Flavors of History – Alma Boykin

Yet for all the history being written about, far too few people know anything beyond what happened seemingly last week. Which means that in spite of all the historian’s efforts, Santayana’s curse will still inflict it’s pain and the gods of the copybook headings will still have things to say.

According To Hoyt

                                    Flavors of History – Alma Boykin

In the beginning there was vanilla, and it was . . .

OK, correction. In the beginning there was olive oil on flat bread with goat cheese, better known as Herodotus. He really does deserve the title of the Father of History, in the sense that he did research, interviewed people who had traveled, and made clear what he knew to be fact, what he had been told was fact, and what he suspected was conjecture. As far as Western history goes, he is the first general historian, and we might say the first social historian, since he wrote about unusual people way over there and what they did. He could also count as an anthropologist, back before the two sides parted company. In China, I’d count Sima Chin as the first historian who was not simply compiling king lists or writing on…

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