Gears and Patterns

The more I look at the basic physics of the universe the more chaotic it gets. The problem with our models is that like a mechanical orrery they try to impose an order on a universe that has none. What seems like order, is if you look at it the right way, just attractors in the chaos. Yet people get locked up in the simplicity of order without appreciating that seeming simplicity is not really there.

According To Hoyt

We were taught in school, and in fact it is something you learn very easily if you read literature starting from say the chansons de geste, is that each generation views the world according to a pattern, and that pattern is often their “scientific” (one should rather say macro, since science has very little to do with it, even after the emergence of a science that could be called that) view of the world.

I.e. if you view the world in terms of the procession of the heavens influencing things on Earth, your work is going to show this, not just as allegories but, say, as and alignment of planets causing Earthquakes and Earthquakes literally causing the Black Death.  If you’re an Elizabethan too, and have access to some simple gear models of machines, you’ll see the entire world as a machine of some sort.  “The machinery of the heavens.”

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