The True Cost Of The Dysfunctional Economy

I’ve talked at length about the dysfunctional economy.  The true cost of that economy was made clear to me when I had Thanksgiving dinner with my sister, her husband and my parents.  Before coming to the restaurant they had visited a friend who was in jail for second degree murder because her husband had committed suicide wit drugs and  alcohol that the woman had apparently obtained.  This is not an uncommon thing in this dysfunctional economy.  In fact all over the place I keep hearing stories of people my age in similar circumstances.  Along with mental health issues.  The globalist dreams of the elite Davos crowd is having a huge cost in illness and death across the US. This Daily mail article has more.

But scientists were baffled as to why white, middle aged Americans were bucking the national trend of decreasing death rates. Now two economists believe they have found the answer.

Justin Pierce and Peter Schott believe they can trace back the uptick in suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol-related deaths to 2000, when President Bill Clinton decided to relax the rules on major imports.

A silent 'epidemic' of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning within that faction was first highlighted last year which the economists believe is due to trade with China 

<img id=”i-3b248fbfcbce9bc0″ src=”” height=”402″ width=”634″ alt=”A silent ‘epidemic’ of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning within that faction was first highlighted last year which the economists believe is due to trade with China ” class=”blkBorder img-share”/>

A silent ‘epidemic’ of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning within that faction was first highlighted last year which the economists believe is due to trade with China

Until then, the potential remained for U.S. lawmakers to reintroduce the onerous 1930s Smoot-Hawley legislation at any time, the Washington Post reports.

The law placed onerous tariffs on imported goods from China and elsewhere to offer more protection to U.S. industries that would be affected by close competition from the country, such as plastic and textile manufacturers. 

The legislation had weakened over time but lawmakers retained the ability to reimpose the sky high tariffs, meaning that potential investors were taking a significant risk as Chinese companies had no assurance they could continue trading with the US.

Clinton changed that in 2000 when he wrote the lower tariff into law – something that Pierce and Schott say had a devastating impact on U.S. industry.

American factories, which couldn’t compete with China’s cheap labor force, shut down in droves, while thousands upon thousands of middle-aged white Americans, without college degrees, were laid off. 

Unable to cope, many turned to drugs, alcohol or even took their own lives, according to the research.

Increasing completion with China for trade has been blamed for soaring death rates among white, middle aged Americans

<img id=”i-22bb8714bcbd9c08″ src=”” height=”438″ width=”634″ alt=”Increasing completion with China for trade has been blamed for soaring death rates among white, middle aged Americans” class=”blkBorder img-share”/>

Increasing completion with China for trade has been blamed for soaring death rates among white, middle aged Americans

Pierce and Schott estimate that increased Chinese imports were responsible for 1.3 overdose or alcohol-related deaths in 100,000 people and 0.4 suicides in the same number, in counties where the economy was based on industries vulnerable to threat from China.

‘I’m in favor of free trade, but I’m also someone who believes that we should be honest about the consequences,’ Schott said. ‘It doesn’t benefit everyone equally.’

The surge in deaths amidst white, middle aged Americans was so significant that Dr Anne Case and Dr Angus Deaton, of Princeton University, compared the ‘silent’ epidemic to the Aids epidemic in the US.

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The state of NY is accusing my sister’s friend of murder.  Perhaps the people who have been running that state and all the other Progressive and expert Democrats who have been running all over the economy for the last fifty years leaving an ever larger burden of taxes, an ever increasing administrative state and a never ending financial hollowing of American companies should prosecute themselves for mass democide.

Since the people in charge are not actually pulling the triggers, they can absolve themselves of the consequences of their actions.  Even better they can set up new mental health programs at the taxpayers expense to handle the increased mental health issues.  The fact that spending any money only makes the problems worse is a win for them.

Yet the evidence is clear that it is the culture itself that has become ever more sick over the last few decades. The evidence is in the low birthrate, the increases in alcohol and drug abuse, the broken families and the people who never feel compelled to enter the workforce. If the symptoms are so obvious to a British newspaper how come the people in charge cannot see it.  Or maybe they don’t want to see.

After all if they don’t see the problem, to them it’s not relevant and they don’t have to try to understand why it’s happening.  The causes are deep, but they all point to the ongoing Progressive project that has been going on in this country for a Century now.  That project has been draining the culture and the families that live inside it of everybody’s ability to deal with the problems that arise.  Every rule or law added to the system just makes it harder for people, who may already be living in the edge to cope.  What looks like the perfect system to people who never have to use it tends to be a disaster for those who stuck in with no way out.

Unless things change and the various programs and dependencies, the making it more difficult to find jobs, the company policies of laying masses of people off and discarding them if they are over fifty, the overcomplicated hiring process and a host o other red tape worms in the bowels are purged, the likely end is yet more mental illness and tragedy.  ‘ve known quite a few escapees from the Soviet Empire and I’ve heard the stories, first hand about how sick those countries were.  I don’t want o be in those places.  Yet, travelling through upstate NY, I could see the same sort of decay and decline that you  see in all the pictures from the old Soviet Union.  That’s got to change or it’s not going to be a good future for the country.





  1. penneyvanderbilt · November 26, 2016

    Reblogged this on KCJones.


  2. Sam Hopper · November 26, 2016

    Did this man have some horrible terminal illness which it was a mercy not to suffer through? You imply not. Typical woman, destroying a man she is supposed to be loyal to, in order to steal money from the next man in the form of life insurance or social security payouts.

    Let me guess. This man didn’t spend his unemployed time reading all the free computer training materials online, retraining himself to do entry-level telephone technical support in an air-conditioned office which won’t ruin his body. Or learning to weld for almost free at a hackerspace, or one of the Mike Rowe scholaships. Instead, he stupidly expected his high-paid machine-tender job to reappear, after government createe jobs by banning imports and pretending all the world’s humans aren’t in competition with each other. The only reason there were high-paid low-skill manufacturing jobs after WWII is because the European factories were bombed and China and Russia were commie and their factories sucked.

    At first liberals falsely claimed African-Americans can never compete with Whites, and need permanently lowered standards which Whites shall pay for. Now liberals falsely claim American-Americans permanently can’t compete with the Chinese, and it will help them to pay more taxes to government in the form of import tariffs, making foreign-made goods now cost more.

    American-Americans can’t compete with American politicians.


    • jccarlton · November 26, 2016

      One story is a personal tragedy. When everybody you know is seeing or having the same sort of problems, which is epidemic in the Northeast, it’s a real problem. When the British newspapers are carrying the story it’s a crisis. I’ve personally been trying to deal with my personal crisis and blogging about the bigger crisis for two years now and it’s far far older than that. I’m not going to say anything about my sisters friend’s husband because I don’t know any details. That doesn’t change the fact that many areas are suffering from a lack of opportunities and economic depression, like upstate NY. The fact is that the system that exists now is set up to make it harder, not easier to take some of those alternate methods. Which is screwed up, but that’s the way it is.


      • Sam Hopper · November 27, 2016

        Libertarians have been screaming about these bad policies longer than we’ve been alive, and now all the books are free on the web. Space aliens didn’t cast the votes for those politicians and then obey them, the middle class did. What will it take before you assign blame to the majority who make this bad stuff happen by obeying and paying taxes?


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