Here at the End of All Things

Wealth is economic diversity and the ability to innovate and create new streams of income from those innovations. It’s not something that can be redistributed, just provided with a fertile ground to grow on.

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A Massive Transformations of Two Empires that Will End One World Order and Make Way for a New One to Come

The United States of Stagnant Corruption

The United States of America is tentatively stepping back from an interminable gray future of Obamaesque stagnation and decline, courtesy of a national populist uprising at the voting polls. The corrupt ideological system of government-media-academia threatening to drown the US in a fecal flood of identity politics, apocalyptic climate cultism, corrupt green energy decay, fake and partisan mainstream news, and a defeatist malaise across all parts of society except the crony-elite — that system was chastised soundly in an election quake felt around the world.

Geographic Landslide Geographic Landslide

In a thorough rebuke to the bastions of elitist power, most of America cast its votes against the establishment, and for a rather poorly-defined but stimulating and provocative populist revolution. It is far too early to…

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