not. NYC made sense back when books were a bunch of smallish businesses that had advantages in being near a cluster. The authors knew where to go, the agents could make the rounds and the library and bookstores were all there. The authors now have email, as do the agents, the library is mutating and the bookstores are gone, essentially. So all the advantages of the cluster are gone and all that’s left is people living on, “this is the way we’ve always doe things.” Which will not last much longer.

According To Hoyt

*This post is in its entirety a copy of a post just published at Mad Genius Club (under another title.)  I don’t normally do this, but it’s such a long post, took me so much time (and I need to shower and write the paying stuff) and besides I think it will spark different discussion here, among mostly readers than there among mostly writers.  Feel free to comment on both blogs, if you wish, the discussion will take different paths.  I am shocked at how long this ran, but I think it needed to be said, and also available to refer to later, for good or ill.*

One of the puzzling things about the writing business, right now, is that “nobody knows anything” (or in proper vernacular “we don’t know nothing.”

So I am continuously puzzled watching indie authors who are doing better by an order of magnitude than any…

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