The Billionaire’s Tantrum

Not Trump’s. The tantrum of the “Progressive” billionaires who think that they are gods who think that they rule everybody and everything.  The Trump election was a shot at their divinity and the Soros of the world are rather upset about that. So they have unleashed their thugs on the streets.

Thanks to WikiLeaks and Project Veritas we now know how it all works and more than likely who’s responsible.  It takes a lot of effort to organize a riot.  At least ones on the scale that we are seeing. There’s an art to making it appear spontaneous. The fact that the riots are starting all over the country at the same time says that they are far from spontaneous.

CNN Knew Who Was Behind the Riots in Several Major US Cities But Didn’t Report It

What’s interesting is that all the riots are happening in places that were already heavy with Democrat support.  At that least that was what  they were.

Beating up old men, that’s real courage.

And kicking puppies, literally

How many beaten up dogs and old men is going to take to change even more votes? How many stores get looted and burned, hopefully in that order, but with BLM you can never tell, before the store owners arm themselves to the teeth and start shooting back.

These people don’t care about merchants and peasants though.  As far as they are  concerned the common people’s role the global oligarchy is to pay our taxes and rents and vote for the “leaders” that act as the latest puppets for the oligarchy.  So if the billionaires want to demonstrate who is in charge by having a neighborhood burned and some old men beaten up well that is their right.


WikiLeaks Reveals How Billionaire ‘Progressives’ Run The Democratic Party

And if the US mainstream media doesn’t report on it, it doesn’t happen.

CNN Knew Who Was Behind the Riots in Several Major US Cities But Didn’t Report It

Accept that it does.

Donald Trump’s US presidential election win sparks riots by Hillary Clinton fans as fighting erupts outside the White House

That’s far much better than admitting that the whole reason that the world order is collapsing around the oligarchy is the dysfunctional economy created because the oligarchy tried to create a feudal economy in a modern world.  They can’t seem to get the message that the modern world’s prosperity depends on the ability of all of us to challenge ourselves and reach our best.  What the oligarchy, our ruling class don’t seem to realize is that the economy is sick and it can’t last much longer. A childish tantrum, burning down cities will not change that.

More than likely the collective wisdom of the “deplorables” will put things back on the right course.  We need a government of experts and everybody is the expert of those affairs that they are engaged in. So it’s best that we govern ourselves rather than expect a god like government from on high.

It’s time that the billionaires and the rest of the ruling class grow up and understand the rest of us have the right to manage our own affairs, start our own businesses, and pursue our own goals.  That’s the message the “deplorables” sent on Tuesday.

Update: Zero Hedge has more.

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