Fleece Navidad

The traditional publishers have proven yet again this year that they have forgotten nothing and learned nothing and will soon be joining the Bourbons. While consuming great amounts of same.

Mad Genius Club

It’s late, I’ve just turned in my proofs for the mass market paperback of CHANGELING’S ISLAND. I’m a little disappointed that Baen didn’t bring it out closer to Christmas, as I think it’d make a great stocking filler for parents and grandparents of the neglected part of the market, YA adult boys, particularly those with rural/small town backgrounds, rather than inner city mall-rats.
(picture is a link)
It’s odd to me, how well served that segment is: given that city kids have so much more in the way of possible entertainment that you don’t have to generate yourself. I’ve seen – somewhere — a survey that showed that middle-America actually reads far more per capita than urban America. This makes logical sense, but then so did pursuing the votes of those people in the last US elections. The NYC city elites ignored what they didn’t want to see, and it…

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