Sow the wind

“That’s fine in reality but fiction has to make sense.” Truer word have never been said. 2016 is proof of that.

Mad Genius Club

If you think about it that’s pretty much what authors write about 90% of the time. Stitching the winds together, including the ill-smelling gusts that go with some characters. I like to put gussets for them… oh.

Not sew. Sow. Forgive me. Yes, it’s that too. Either the lead characters, or the antagonists, or both, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The story that starts with Dorothy’s parents saying: “Let’s move out of Kansas. Dorothy and Toto would be much safer there” has no Oz.

Of course, just as in real life, the character or the villain can sow a lot of wind before the whirlwind. It’s rather like my first foray into growing our own veggies, when I bought a packet of zucchini seeds. Big packet, lots of seeds… I put about 10 in, because I thought that might mean I’d get maybe 20 zucchini fruits… They hadn’t…

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