California Potheads and the Half-witted Twits – E. Marshall Hoyt

How little votes make big changes. Marshall makes some great points about the web of interrelated economics how one thing seemingly simple and one step, flings effects right across the economy. The problem is that the people who come up with this stuff more than likely don’t spend time in shops, have never made an impulse purchase or at least never had to deal with a big load of stuff. They should try one of my walkabouts in NYC for a good reason why bags are needed.

According To Hoyt

California Potheads and the Half-witted Twits – E. Marshall Hoyt

Economics is a complicated beast. More importantly, it’s incredibly hard to measure, understand, or even predict. One little change to how you do business and the effect ripples. A small change in interaction in a large business and everything that business does is effected, and effects other things. Everything that is connected to money- and several things that aren’t- form this massive spider web.

This is why it can be hard to make judgments- come elections- whether some amendments are worth it. You always get the ones where people are thinly trying to sell you on the concept of reform for something admirable like education or public works, asking for just a little bit more money (e.g. higher taxes on everyone), but word it in such a way it’s too open ended a risk. Sure, your amendment says it wants…

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