An analysis of the Trump election victory.

There’s an old saying, “never create your own monsters.” The video here explains EVERYTHING.


A few days ago, all the pundits and experts were telling the world that there was no way Trump could win and assuring us with 95% certainty that Hillary Clinton was going to win. Now, exactly the same bunch of media-savvy, televisual, every fang capped, not a harsh word of disagreement between the lot of them, irrelevanceroes and irrelevancettes are telling us with equal certainty how he won and she lost.

And we’re supposed to be stoopid enough to listen to the people we ignored before the election? Are they for real? They were wrong then and they’re wrong now.

I’m gonna tell you in my own opinionated way why he actually won and why she actually lost, and contrary to the soundbite infolite explanations being rammed down your throat in the mainstream media, there were several factors at work, nearly all of which the political pundits and pollsters of the media were totally…

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